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2014 Savings Guide on Business Travel Flights

Corporate travel is one way businesses look to cut expenses. Cutting cost and focusing resources is essential for growth and profit maximization. The problem is everything related to travel has increased over the years, the price of international and domestic flights, hotel rates, rental car prices and even food has become more expensive. In addition to the cost of business travel increasing, employers also want to make sure their employees are not unnecessarily inconvenienced. If a company compromises an employees convenience too much, it may degrade performance and in extreme cases, cause a company to lose a key employee. Forcing your employees to stay with friends on a business trip or share a room with a colleague is not the best solution. While saving on hotels and ground transportation will definitely decrease your overall expense, in this article we want to give you some tips for how to save on business class flights.

Remain Loyal to Best Prices

While conventional wisdom suggests that you build loyalty with one airline, the best way to save on business class flights is the opposite. Keep your options open. Loyalty programs are great for building a relationship with a specific airline, but the problem is,your airline of choice may not always have the lowest prices. By locking your company into a relationship with one airline, you eliminate options, and when you eliminate options you reduce the chance of getting the cheapest business class tickets.

As an example, we looked up flights from Phoenix to Barcelona. The prices fluctuated from $885-$3473. British Airways, United Airlines, Delta, Air France, Air Canada, and Swiss International Air Lines all have different prices. In our example, if your company was locked into flying with British Airways, you’d pay an extra $2000 over flying with US Airways.

Flexible Travel Dates

Another way to save big on business class flights is to be flexible with your travel dates. When traveling international there can be huge savings just by changing arrival and departure dates. For instance, if you have a situation where an employee needs to be at a meeting on Monday evening, traditionally she may fly in Sunday evening or even Monday morning. Again as an example, we changed the dates on our Phoenix to Barcelona trip and saw huge fluctuations in price. In some cases, flying in on Saturday could save about $1500. What’s key to remember is that flexibility on dates can make a huge difference in the amount of money saved on a business class flight. Staying flexible will save your company more, every time.

Rack Up Points and Take Advantage of Bonus Offers

One of the luxuries of being in business are expenses – okay maybe it’s not a luxury. But every business has expenses, so why not leverage those expenses to reduce the cost of traveling. Earlier in this article we mentioned the importance of being flexible with airlines to save big. That doesn’t mean that we don’t recommend loyalty programs at all, but we want you to get the best deals every time you fly. One of the best ways to do this is with bonus points on certain credit cards.Many cards offer miles (or points that can be turned into miles) with every dollar spent. And many have great bonus offers when you sign up.While we are not experts on corporate travel credit cards and bonus offers, it is wise to check out the latest offers and use a credit card to rack up points. (Check out this article from on how to maximize miles and points with business travel.) We do help our clients here at CheapBizClass take advantage of their points to book the cheapest business class flights. Another thing to think about are the partners of these credit card programs. In many cases, if you have the right corporate credit card, you’ll be able to use or transfer your miles or points on many different airlines. Airline alliances like the Star Alliance network have over 25 different member airlines, and make it easy to earn and redeem miles.

Pick Up the Phone

If you really want to reduce the cost of business class travel, you need to pick up the phone. The best deals and the biggest savings will not be found on internet websites. Airlines change their prices multiple times a day and every business trip is unique. You’ll need to speak to a business travel expert, to getup-to-the-minute quotes. Another benefit of speaking with a travel expert is if you’re flexible (like we discussed earlier) the travel expert may also be able to drastically reduce the cost by changing the dates and the times for departure and arrival.
If picking up the phone is one of the best ways to reduce cost on business class flights, why don’t more people do it?
Admittedly, the travel industry has a bad rap when it comes to the phone. The biggest two reasons why most people won’t pick up the phone is:

  1. They don’t want to be pressured into anything.
  2. Privacy.

At CheapBizClass our travel insiders are business travel experts, not sales experts. Our goal is to get you the cheapest and most comfortable business class flight. We also want to help reduce your stress by making all the arrangements for you. As far as privacy is concerned, your information is safe with us.

Save Big on Business Class Flights

Just about every business wants to reduce expenses, and hopefully our guide to saving on business class flights will help you save in the area of business travel. Keeping your options open and flexibility is key to huge saving on flights. You can also leverage loyalty programs, business credit cards, and bonus offers to reduce cost and in many cases increase convenience. And if you really want to get the best deals on business class flights, you need to pick up the phone and get up-to-the-minute information from a business travel expert.
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