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3 Cheap Business Class Safety Tips

Traveling abroad is always such an adventure—seeing new lands, tasting new foods, and meeting new people.

Unfortunately, sometimes the new people we meet are more interested in our wallets than our names. We have a few tips that will make your travels safer.

First, get a decoy credit card. This could be an account you open up specifically for your trip. Keep a low balance on the card, or in the account, about $100. Just enough that you don’t miss it. Keep this card in your wallet and find a good hiding spot on yourself for the other card.

Second, don’t carry a purse, ladies. We’re often so busy observing the new sights, our attention isn’t on our valuables.

Third, don’t ever leave your passport in the hotel room, or unattended. Your passport is your identity. Lose it and getting a new one will be a big headache. Many hotels hold your passport when you check in, which is certainly the safest measure, but if you’re in a country that doesn’t require this, you must protect it yourself.

Safe and happy travels.

Bon Voyage, Cheap Business Class Aficionados and Friends!

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