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Whether for you, or someone you know who travels, these three gift ideas, under $10, will be greatly appreciated by Cheap Business Class Aficionados.

Number 1 on our list is the PicTranslator for the iPhone. At a meager $1.99, this handy app makes understanding foreign signs a snap. Literally. Take a photo, and you’ll get the English translation in a jiffy.

Check out the iTunes store under LUSH.

Our second suggestion is the LUSH Solid Shampoo Bar. Liquids spill and make messes, and you can’t take much through security anyway. Bypass both issues with the shampoo bar. Simple to use, store and for $9.25 and 50 washes, it’s hards to beat.

Finally, our final gift for under $10 is the TuGo Cup Holder that attaches to your luggage. Two hands is never enough, particularly when you’re manipulating luggage, a purse, tickets, kids, or any number of things, the cup holder gives you that extra help. You can find it at for $9.85.

Bon Voyage, Cheap Business Class Aficionados!

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