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3 of the World’s Best Airports for Business Travelers

Every year SKYTRAX evaluates the world’s best airports with their proprietary, in-depth 5 star rating system. SKYTRAX and their team of professional auditors set out to find world-class airports, but are these airports top notch for international business travelers or just general travelers? Business travelers have special needs (or at least we believe we do) around speed, convenience and ease of transportation from the airport to the final destination. Here are some of the things that make a difference to a business traveler.

  • Airport lounges
  • Time at speed through customs
  • Convenient and safe airport transportation options
  • Fast and free Wi-Fi
  • Private workspace areas
  • Concierge services

These are just a few of the things important to a business traveler, there are many more, but here are 3 of the world’s best airports for business travelers.

Incheon International Airport

Incheon International Airport is a top ranked international airport, but it’s also an outstanding airport for business travelers. After a long flight, (even in business class) you’re ready to just get out of the airport and to your final destination. Sometimes getting through immigration can be a long tedious process, but not at Incheon International Airport. The average time for arrival is about 12 minutes, and departure is only 19 minutes. This make the airport one of the fastest in the world and there’s nothing like zipping through the airport.

In addition to the speed, the airports claims to have one of the lowest baggage mishandling rates. Although business travelers typical fly light –when you do have some luggage, it’s never cool when it gets lost. The airport also has free Wi-Fi, free computer usage, and duty free shopping with over 90 shops.

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

British business travelers voted Amsterdam Schiphol Airport as the “Best Airport in Europe” in 2012 and for good reason. Security check-ins are smooth, they also have free premium Wi-Fi and they have a whole suite of services and amenities strictly for business travelers. Some of these include: conferencing facilities, waiting and meeting lounges, and assistance getting business associates through formalities at the airport without delay. In addition to the airport services, if you’re looking for a great way to get from the airport to your final destination, check out the Schiphol Business Taxi. It’s a fantastic way for business travelers to comfortably get around Amsterdam in style.

Hong Kong International Airport

Last but not least is Hong Kong International Airport. The airport is known for having one of the world best Airport Lounges with the Wing Lounge. The Wing Lounge has an 80-foot bar, private showers and baths and even private cubicles. Similar to other airports on our list, free internet access is available and the airport has many amenities for business travelers. Another benefit of flying into Hong Kong International Airport are the transportation options to and from the airport. While some airport lack options other than public transportation, this airport has many options for the business traveler. One of the best is the Airport Express, a quick 24 minute ride to Hong Kong or you may want to try the Wi-Fi enabled train.

World Class Travel

All of these airports are world-class and we just touched the tip of the iceberg for each. If you will be doing business in any of these cities, give us a call and we’ll make sure your flight is world-class as the airport you’ll be flying in to. And we’ll make certain to find the lowest price.

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