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4 Common Myths About Getting The Cheapest Airline Tickets

Have you ever wondered when the best time to book an airline tickets is? Have you heard that waiting until the last minute is the best way to get a cheap ticket? As a business traveler, your schedule may be a little unpredictable. Sometimes, you may have a couple months to prepare for a meeting and an international flight. Other times, you may need to book a last minute flight with little notice. Have you found that last minute deals are cheaper?  That’s what some travel experts say.  Well, in this article, we want to bust some of the most common (and persistent) myths for booking cheap flights:

Wait until the last minute to buy your airline ticket

Airlines want to get rid of those last minute flights and you could practically fly for free, if you just wait until the last minute. Have you ever heard that?  What has been your experience? While it’s true that sometimes you may find a great last minute deal, on other occasions you may find just the opposite.  This last minute deal trick is just a myth. Sorry. In fact, you may miss out on a flight or pay a higher rate if the rates take the high road.  Most of the time you’ll find that booking your flight in advance is the best way to go to get the best rates.  Unfortunately, business travelers don’t always have the luxury of planning ahead, so a last minute flight is the only option. We know.  We just want to make the point that it is not a good idea to wait–on purpose – and delay booking your flight for the hopes of a last minute price drop.

Buy your airline tickets just after midnight on Tuesdays

This is one of our favorite myths. Wait until Tuesday to buy your ticket. More specifically you should wait until just after midnight on Tuesday to book your flight – that’s when the magic happens – and the rates drop.  Yes, you may find a great deal on Tuesday, but you may also find a great deal on Thursday, Friday, Saturday or any other day of the week.  In fact, a recent study by the Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization found that flights booked on the weekend were actually 5% less than those booked during the week day. So you can go to bed early, because staying up late on Tuesday isn’t going to get you any special discounts.

This research also helps to bust our next myth.

Airlines raise prices for weekend departures

Well we’ve already busted this myth with the study done by the Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization. It’s just not true that airlines wait for the weekend to hike up rates. The logic is weekend flight are more desirable, and as a result of the demand, the airlines raise the prices. Not true, what is more factual is prices may change up to three time a day.  As for the myth, Saturday and Sunday aren’t more privy to price fluctuations than any other day of the week.  What is more likely to happen? The seats on flights for the more desirable days are more likely to be purchased and booked earlier.  Another reason to not wait until the last minute, if you don’t have to.

What should you do to get the best deals on business class travel?

We all want the best deals on flights, and as a result we’re a little vulnerable for the secrets. Unfortunately, most of the things you’ve read or heard about getting cheap air travel are just urban legends.  Most of the time, your best bet will be to book your flight 4 to 6 weeks before your departure.  Of course, you’ll be able to find deals before and after that, but there isn’t a golden time to get rock-bottom prices. We know planning ahead is not always an option (especially for our business travelers,) but if it is, book your flight. Don’t wait for the magic price drop. .

If it does come down to the last minute, we can help you get the best rates on your business class flights. For the best deals, check out our special offers for additional discounts on your business class flights.

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