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5 Super Sneaky Ways to Earn FF Miles

If you’re having a hard time trying to figure out how to spend the minimum on your credit card in order to earn those very important points, here are 5 Super Sneaky ideas you may not have considered yet.

All is fair in love, war, and earning your very own Cheap Business Class Seat.

Yes, you know you can pay your mortgage, rent, and make purchases galore with your card, but what about gift cards. They don’t have to be given as gifts at all. They can go directly into your wallet to be used by you. If you get a Visa/MC gift card, you can make a payment on your credit card with them, or, you can give them as gifts.

Friends and family are a fine resource for earning miles. Here’s the trick—pay for their purchase with your card, and have them give you cash. This strategy works great with generation who are accustomed to paying with checks or cash, like parents or grandparents. Have them write you a check while you’re online paying their bills.

Your credit card is ideal for paying taxes. Enough said about that.

Many grocery stores will issue money orders with a minimal fee, or no fee at all.

And finally, the super sneaky way to earn; buy and return. This sounds a little devious, but if you’re in a pinch and time is of the essence, consider making a purchase with your card, waiting a few days and returning the item. For the points to count, however, the return cannot go back on the card. You’ll want to make sure there’s an alternative return option.

Becoming a Cheap Business Class Aficionado requires James Bond techniques and training.

Bon Voyage, Cheap Business Class Aficionado!

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