Lufthansa Adopts Last-Minute Business Upgrades


Utilizing both their Miles & More program as well as cash upgrade options, Lufthansa is joining the likes of Air France and British Airways with their new option to upgrade to business and first class for cheap. For last-minute business class flights to Germany or other European destinations, you’ll be amazed by the deals we can offer.

For those looking to get business class airfare at economy pricing, seeking out a cheaper upgrade on Lufthansa airlines may be an option. The ability to upgrade to last-minute business class fare on British Airways and Air France has been around a number of years with savvy travelers. These great last-minute business class deals come with other perks, too.

Our last-minute upgrades to business class to Europe come with all of the basic airport perks, such as access to airport lounges, priority security lines, priority booking, and better seats. However, they come at a fraction of the regular cost. for the best discounts on business class fare in Europe, these deals can’t be beat.

The Elusive Swiss Business Class “Throne”


Swiss International Air Lines AG has a very special and highly sought-after seat found in the business class of the airline’s Airbus A330 and A340 jets and is set to be found on the new Boeing 777-300ER aircraft as well. These business class cabins feature a highly unique seating arrangement, which alternate down the left side in either pairs or singles, on the right side are arranged solely as singles, and middle seats set in off-set pairings.

However, its the single seats on the left side of the business class that have caused such a stir for customers. These seats come equipped with two consoles and two tables a seat, and allow for those who are lucky enough to snag one of the few double-console single seats to spread their belongings out and multi-task. On the Swiss A330 and A340, the seats at 4A and 6A are especially coveted by those in the know, as they come with an extended footwell for the bed to spread out into.

In the new Boeing 777-300ER business class, the Swiss “thrones” have somehow gotten even better. With the new wider body of the 777-300ERs, Swiss International Air Lines AG has been able to boost the number of “thrones” in business class to 12, with the prized seats located on both the left and right sides of business class. Add to that a doubling in available storage to the window-side console and you have even more places to keep your goods in flight.

Ethiopian Airlines’ New B777 Business Class


Ethiopian Airlines, a Pan-African international carrier with over 200 daily departures, has recently completely renovated its Boeing 777-200 & -300 planes. The greatest improvement on the fleet? A newly-redesigned business class with increased service, technology, and elegant seating. CEO Ato Tewolde Gebremariam said “We are very pleased to provide our passengers with the best on-board experience especially on our long-haul routes.”

The new business class was made under a huge investment and renovation strategy by the airline, and includes a total reworking of the IFE and software, as well as a complete restructuring of passenger service on-flight. As for the business class itself, the stylish and colorful new business class seating also boasts the new business-class standard: fully-flat seats for the most comfortable and restful flight on long-haul business flights.

Business Class Flights to São Paulo


Not just a destination for business, São Paulo, Brazil is a beautiful city full of culture and a perfect mix of tradition and modernity. Enjoy your flight with’s business class flight specials to São Paulo, Brazil. Enjoy the city’s cosmopolitan art world and traditional cuisines as you explore the 588 square miles of South America’s largest metropolis.

For the most enjoyable experience, offers discount business class tickets to São Paulo. São Paulo’s immense diversity is reflected in its immigrant festivals that occur across the city, celebrating over different countries and their respective food, music, languages, and cultures. Fly business class to São Paulo for cheap and enjoy not only the luxury and amenities of business class airfare, but the thrills and wonders of São Paulo, Brazil.