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Best Business Class Seats from Australia to the US

Do you travel from Australia to the US often? Do you conduct business or attend important meetings in the US? If so, CheapBIZClass has compiled a list of some of the best business class seats from the land down under to the US. We all know how long the flight over the Pacific can be, so comfort, convenience and time are of utmost importance to the busy business traveler. According to Australian Business Traveler, there are number of airlines that cross the pacific into the US. These are:

  • Air New Zealand
  • Air Canada
  • Delta
  • Qantas
  • Virgin Australia
  • United

Flights from Australia to the US (depending on your final destination) can take a whopping 12-16 hours of flight time. This would make even the frequent traveler tired of sitting on a stationary seat for so long. This is why it’s crucial to fly business class, so that you can rest on comfortable seats and reach your final destination (and meeting) well rested. According to expert reviews, the top 3 airlines to the US are:

Air New Zealand:

This is not the first airline that springs into mind, but the business class seats are well worth it. ANZ is considered by experts as one of the more comfortable seats over the Pacific. The seats do not recline all the way back and are in a tilted position and not straight. On the downside, the mattress is not very noteworthy, but all the seats boast aisle access. Another downside is that a connection is made in Auckland prior to flying to the US. If you can spare time, this flight will be well suited for you.

United Airlines:

Unfortunately, this airline has the slimmest seats across the pacific. The seats themselves measure only 19 inches (about two to three inches slimmer than the rest). On the plus side, the beds can fully recline and the airline has the only direct route from Sydney to San Francisco. So if you need to make it to the Bay Area fast, then this airline would be a perfect choice, even though the luxury is a bit lacking.

Air Qantas:

If you happen to fly on the A380, the seats are extremely comfortable. This is because the seats are on the upper deck or near the nose of the plane. This makes the seats less noisy and cancels out the noise from other cabins. Fortunately, the flight is a direct route from Sydney to Los Angeles (LAX), so it’s perfect for those heading to California. The only drawback is the 2-3-2 seat configuration, which means you could get unlucky with a middle aisle seat (and probably have to jump over neighboring passengers). Keeping all these factors in mind, Air Qantas is probably the most comfortable flight across the pacific.

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