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Business Class Platinum with Qantas

When you’re working toward cheap business class seats, it’s important to look for the big bonus deals, but once you found the big deals, it’s time to start examining the less frequently looked at perks that come with certain memberships.

Platinum status on Qantas allows international business class travelers a nice advantage over several of their other membership statuses.

Achieving status on an airlines is the difference between feeling like royalty, and dreaming of it.

With the Qantas Platinum card, you’ll continue to earn points for dollars spent, as well have preferred seating and phone service, as you do with the other status, but the Platinum allows International business priority boarding, upgrades, preferred seating, priority standby, and Express Immigration.

Additionally, little perks like priority checked baggage, access to First Class lounges, International Business lounge access, including over 600 lounges with OneWorld and Emirates Business.

And like a cherry on top, when you reach 2,400 Status credits in a membership year, you have a choice of rewards which includes 50,000 bonus points. Not too shabby.

Of course, the Qantas Platinum One ups the ante even higher. Check us tomorrow to find out how.

Bon Voyage, Cheap Business Class Aficionados!

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