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Cheap Vacations on The GO

For those who refuse to stay in one place, here are a few tricks to help you vacation on the go.

Work on a Cruise Ship: Get a job aboard a cruise ship. Not only do you get paid to see the world, you basically live your vacation.

House Swap: There are so many websites these days that offer savvy cheap travelers opportunities to house swap or house sit. You can even rent out your pad while you’re gone.

Crew a Yacht: Another opportunity to get paid while you vacation. Not to mention that you get to learn a skill while you’re at it. Imagine swabbing the deck in the azure waters of the caribbean islands. It may seem like work now, but you’ll love showing your pals the pictures of your cheap vacation.

Be a Flight Attendant: Now that’s cheap travel. It may take a little effort to get hired as a flight attendant, but the cheap travel perks are worth it.

European Airlines: Many airlines in Europe and the UK offer cheap international travel fares, sometimes costing less than the taxes. Check out these airlines:,, And if you’re in Australia, offers happy hour rates for one hour a day.

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