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Chicago to Seoul Direct Flight Offered by Asiana Airlines

Do you travel for business to Asia? Are you located in the East Coast of the US? Are you tired of taking multiple connecting flights to reach your final destination in Asia? Worry no more. Asiana now offers a new First Class direct flight from Chicago to Seoul. Say goodbye to multiple connections in the US. Now you can you take a direct flight straight to your final destination in Seoul. If you have a meeting in Tokyo, Asiana connects with Tokyo as well. That way your longest leg of the journey will be over quickly. Fortunately for business travelers, Seoul connects very conveniently to almost all the East Asian countries.

The amenities on-board the Asiana First Class is everything one would expect from a luxury cabin. Seating arrangement is in a 1-2-1 configuration, providing ample space to all the passengers. Each seat has its own 32inch monitor (currently the largest in the sky) as well as a personal mini-bar, storage space and multiple power outlets for all your electronics. The seat itself can be adjusted in the traditional 90 degree angle all the way to a flatbed like position. The entertainment selection comes with a range of all the latest movies (both foreign and Hollywood). To top it off, you also get Bose headsets that make the movie experience that much better. Due to the Korean culture, each hostess will personally come and introduce themselves to each passenger before the flight takes off. This provides for a much more personal flight experience. Watch the video below (in Korean) and get a glimpse of what the cabin and seats actually look like.

In terms of food, there is a wide variety of traditional Korean dishes as well as Western cuisine. For Koreans, presentation is everything. No matter what cultural dish you order, the food appears as if it came straight out of a cooking magazine or food infomercial. Asian cultures (especially Koreans) pay very close attention to detail. One will notice this is in every aspect of the Asiana First Class cabin. Upon arriving at Seoul airport, your luggage will be recovered for you. This is a great time saver for those on a tight schedule.

On paper, the Asian First Class appears to be at the same level as other major carriers, but where it differs in is; customer service. This has been reported by many frequent travelers as being unmatched in the sky. At the end of the day, a lot of First Class and Business Class cabins offer much of the same amenities. Where they differ is in customer service. For this reason alone, Asiana seems to be ahead of the crowd.

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