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Etihad and Orbitz Causing Complaints with Customers

Back in December, international airline Etihad offered some very inviting fares that got some great attention. For instance, one customer was able to get a roundtrip from LAX to EVN (Yerevan, Armenia) in May for $200.

The fares and flights were offered and booked through Orbitz, and it seems that quite a few customers are now having problems with their flights.

While neither company is taking responsibility, customers are finding that their flights are getting rearranged, and not just by a few hours.

Some of the upsets include delayed departures and arrivals by as much as several days. One customer’s flight was changed to include a 50-hour layover.

When customers call Etihad, the airline explains that they’re locked into the reservations because it was a promotional price. They also say that Orbitz is the one actually changing the dates. Orbitz says that it’s up to Etihad. However, one customer found quick help by contacting the department of transportation and filling out an online complaint. He spoke to an attorney with the DOT and the problem was resolved in fast time.

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