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Factors that Affect the Price of Air Tickets

Sometimes it’s hard for travelers to find the best airfare, even after hours of shopping around. The truth is that airline prices vary based on a wide variety of factors that are tough to pin down, and this makes it hard to find the best deals. Here are some of the most common factors affecting airline prices.

Price of Oil

The price of oil has a major effect on airline ticket prices. Since long haul flights can consume tons of oil, even a small rise in the price of fuel can cause airline tickets to skyrocket.

Flight Distance

The flight distance does play a role in the price of the flight. Longer flights consume more resources, and they require airlines to give flight attendants and pilots a bigger compensation package. However, flight distance may not be as important as you think. Airline prices are often more affected by another factor: the popularity of airport routes.

Route Choice

The route has a large effect on price. Sometimes, it can be more expensive to fly a shorter distance. Other times, it could be better to take a detour to a second holiday destination rather than book a through flight to your final destination. When flights are more popular, the pricing goes down because it’s likely that the airplane will be full.


To some extent, airlines must price their flights based on what other airlines are doing. With many types of software online designed to compare prices across all airlines, companies need to price low to remain competitive.

Purchase Timing

It’s said that the best time to book a ticket is 7 weeks before departure. At this time, airlines haven’t begun to raise fares because the tickets aren’t beginning to sell out yet. In reality, timing is much more complicated and dependent tn the other factors in this article.

Flight Time

Early and late flights often give a big discount. This is because airlines pay less for these takeoff slots because they are less desirable.

Airport fees & taxes

Each country and each airport has its own taxes and fees. Depending on the place that you’re flying to, you may have to add on a lot of money simply for the mandatory fees.

In short, there are plenty of factors that can affect airline prices. Finding a good airfare can be made easier with a great travel company. Buying your ticket from CheapBIZClass, you won’t have to worry about shopping around for the best airfare; you’ll get a great deal every time.

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