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How to Get Cheap First Class Tickets

Everyone in the travel industry or frequent flyer has their own tricks of the trade for getting cheap first class tickets. Well, we asked around and found some of the key tips to getting cheap first class airfare throughout the country. Here are our key findings:

Buy a Y-Up Fare

A Y-Up fare is kind of a loophole that allows for the purchase of a coach fare, but is able to be upgraded automatically to first class. These are usually not known by the layperson, but ask anyone in the airline industry or frequent corporate flyer and they’ll know right away. These fares won’t be discounted coach fare, but they are still worth the difference between coach and first class!

Safe Bet: Ask the airline about Y-Up fares before you purchase your ticket.

Frequent Flyer Cards/Points

This is a no-brainer for frequent travelers because as long as you are spending money and making flights, you’ll be getting rewarded for it. Sometimes the charges can be expensive, but if first class is your goal, this will save you a LOT of money in the long run.

Be Nice!

Take advantage of the fact that the airline employees deal with some seriously jet-lagged lunatics day in and day out. They will appreciate it if you appreciate them! So, if you would like to check for available upgrades, all you have to do is ask nicely. And then relent when they tell you “no.”

“I Volunteer!”

No, you don’t have to volunteer as tribute a la The Hunger Games. You just have to volunteer to give up your seat on the plane if the airline overbooked. The best way to get free upgrades and free tickets/vouchers is to be the one to get left behind. Just make sure to use the bargaining chips you have (the airline doesn’t want to delay the flight any further) and be really nice about it.

Have Connections

Have you always wanted to travel the world for free? Then become a flight attendant! Or, befriend/marry someone who works in the airline industry. Many of the flights you will get will require you to wait on standby, but it’s still possible for you to get free upgrades and/or flights!

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