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How to Get the Best Last Minute Deals on Business Class Tickets

Buying last-minute tickets are not the best way to get deals on business class flights. Unfortunately, emergency meetings and personal situations make buying last-minute deals a reality and a necessity. The good news is there are ways to keep the cost down and avoid the premium prices airlines charge for those who wait. If you’re a business traveler who occasionally has to catch a last-minute business class flight, here’s what to expect and how to save big.

The Myth of Last-Minute Deals

There is a myth out there about last-minute flights and we are not sure where it came from, but you may have heard it. The myth is waiting until the last minute will get you huge discounts and big savings on your flight. While you will occasionally find a great deal, in most cases you’ll find the opposite is true.

Airlines Charge More for Last-Minute Tickets

Not only will you pay more, but sometimes you’ll pay two and three times the amount of someone who scheduled 30 to 45 days in advance. Why? Airlines are smarter than you think. Marketing executives for airlines figured out a long time ago business travelers are more likely to change their flight schedules and need last-minute flights. Those same marketing execs learned business travelers are also less likely to be sensitive to price increases, especially in an emergency situation. The airlines know that business travelers will pay a premium price, so they have little incentive to charge less money as the flight departure approaches.

You may be thinking, if airlines have no incentive to drop the price last-minute… How do I get a deal on my last-minute ticket?

We Specialize in Last-Minute Business Class Flights

At CheapBizClass we have over 30 years’ experience working deeply in the travel industry, and we specialize in getting great deals on last-minute business class and first class flights. Our clients generally save up to 50%, and get prices that match those of a flight scheduled 30 days in advance. We help our clients avoid fees and huge taxes that may be imposed by the airlines. How? Great question.

How We Get You Huge Savings

We’re sure you have heard claims by travel companies that can save you 99.9% on flights, only to find there is a catch or the claim simply isn’t true.

With CheapBizclass, there is no small print, there is no catch. Here are two reasons we’re able to save you money on last minute flights:


With our 30 years of travel industry experience, we’ve become a trusted partner to major airlines. We have access to non-published innovatory, unpublished fares, and quite frankly we know our stuff. We know every route, airline and seat available.


One of the main reasons why last-minute business class tickets are so expensive is because you pay a premium. However, CheapBizClass has pre-negotiated fares. If you book through us, you’re paying our pre-negotiated fare or discounted rate and not the last-minute premium price the airlines charge everyone else. Our clients benefit from the connections we’ve made in the industry.

Why Pay a Premium if You Don’t Have To?

An unfortunate chain of events can lead to the need for a last-minute ticket. Regrettably, airlines know in most cases business travelers are less sensitive to price increases and as a result charge a premium price. With over 30 years’ experience working deeply in the travel industry, CheapBizClass has made connections and earned the trust of the industry. When you book your last-minute business class ticket with us, you’ll benefit from our experience, connections and knowledge of unpublished fares, pre-negotiated rates and unpublished inventory. As a result you’ll save big on your business class ticket. So why pay a premium price if you don’t have to?

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