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Reports show that ebola fear mongering will not put a damper on air travel.


Despite the ebola scare that has ransacked the media in recent weeks, industry watchers do not predict it will affect air travel over the coming months. Although a nurse with ebola recently flew on a Frontier airlines flight from Cleveland to Dallas, scaring many into believing ebola was coming for the US, numbers haven’t really changed.

Of course in West Africa, where medical supplies and the stigma of contracting ebola keeps those diagnosed from getting proper medical care, the US is not nearly in dire shape. In addition, while ebola is ravaging West Africa, it would be difficult to contract in an airplane environment.

So, don’t let the ebola fear mongering in the media affect your travel plans! You are still far more likely to contract the flu while driving to work than you are likely to contract ebola on an airplane.

To sum it up, some apt words from an industry figurehead:

“This Frontier/Ebola thing is one of the most overblown stories I can remember. One person – a person directly related to the handling of an Ebola patient – took a flight. Period. She was cleared by the CDC to do so.

That is it. No effects on the travel industry except the hysteria of asking over and over again if this will have an effect on air travel, which misleads the public away from the core fact that an Ebola-related nurse got on an airplane. Not Typhoid Mary, and not a random passenger.

Unless this type of misinformation regarding what actually happened spooks the public, there will be no effect, and nor should there be.”

— Michael Boyd, founder of the airline consulting firm The Boyd Group in Evergreen, west of Denver

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