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Singapore Airlines – One of World’s Best Business Class Travel Seats

Singapore Airlines is considered one of the best when it comes to business class travel. Known for having the most spacious cabin in business class, the service and menu is also raved about on travel and customer review websites. Singapore Airline gets it, and because they do, you’ll enjoy one of the most comfortable, relaxing and liberating experience when you fly Singapore Airlines (business class of course).

Spacious Accommodations

The first thing most business class travelers notice when flying Singapore Airlines is the unrivaled space between each seat. The space is liberating and the seats measure at minimum 30 inches wide. When you recline all the way back in these leather seats, you’ll feel like royalty. Singapore Airlines also has dedicated sleeping space that’s designed for maximum comfort regardless of how you like to sleep. (Albeit, if you are really tall, it might not be so comfortable.) If you are looking for space in your cabin, Singapore Airlines has the most room by far.

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Food, Entertainment and Service

Get full table surface when you enjoy restaurant-style culinary service. You can also pre-order and have your meals prepared specifically for your taste buds. This is a service that you want (no, need ) to take advantage of, as there is nothing quite like gourmet meals prepped specifically for you, the way you like it. You only need to notify the airline 24 hours before flight departure or when you purchase your ticket.
Singapore Airlines boast an all-in-one business panel that includes power connections and USB ports. Select from over 80 on demand movies on the huge 15-inch TV screen. You’ll have more than enough entertainment, but if you’re looking for entertainment as one of your primary reasons to fly business class, check out Emirates.
Most people choose Singapore Airlines for the roomy business seats and the friendly customer service. While the service is very professional and accommodating, some have pointed out that there seems to be missing a personal touch. However, that perspective will change from person to person. Some people even complain that they are too attentive (the nerve of some). One thing you don’t have to worry about is the lack of service.

Fly Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines is listed as a top business class airline for a reason. The luxury and comfort is unmatched, but that doesn’t come without a hefty price tag. Singapore Airlines is also known as one of the most expensive business class seats, but most travelers who have experienced the flight will argue it’s worth every penny.
At CheapBizClass, we find the lowest flights for business class travelers, whenever and wherever they fly. If you are considering flying Singapore Airlines, give us a call and let us find you the best deal on this top business class airline.

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