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What Do Airline Passengers Really Want – Besides Discounted Airfare?

For some, flying is a fun and exciting experience, but for others it’s a necessary evil. The airlines know airline passengers like you want cheap flights. Who doesn’t? The real issues they need to address go far beyond the initial price of a ticket. Airline reputations have been damaged in recent years, but there are some things they can do to gain back our future business and fill their flights.

The Great Non-Stop Flight

If your plans require a short stay or are simply focused on one destination, you don’t want to have to worry about layovers. No one wants to carry the stress of missing their connecting flight and plotting the quickest route out of the plane and through the terminal. Increasing availability of non-stop flights to popular, and even some second-rate, locations, are what airline passengers really want.

Luggage Charges

Nickel and diming is becoming common practice. It’s also something that is killing the airline industry. You want to fly with airlines that understand that you’re going to need clothes when you get to your destination. Sitting on a carry-on to squeeze that last shirt in is not a way to say, “We appreciate your business.” Passengers want an airline that can respect them enough to let them have one piece of checked luggage, free of charge.

Frequent Flier Benefits

When you travel on a regular basis, you want to know that your airline loyalty is appreciated and rewarded appropriately. By offering passengers a consistent frequent flier package that includes benefits such as bonus miles and discounts for hotels, car rentals, and events, airlines can keep us coming back for more.


Not all of us live by major airline hubs. By offering connecting service at these locations, passengers can be assured the opportunity to get to their destination. When non-stop flights aren’t an option, it helps to offer service to major hubs.

Business Class Availability

Nothing kills a flight more than having limited legroom or the inability to do work in comfort. By making sure business class seating is available and serves the needs of the business traveler by offering several amenities, it can help capture future business. Providing free WiFi, ample room to maneuver, entertainment, and other perks like upgraded food would go a long way to satisfying passengers.

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