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Cheap First Class Tickets; Not Just Any Day

There’s no such thing as cheap first class seats, but there are cheap first class tickets. You don’t have to spend a lot, to have access to the same seat someone else pays thousands of dollars for.

With the raising cost of fuel, increased taxes and costs to airlines, finding those cheap first class tickets can be tricky, but the effort is well worth the ride.

In some of our other articles we’ve discussed secrets and tips for tracking down cheap first class tickets. Using your frequent flyer miles visa, the ‘UP’ tickets and scouring craigslist, are the most successful techniques we suggest using to get those cheap first class tickets.

One thing we haven’t discussed in depth is when to buy your cheap first class tickets.
Just as precious metals seem to slump on Tuesdays, airline prices do too. Begin your search for cheap first class tickets around noon on Tuesday, and continue the search Wednesday and Thursday. Do this for a few weeks in a row to watch how the cost of first class tickets changes.

TripAdvisor recently introduced an ambitious redesign of its flight searches, and oddly enough introduced the launch on a Tuesday. Not withstanding, TripAdvisor is a great place to start a search to get practical ideas on prices.

The general manager of TripAdvisor claims that no two airlines are the same, and he insists that the new search functions keep the airlines and flight information as transparent as possible.

This information gives you a great insight into the algorithm of flight costs.
With this kind of trip planning, you’ll have much greater success at finding the best deals on cheap first class tickets.