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Cheap Seats; The Big & Small of Discount Business Class Tickets

The search for discounted business class tickets has begun, and with so many carries to choose from, how does one know who offers the best business class travel?

Business class is primarily for international routes, on planes designed for comfortable, long distance travel. These royal amenities make flying with a discounted business class ticket all the more enjoyable.

There’s a reason travelers search high and low for discount business class tickets–the comfort. Lets face it, economy class seating is uncomfortable for the long haul. Sitting in one location for two hours, let alone twelve or fifteen, is just simply a pain in the rear.

Buying your way into business with a discount business class ticket is, well, just the ticket to turning your travel nightmare into a dream.

Back in the 1960s, airline seat designers based the width of the seat on the hips of man, assuming that a woman’s hips would also fit. The male hips were measured at 14 inches. The problem with this measurement is, as most of you know, that a man’s shoulders are generally wider than his hips.

With your discounted business class ticket, the seat width ranges from the high teens to almost 27 inches. Aeroflot delivers a whopping 26.7 seat width in business class, not to mention the seats actually lie flat. That kind of comfort is worth some internet digging and a few phone calls.

No two airlines are equal in what they deliver in business class, but with a discounted business class ticket, you’ll be treated like business royalty regardless of who you fly with.