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Let Us Handle the Travel So You Can Stick to Business

Booking corporate, business-class and first-class flights can be a logistical nightmare for even the most experienced company. Last-minute meeting changes and flight schedules can scuttle the business strategy you’ve spent months developing. Beyond that, the high cost of business-class and first class tickets can weigh on your company’s finances.

At CheapBIZClass, our Travel Insiders are experts at navigating the complex world of corporate travel. From securing multiple tickets at the lowest possible rates to re-scheduling flights, we are the leader in full-service corporate travel services, allowing you to concentrate on what you do best: business.

CheapBIZClass: We’re Your Travel Team.

Many corporate travel agencies can book your flight. At the end of the day, however, they are still travel agents, attempting to up-sell you on products you don’t need and providing inconsistent levels of service at the hours of their convenience. At CheapBIZClass,we’re not just travel agents,we’re your dedicated travel team. When you partner with us, we will assign an experienced Travel Insider to personally oversee your account, managing booking and all the logistical issues that corporate travel entails. Your Travel Insider will find you the best deals on the business-class and first-class seats you need without ever trying to up-sell you. Further, we’ll be here for you, 24-hours-a-day, 365-days-a-yaer. Has a last-minute flight delay stranded your sales team on New Year’s Eve? Do you need to get your partners on a plane to Europe tomorrow morning? We’ll solve those types of problems for you, whenever and wherever they might arise.

A CheapBIZClass Travel Partnership Means a Better Bottom-Line

Managing corporate travel services is complex, and premium tickets can be expensive if you don’t know how to obtain the best prices. Multiply a typical first-class or business-class ticket by the size of your sales force and the cost to your company can skyrocket. At, we are the best in the corporate travel services industry at finding the lowest rates to business destinations around the world. Further, our expertise in negotiating volume discounts means that the bigger your business is, the more you save. And you’ll see those savings grow in the monthly reports we’ll provide for your multi-ticket purchases.

With CheapBIZCass, You’ll Make the Most of Your Team’s Talents

Business travel can be exhausting. From time-zone changes to language barriers, even the best business teams face a host of obstacles before they ever enter a meeting room. However, the trip itself doesn’t have to be a problem. At, our Travel Insiders can provide you with the best business-class and first-class airline tickets, along with all the perks that go with them. Your employees will have more spacious seating, better food, and access to the best airline lounges around the world. They’ll arrive at their destinations better rested, and ready to do the best business for you.

Let us be Your Travel Team: Call CheapBIZClass Now at 1-888-496-0747, and put us to work for you.

The CheapBIZClass Bottom Line:

With as Your Travel Team You:

  • Have a dedicated Travel Insider, and around-the-clock, customized assistance.
  • Receive the lowest premium ticket prices available, and pay no booking fees.
  • Enjoy all the perks of business-class and first-class flights, throughout the world.
  • Have a partner with expertise in solving last-minute travel changes.
  • No longer have to worry about the logistics of travel, and can focus on your business.
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