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Cheap Business Class Flights to Melbourne

Do you have business to do in Melbourne? Lucky you, Melbourne is a great place for commerce (known as one of the easiest places to do business in) and has many attractions to see when it’s time to relax. Why not make your entire travel experience as easy as doing business in Melbourne with business class accommodations. And not just comfortable business class seats, but at affordable prices too. How? Cheap Biz Class are travel experts and we’ll make it happen.

If you’ve traveled business class before – you’re not likely to ever want to travel economy again. At least not on a long business trip to Melbourne.If you haven’t ever experienced the wonderfulness that is business class travel, you are truly missing out. Speedy boarding and check-in process are just some of the benefits.But the greatest benefit is simply, comfort. You’ll feel more comfortable on the plane with more space and seats that lie flat to allow you to get more rest or work done.

With Cheap Biz Class, you can expect:

  1. Extremely low rates on all last minute business class seats (on all the major airlines).
  2. Speak with a real, live person who has several years of travel expertise.
  3. Full service and assistance, before and after your flight. Our travel experts are standing by in case you need to change your reservation. Unexpected things can happen, we understand that and are here to help you should they arise.

Cheap Biz Class specializes in business class travel to destinations such as Melbourne. With Cheap Biz, not only do you get the benefits of flying business class, but you also get flights at rates most travelers are not even aware are possible – even if your flight is just days away.

If you need a flight, just search and you’ll find estimated quotes that save you 30% to 50%. Better yet, simply call us and we’ll find the best deal of the day for you right away. But more on that later, are you ready for your trip? Do you have all the proper documentation, passport and visa information? Do you know the best places to eat and visit? Well, just keep reading.

Do You Need a Visa in Australia?

It’s easy to forget things when traveling internationally, but what’s worse is not knowing you need something in the first place. Melbourne is a great place to do business in, but do you need a visa to get into Australia? It’s always a good idea to find out what documentation you’ll need before you even book your flight.

Unsure if you require a visa? Find out here

Money in Melbourne

The Australian dollar is a reserve currency and is among the most traded in the world. Coin values are 5, 10, 20 and 50 cents. The Austrian dollars have values of $5, $10, $20, $50 and $100 AUD.

Have you thought about the foreign currency conversion rate? You can use popular websites like Yahoo’s Currencies Center to get the correct conversion rates. There will also be foreign exchange facilities at the airport and in Melbourne’s central business district.

If you plan on using a bank for foreign currency conversion, normal banking hours are Monday to Thursday 9am–4pm, and Friday 9am–5pm. ATMs are readily available throughout the city, but be carefull of any foreign exchange fees.

All major credit cards, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, are widely recognized and accepted in Melbourne and can be cashed at banks and foreign exchange facilities.  This easy accessibility to money is one of the many things that makes Melbourne an easy place to do business in.

Doing Business in Melbourne is Easy

Out of all the places in the world to do business, Australia ranks 10th for ease of doing business, according to the IFC’s Doing Business 2013 report. Transparency International also ranks Australia as the eight least corrupt country in the world, so rest assured the Aussies are honest business people.

Melbourne’s business environment makes conducting business easy because its regulatory systems are fairly straightforward and simple. Melbourne’s Central Business District is about 30 minutes in a cab from the airport and is an easily navigatble area. The Melbourne tramway network is the primary public transport system and you will find traveling from meeting to meeting very convenient using the local tram system.

Any place you travel to will have its own business traditions and customs. Melbourne is no different.For those unfamiliar with the local customs, we have found useful 24 page guide on how to do business in Australia. This guide has great general information on the country, the local government, political system and more. A great read for anyone who plans on doing business in the country.

First time doing business in Melbourne? Here are some tips:

  1. Australians are known to be very direct. In business settings, they don’s beat around the bush and get straight to the point. Try and keep small talk at a minimum.
  2. Australians can have a colorful sense of humor, even in formal business settings. Don’t be surprised if they make an off-topic joke. This is a normal custom in Australia.
  3. Business meetings in Melbourne have a conservative, formal dress code. You are expected to dress in a professional manner, which means wearing a professional suit or dress.
  4. Punctuality is very important. Be on time for any commitments (formal or informal). Being late is frowned upon.

Melbourne Has a Little Something for Everyone

When you’re not doing business, Melbourne has a lot to see and a little something for everyone. You may want to use the free City Circle Tram to see what Melbourne has to offer, here are just a few ideas:

  • Enjoy a day at the Royal Botanic Gardens if you just want a nice peaceful walk surrounded by nature.
  • Head over to the St. Kilda Beach just outside of Melbourne and watch the beautiful sunset over the Pacific.
  • Check out Australia’s’ largest sporting venue, the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG).
  • If you’re an animal and wildlife lover, take a trip to the Melbourne Zoo or Aquarium

Melbourne also has some great places to dine, but a few of note are: Fresh Chili Thai Restaurant, The Colonial Tramcar Restaurant, and The Hardware Societe. These places are popular for locals and tourists and come highly recommended.

Get Great Deals on Business Class Flights to Melbourne And Let Us Do All The Work

With CheapBIZClass, you can be sure to receive the best deals, routes and flight times for your trip to Melbourne. Our travel specialists will make the entire process as easy as possible, while providing you with additional helpful information and assistance (both, before and after your flight). That’s right; you get to speak with a real, live person that wants to assist you. Unlike most generic on-line travel sites, where you simply book a flight on-line, CheapBIZClass provides a customized and personalized travel experience. Our travel specialists have been helping business travelers like yourself for more than a decade. Travel with a peace of mind as we will continue to be available and at your service while you travel. And if your plans suddenly change, rest assured we are right here and ready to help.

With Cheap Biz Class, you can expect:

  • Extremely low rates on all last minute business class reservations (and on all the major airlines).
  • Speak with a real, live person who has several years of business travel expertise.
  • Comprehensive customer assistance, before and after your flight. Our friendly travel specialists are standing by in case you need to update or change your flight reservation. Unexpected things can happen, we understand that and are ready to help.

With all the many benefits of business class, combined with the exceptional service and competitive rates provided by CheapBIZClass, why not make a reservation today? Call us at 1-888-496-0747 and speak with a friendly travel specialist. We are one of the oldest luxury travel experts and would love to help you have the business class experience you deserve.