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Business Class Flights To Brazil

Brazil is a beautiful country full of warm and friendly people, white-sand beaches and astonishing rain forests. It’s the largest country in South America and the Latin American region and the fifth-largest market opportunity in the world. The native language is Portugese and the people in Brazil are lively and talkative. However, most non- business people will not speak English, so be prepared with English maps and instructions on how to get to your destination. The beautiful beaches are a result of the eastern part of Brazil being bordered by the Atlantic Ocean, with over 4000 miles of coastline.

Brazil is known for the beaches, Amazon and, rain forestsbut is quickly growing into a business world leader.

Doing Business In Brazil

In recent years, Brazil has grown from a country with great potential to a front-runner in South America. According to the International Monetary Fund, Brazil is one of the leaders in technological development and is growing rapidly.The country’s currency is strong and Brazil has one of the world’s fastest-growing economies.

The general business climate is informal, and building personal relationships is a huge success factor in doing business in Brazil. Meetings will often start late and end late. Sometimesthis is due to small talk and conversation and other times it’s caused by the bad traffic conditions in Brazil. It’s understood that traffic can dramatically vary the times of arrival and, as a result, it’s common for business professionals to arrive late. Also, make sure that you understand that small talk is an important part of the meeting and should not be rushed or just tolerated. You’ll want to really try to connect and be as friendly and conversational as possible. For that reason, try not to schedule multiple meeting in one day, especially if they are back-to-back meetings or are not within walking distance.

Although the business climate is less formal, your appearance is critical and you should dress to impress. In places like Sao Paulo, it’s common for men not to wear the blazers to their suits. However, at a first meeting, to prevent under-dressing, men should wear full suits and women should also dress to impress. At subsequent meetings, it may not be necessary to dress as formally, and men may opt to lose the jacket and tie.

So Much To See In Brazil

There are so many beautiful places in Brazil, from Rio de Janeiro to Sao Paulo. If you are visiting strictly for business you probably won’t have much time to experience all that Brazil has to offer, but definitely make time to head over to one of the beaches. It’s a great place to relax and unwind, and Brazil is known for its gorgeous white sand beaches. If you have a little more time to sightsee and can get to Rio, check out one of Brazil’s major sights, the monumental Christ the Redeemer statue. The statue is amazing to see, standing 125 feet tall on top of the Corcovado Mountain.

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