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Business Class Flights To China

China is the world’s most populous country. As such, it has been an increasingly popular place to forge business relationships. From manufacturing machinery and textiles, to being one of the biggest untapped consumer markets, China has a lot to offer many businesses.

With a culture that is steeped in tradition and relationships, you must consider the condition in which you must arrive. With flights from the US ranging from 12-30+ hours, you’ll want to ensure you arrive in a condition where you can make the best impression. This means the cramped quarters of the economy cabin is not a wise choice.

Finding a cheap business class flight now becomes the sport of the day. Are you going to spend hours scouring the Internet for a good deal, just to learn you should have booked yesterday? Or you could call at 888-496-0747 and let us handle all the details for you. Our Travel insiders know all the tips and tricks for getting you the best Business Class seat and fare, and will ensure your Chinese associates are seeing the professional you are.

Want Success While In China? It’s All About Relationships.

It’s important to remember the Chinese culture is steeped in relationship and tradition. A firm handshake and a classy gift are great ways to start a relationship. Be sure when you present your business card, it is face-up in the palm of both hands. When offered a business card, pick it up with both hands and take a moment to review it before putting it away.

Be ready to have dinner as an initial meeting, where you’ll get to know each other and begin the relationship of business before digging into the business details. Be sure to stay clear of politics and children during the course of conversation, as both are taboo topics in China.

All Work And No Play? Not While You’re In China!

When you’re ready for some down time, China has so much to offer. Among the more popular attractions are of course the Great Wall and the Forbidden City. However, if you want to stay close to where you’re staying, China offers beautiful botanical gardens, wonderful architecture, and amazing art, music, and food. There will never be a lack of something to keep your attention while you’re visiting.

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