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When you’re ready to book your flight, we’ll be available, but here are some tips and things to consider before you take flight.

Passport & Visa

When traveling to Frankfurt you will need a passport that doesn’t expire for at least 60 days. Check your passport for the expiration date and give a minimal of 6 weeks for processing if you need to renew your passport. When entering Germany, a visa is not required for 90 days. If you are a US Citizen, you may visit Germany for up to 90 days for business purposes. However, a short visa which is referred to as a “Schengen” may be required, provided your business requires a business permit. Contact the German Embassy for additional information regarding passports and visa details for your specific country of citizenship.

Money in Frankfurt

The local currency used in Germany (and several European countries) is called the Euro. Converting your local currency to Euros should be fairly easy, however, expect to pay fees when making the transaction.  At the airport, look forward to paying a one-time fee of at least 4 EUR on top of a commission percentage. Alternatively, you can use your debit or credit card, but research in advance what international rates your bank provides. This may be a cheaper alternative to converting hard cash at the airport.

You can also use popular websites like Yahoo’s Currencies Center to get the correct conversion rates for your local currency.

Doing business in Frankfurt, Germany

Frankfurt is one of the main business areas in Germany, along with Hamburg and Munich. Doing business in Germany can be a pleasurable and profitable experience as long as you understand a few things about your German business partners.

The German business environment is more formal when compared to places like the United States. Where in the US, it’s common to know much about a personal life, family and history before doing business, that’s not the case in Frankfurt. It’s not that German business people are less personable than anywhere else in the world, it just takes a little longer for them to become more forthcoming about personal details, in fact many Germans try to keep their business and personal life as separate as possible.

When doing business in Frankfurt, it’s best to be transparent, straightforward and get down to business as personal relationships play a small part in the business transaction.

If this is your first time conducting business in Germany, here are some usefull tips on local business etiquette.

Things to do in Frankfurt

Frankfort being one of Germany’s main business cities is often overlooked for its other attractions that include some of the world’s best museums and beautiful skylines. When you complete your business in Frankfurt, there is much to do and see, and some of the best ways to take it all in, is with a guided tour. Here are some of the popular tours:

  • Romantic Road:Take a bus through the Romantic Road area, experience the beautiful countryside, gothic cathedrals and the medieval architecture. This is a favorite outing as you will cover vast amounts of area on the tour. This will make it easy to see what Germany has to offer without renting a car and driving aimlessly through the countryside.
  • Frankfurt Main Tower:The Frankfurt Main Tower is a 660 foot skyscraper in the center of Frankfurt. It’s one of the tallest buildings in the city and it’s definitely worth the elevator ride to the top. You’ll get a great 360 degree view of the entire city and feel as if you’re on top of the world. What better way to celebrate a successful business deal?
  • Roman Mountain: Roman Mountain or Romerberg is a popular stop for tourists. Often referred to as the heart of the city and the most beautiful square in Frankfurt, Romerberg has been restored after much of the city was destroyed in World War II. If you are interested in seeing and touring one of the most historic parts of Frankfurt, visit Romain Mountain and be sure to stop by The Romer, which is one of the city’s most important landmarks.

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