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Business Class Travel to Tokyo

Tokyo is the capital of Japan and the largest metropolitan area in the world. The areais often described as one of the most modern and sophisticated cities, and some say it’s like stepping into the future. When flying to Tokyo there are basically two airport options, Narita and Haneda. NaritaInternational isthe primary airport in Tokyo and receives the majority of the traffic going to and from Japan. However, it is about an hour from the center of the city, which is a little inconvenient if you’re a business traveler. If you fly into Narita you’ll need to take the train to the center of the city, which will cost you about $30 or $40 dollars(you’ll find a taxi much more expensive). In recent years, more international destinations are flying into Haneda airport, which is much closer to the center of the city, so fly into Hanada(if you can) to save time.

Passport & Visa

Every foreign visitor to Japan will need to have an active passport that will remain valid during the stay period. For up to a period of 90 days, nationals of many countries are allowed to enter without a visa, unless the purpose of the visit is to live in Japan or obtain employment.

Visas are regulated by the Japanese government, so it’s best to visit theJapanese Embassy website for the most current and updated information on visas.

Converting Currency

In Tokyo, the currency is the Japanese yen and you’ll be able to exchange your money at the airport, banks, post office, ATM’s and even 7-11 stores.Of course, if you exchange at an ATM, there may be additional fees from your bank and unfavorable exchange rates. Although major credit cards are accepted in most places, the Japanese primarily operate with cash. To that end, make sure you have some yen handy when shopping.

You can use popular websites like Yahoo’s Currencies Center to get the correct conversion rates.

Doing Business in Tokyo

There are some misconceptions about doing business in Tokyo. The misconception is that the Japanese are very stiff and overly formal; this was true 30 or 40 years ago, but things have changed (at least when dealing with foreigners). That is not to say the Japanese are not formal among themselves, but they do not expect a foreigner to understand and know all of their traditions. At the same time, there are some things you should know and consider when dealing with Japanese people:

  • Be on time, which really means be 5 minutes early.
  • Introduce yourself with your full name, company name and title
  • Try to match the bow given to you (it may be just a slight head nod).
  • When you receive a business card, actually look at it, don’t fold it, write on it or immediately put it into your pocket.
  • Be on your best behavior and be respectful, but don’t try to pretend you are Japanese.

Tips For Business Travelers To Tokyo

  • Do not tip – tips are considered to be an insult. There are few occasions where tips are okay (taxi driver does not have exact change), but generally you do not want to tip.
  • English is not common– don’t presume that everyone speaks English. Make arrangements or prepare to get around without the aid of English speakers.
  • Bring a map– If you plan to see the city after your business meeting. If you do not speak Japanese, you may want to bring a map in your language, so that you can understand the map and show people where you are trying to go.
  • Avoid the summer if you can – The summers in Tokyo are very hot and uncomfortable. The good news is, if you’re doing business in the summer, it’s okay to not wear a tie.

Things To See And Do In Tokyo

There is much to do in Tokyo, and the railways make it easy to get around. You’ll find that you’ll be able to get to most places with a ride on the railway and a short walk. Below are some recommended sites to see during your trip.

  • Yodobashi Akiba – You’ll want to visit this electronic store, even if you’re not into video games and gadgets.  This is the largest electronic store in Japan and it’s like going to an amusement park. It has 6 floors with 3 of those floors dedicated to restaurants and juice bars.
  • Mount Takao – If you get tired of the hustle and bustle in Tokyo, take the train to Mount Takao and enjoy a hike.  It will take you a little less than an hour, but the relaxing hike will be worth the ride.
  • Edo-Tokyo Museum – This is a great museum to visit and learn about the tradition and culture of old Tokyo.
  • Rainbow Bridge– This stunning bridge is one of the most popular and recognizable landmarks in Tokyo. It connects the Shibaura with OdaibaIsland, and if you want a nice picture, it’s pretty hard to take a bad photo of this beautiful piece of architecture.

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