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Business Class Flights to Spain

Spain is among the world’s most culturally diverse countries. It is also the second largest country in Europe. Spain offers visitors a chance to escape in the winter, with a warm climate and year-round beaches. The country is also a cultural mecca, offering a vast array of art festivals and museums.

The average flight time between the U.S. and Spain is about ten hours. If you are spending this time preparing for an important conference or business meeting, you will be wise to select Business Class tickets. Enjoy ample legroom and comfort as a Business Class traveler.

Doing Business in Spain

Spaniards prefer face-to-face business meetings over virtual communication. As a supplier, partner or customer, you may find yourself traveling frequently to interface with Spanish businesses. Approximately one-third of business owners are fluent in English, a fact that should be taken into consideration prior to your visit. Spain is definitely a more formal atmosphere than the U.S. It is important to understand that Spain is not the cultural equivalent of Mexico, where communications are more relaxed. Be sure to carry a stack of business cards along on your trip, as the exchange of cards is customary. Business etiquette requires handshakes prior to and at the end of meetings. Professional dress in Spain entails a suit and tie.

While the flight may be long, Spain is an excellent place to do business in Europe. Major industries include e-commerce, green technology and renewable energy, aerospace, biotechnology and agricultural technology.

Fun is Always Around the Corner

Spanish culture offers something for everyone. Whether you want to relax on a beautiful beach or find out what it’s really like to run with the bulls, you will find plenty of ways to fill your downtime. The annual Cadiz Festival is a huge street party that takes place every February. It’s a loud and exciting festival, but you will want to plan ahead. Formal dress or a costume is expected of attendees. If are you are travelling at a different time of year, there are other festivals to explore. Or, you may prefer to check out the Madrid art walk known as Paseo del Arte.

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