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Business Class Flight to Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is the capital of the United Arab Emirates and the second largest city behind Dubai. Although Abu Dhabi lacks the luster and extravagance of Dubai, it still has grown into a cosmopolitan metropolis that is home to important financial institutes such as the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange and the Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates. The United Arab Emirates is not only a good place to do international business, but an exhilarating place to visit as a business traveler.

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Arriving at Abu Dhabi International Airport (AUH)

There are two main airports that international business travelers arrive at in UAE. The airports are Dubai International Airport (DXB) and the Abu Dhabi International Airport (AUH). As you are doing business in Abu Dhabi, you’ll most likely fly into Abu Dhabi International Airport.

The Abu Dhabi International Airport was voted the “Best Airport in the Middle East” by Skytrax in 2012, and truly is a fantastic airport. The airport has a very quick and organized procedure to get international travelers through immigration. Free Wi-Fi is also available, so as soon as you land you can get online and check your business appointments and other travel arrangements.

Like most cities, Abu Dhabi offers multiple transport options to and from the airport. In Abu Dhabi, you can arrange for a private car service, take a taxi, or use public transportation. Taking the air conditioned bus to and from the airport is an economical way to travel, but if public transportation is something you’re not interested in, a taxi will probably be the most practical option.

Visa and Passports

You will need a valid passport to enter the UAE; your passport will need to be valid for at least 60 days after the proposed date of your trip. Most international business travelers will not need a visa to enter the UAE, as a 30-day visa will be given at immigration, free of charge. However, if your business will keep you in Abu Dhabi for longer than 30 days, an additional 30-day extension will be needed and will be granted for a fee.

Before traveling to the UAE, check the Emirates website to make sure your country is one of the eligible countries for visas, as not every country is entitled to a 30-day visa.

Currency and Money in Abu Dhabi

The official currency in the UAE is called the Dirham. The most convenient place to get your money exchanged will be at Abu Dhabi International Airport when you arrive; however, sometimes better exchange rates are available at shopping locations like the mall. With that said, it may be beneficial to only exchange enough money for travel and food or until you can get to another location that you are certain has better conversion rates than the airport.

Use popular websites like Yahoo’s Currencies Center to get the correct conversion rates before landing in Abu Dhabi.

Doing Business in Abu Dhabi

Doing business in Abu Dhabi can be very similar to doing business in western business cultures. The United Arab Emirates has very modern business structures and logistics. And like western business cultures, meetings are often held in nice office spaces, or in skyrise buildings. In contrast to western business culture, meetings usually lack a formal agenda and often start late. Or the meetings are interrupted on a frequent basis. Some international business travelers have found if they can control the place of the meeting (like at a hotel) they can reduce the interruptions, but expect to be a little frustrated if you encounter this problem and instead try to plan around it.

Here are a few other tips for doing business in in Abu Dhabi:

  • The primary business language is English, but it may benefit you to have your own translator. Also, learning to speak a few phrases in Arabic may be seen as very respectful.
  • Arrive on time, but understand that meetings often start late in Abu Dhabi. Try not to get too frustrated or take this personally.
  • Treat everyone you meet with respect. In the UAE it’s common to meet with several subordinates before meeting with senior members, and these subordinates are sometimes family members.
  • Finally, research whom you’ll be conducting business with. Will they be local or non-local residents? Of course, doing business with a non-local may be a very different experience than conducting business with local resident. Take the time to research and learn more about your business partners before arriving in Abu Dhabi.

Things to See and Do in Abu Dhabi

The United Arab Emirates has become a very popular tourist attraction mainly due to the attractions in Dubai, but Abu Dhabi also has much to offer and many must-see attractions.

Here are a few things to do in Abu Dhabi when you have some downtime:

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is one of the most beautiful architectural monuments in the world. A religious and spiritual site, the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque represents the key for worship in the country. Most international travelers recommend getting there as soon as it opens (to avoid waiting) and dressing appropriately.

Emirates Palace

The Emirates Palace is actually a hotel in Abu Dhabi, but if you are not staying there, this is a great place to visit. The Emirates Palace is a seven-star luxury hotel with landscaped gardens, exclusive beaches, tennis courts and two swimming pools. It truly is a beautiful hotel and a must-see, but you might not want to go back to your hotel after visiting the Emirates Palace.

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