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Business Class Flights to Dubai

Dubai is one of the most popular cities in the United Arab Emirates, located in the southeast coast of the Persian Gulf. Dubai’s’ rapid growth in recent years has made it one of the world’s most popular tourist attractions, and for good reason. Dubai is full of culture, history, and beautiful architecture. The city is also home to the largest mall and skyscraper in the world, and has many other man-made wonders. There are over 2 million people in Dubai spread over hundreds of nationalities;Dubai is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world and a beautiful place to do business.

Arriving at Dubai International Airport

Dubai International Airport (DXB) is the main airport serving Dubai. DXB receives most of the flights and is the busiest airport in the UAE. When you land, there will be a few options for transportation to the hotel, but most business travelers will use a taxi or car service to reach their final destination. Outside of the airport, there will be two different options for a taxi, which include a limousine and a standard metered taxi.

Visa and Passports in Dubai

You will need the proper documentation to enter the United Arab Emirates, including valid passport that doesn’t expire while on your business trip.You may not need a visa. However, before traveling to Dubai, make sure your country is one of the eligible countries for visas, as not every country is entitled to a 30-day visa. If your country does qualify, you’ll be given a free 30-day visa at immigration, and if you plan on staying in Dubai longer than 30 days, a 30-day extension may be granted for a fee.

Money in Dubai

The currency in the UAE is called Dirhams, and is divided into 100 fils. A great place to get your money exchanged is at the airport; however, sometimes better exchange rates are available at the mall, so it may be beneficial to only exchange enough money to hold you over until you can get to a mall.

Use popular websites like Yahoo’s Currencies Center to get the correct conversion rates before landing in Dubai.

Doing Business in Dubai

The United Arab Emirates has a very modern business structure. If you are from a western business culture, the infrastructure will feel familiar, with luxurious office space in high-rise buildings and well-established business logistics.

Business meetings can be somewhat frustrating in Dubai as it’s very common for interruptions to occur on a frequent basis, or for meeting plans to be changed completely. Unlike western business culture, meetings in the UAE will likely lack structure and a formal agenda. If you can set up the meeting place or control where the meeting is going to be (like your hotel), you may be able to minimize interruptions and have a more productive meeting.

Here are a few other tips for doing business in Dubai.

  • The first thing to consider is whom you’ll be working with. Some businesses in Dubai arefamily-run businesses. And others are run by non-locals; you’ll want to think about who you’re working with and prepare accordingly. 
  • The business language is often English, but having a translator or being able to speak a few words in Arabic can go along away as far as rapport-building.
  • Arrive to your meetings on time, but know that business meetings in Dubai often start late and are interrupted due to phone calls and personal matters. Don’t take this personally; it’s just how business is conducted in Dubai.
  • Often, you’ll have to meet with subordinates before meeting with a decision-maker, treat them with the same respect you would a senior member. Often, the business is family run, and the junior member will be a son or brother of a senior member.

3 Things to Do and See in Dubai

The Dubai Mall

The DubaiMall is the world’s biggest mall, with over 1,200 shops and a must-visit place if you want to head to do some shopping. The DubaiMall is much more than a mall, with an Olympic-size skating rink, indoor theme ,and even an aquarium.


From the world’s biggest mall to the world’s tallest building, if you can’t tell, Dubai is about extravagance and doing things very big. BurjKhalifa is a 2,722ft. skyscraper in the downtown area of Dubai near Dubai’s main business district. If you’ll be doing business downtown, head over to the BurjKhalifa and get a view of Dubai that is breathtaking.

Dubai Fountain

After visiting the BuriKhalifa, check out the Dubai Fountain at the bottom of the skyscraper. The fountain shoots water as high as 500 feet and is choreographed to music. If you have time, and want to enjoy the entertainment a little more,for a nominal fee, catch a boat ride at night and watch the water show as you relax on the water.

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