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Discount Business Tickets: Focus on American

Not all airline business class sections are created equal. Lets say you’re on the hunt for discount business tickets, which airline should you pursue with dogged determination?

American Airlines seems to be a favorite, and with their new business class designs, your discount business ticket will feel like you’ve won the lottery.

American now offers lie flat seats, all with isle access. In fact, the new compartments are designed for privacy and comfort. Finally, the $2,000 or more dollars you could spend on business class tickets, may finally be worth it. But we don’t believe in parting with our hard-earned cash when we can travel in style with discount business ticket.

Americans business class compartments offer private storage space, travel kits, private monitors, and exceptional meal service. Really, there’s nothing not to love about American’s business class, except the price tag. It just so happens, however, that American does offer continental K-Up and Y-Up discount business tickets, but you have to work for them.

Call American Airlines directly and ask about their UP fares. There’s nothing sweeter than traveling business class with a discount business ticket. Bon voyage!