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Any veteran of the skies knows that there are tricks for getting those discount first class seats and cheap business class tickets. But to get the really good first class deals and cheap business class tickets, every local news agency has been reporting that you have to buy 54 days in advance. However, this is not always the case, as that number varies whether you’re flying domestic business class or international first class.

Whether you’re looking for cheap business class flights to Asia or discount international first class to Europe, the best deals are found when you know who to book your flights through. If you’re looking at business class to Europe, you can find your best flight deals at approximately 151 days out. For business class to London and first class to Frankfurt, aim for at least a five month window before your takeoff.

It can be difficult when you don’t know where to look to find deeply discounted business class seats or first class fares. Thankfully there are a few truly reputable sites for dealing in first class deals and cheap business class flights. CheapBIZClass is one of those reputable companies. With long-term relationships with airlines, we are able to get discounts offered to our customers that you won’t find elsewhere. For a flight in luxury, fly CheapBIZClass.

Cheap Business Class


Travelling should always be an adventure. A chance to get away from your desk, get out of the office, and out into the wide open world is something most people spend months waiting to do. However, regardless of what class cabin you decide to fly in, the very process of booking your flight can add untold stress to your trip. At CheapBIZClass, we know that isn’t the way flying business or first class should be.

It’s time to stop worrying about your budget and start enjoying your journey. Deals for cheap business class flight are found everyday on When it comes to flying business class and first class, a luxurious and relaxing flight should never put an undue burden on your pocketbook or your mind. With online booking agencies, even specialized last minute first class tickets are going to come at a discount when an established relationship with the airlines is present.

Top customer service means that just a click away, your next vacation or business trip is waiting for you. With cheap first class fares and discount business class fares, there’s never been a better way to explore the friendly skies. Let your journey be the destination; let the supreme comfort of business class and first class sweep you off your feet. Contact us today to see how much you can save.

Discount One Way First Class


There’s no shortage of testimonials, both personal and professional, about the excellent service and experiences that can be found via flying first class and flying business class. Many people don’t even look into first class tickets out of fear that they will have to pay an arm and a leg for a seat. However, there’s nothing holding you back from best deals business class fares with our cheap business class flight.

When you travel, it should be more than just a means to an end. While so many choose their travel itinerary merely out of convenience, this method of traveling can overlook the joy of the journey itself. With cheap business class airfare and the best deals business class tickets, the flight itself can be an experience worth remembering.

But it’s not just our best deals business class that people utilize for their memory-making travel. CheapBIZClass also offers the most flexible airline and flight choices for those who want to take advantage of discount first class tickets. For instance, we offer our clients the luxury of first class, premium travel with special accommodations for last minute first class and one way first class cheap tickets.

Best Fare Business Class Flights


There are a lot of companies out there that portend to offer the best fare business class tickets to travelers, but very few have the consistency, customer service, and level of savings offered by CheapBIZClass. Finding discount business class flights can get even more difficult for complex itineraries such as one-way, round-the-world, or last minute business class deals. Our thoroughbred professionals have spent years developing airline relationships, learning every trick in the industry, and developing an unstoppable reputation for the best business class flights and cheap business class airfare.

However, for those who feel that business class is simply not luxurious enough, CheapBIZClass has the answer. Those who are looking for similarly incredible deals on last minute first class or just general cheap first class fares need to look no further. Utilizing the same reputation, expertise, and relationships that consistently get our customers the best possible business class deals, we at CheapBIZClass can find discount first class tickets at prices that you simply can’t find elsewhere.

Flying Business Class to Seoul


Save on business class flights to Seoul, Korea, with CheapBIZClass’s deals via all major airlines. South Korea is a world-class country, filled with incredible cultural opportunities. Further, Seoul is one of the top financial epicenters in East Asia, sporting headquarters for numerous internationally-renowned financial and manufacturing corporations such as Samsung, LG, and Hyundai. Seoul is also the second largest urban area on the planet, second only to the Greater Tokyo area. For these reasons and more, Seoul, South Korea is a top destination for business services and even cheap business class airfares to Seoul Korea.

At CheapBIZClass, we specialize in finding the best possible deals on business class tickets, through a number of international airlines, such as Singapore Airlines, Delta Air Lines, British Airways, Qatar Airways, Qantas, Air France, Korean Air, and United Airlines. United Airlines, specifically, hosts an array of direct flights to every inhabited continent, including discount direct flights to Seoul, Korea.