Last Minute Business Class to Fiji


With the cold winter months quickly approaching, it’s time to start thinking about your last minute business class summer getaway to Fiji or Vanuatu. The warm, fluffy beaches, tropical gardens, and first class resorts will ensure you forget all about the dreary, cold weather back home. Thankfully, getting there will be a breeze as well, with first class seats or business class flights to these amazing ecological destinations.

Vanuatu is an archipelago that contains a whopping 80 islands, all rich with Indonesian hospitality and elegant tropical experiences. Even in this perfect landscape, there is a resort that outshines the others: Ratua Island. The outstanding eco-resort features luscious, sustainable seafood and produce, horseback riding, yacht sailing, diving, and even archery for the adventurous types. A day of cocktails on the pristine sandy beaches will leave you without a care in the world.

Fiji’s exclusive Turtle Island Resort allows room for only 28 people to optimize superior service. Your own ocean-front bungalow will be your retreat here. A top-rated spa with views of the Blue Lagoon is enough to melt even the most tense city-slicker. Or, enjoy a rich lobster dinner with sparkling champagne. Whatever your interests, Vanuatu and Fiji are waiting for you after your soothing and comfortable first class flight or business class fares.

Cheap Business Class to Amsterdam

beautiful Amsterdam , canals in downtown

Amsterdam is a city of vast curiosities and cultures. Here, tourists from all corners of the globe come to see a rich history mingle with famously liberal politics and a heady art scene. As a traveler, you haven’t seen Europe until wandered the cobble-stone streets and bicycled past the canals of beautiful Amsterdam.

Thankfully, with CheapBIZClass, our specialty is getting you the discount business class airline tickets you’re looking for. Specifically, for those planning a trip to this historic city, you can find cheap discounted airline fares to Amsterdam and enjoy the journey along the way. When you’re looking to book a ticket with CheapBIZClass, we are more than happy to help.

Amsterdam is rich with historic brownstone buildings and quaint architecture. For a quick warm cup of coffee, dip into any of countless Dutch cafes. Following that, a streetcar falafel will fill you up as you take in the unique sights down any number of artsy alleyways. If you’re ready to book a flight and enjoy discount business class tickets to Amsterdam, look no further than

Business Class to La Tres Chic French Riviera


CheapBIZClass wants to send you on a truly decadent journey to the French Riviera for a late summer retreat. Our last minute business deals will get you out of your world for a few days and into the South of France where you can play in the Côte d’Azur before winter descends. Our incredible late summer deals on luxurious first class seats will take you to St. Tropez, Cannes, Antibes, Cap Ferrat, and Nice.

Indulge in hors d’oeuvres as the sun sets on the Mediterranean. Take advantage of the numerous Michelin-rated restaurants and superb cuisine of the La Scena, Collette, Les Pecheurs, or Le Moulin de Mougins. Sip world-renown wines and cocktails at some of the most beautiful views in the world.

Relax into the incredible pampering that a luxury resort or hotel in the Riviera can offer you. Find a cozy bed and breakfast in a quiet, quaint coastal village. Get your way into the Hotel du Cap-Eden Roc where reservations can only be had at the request of regular guests.

Let loose in ultra-chic nightclubs like the Les Caves du Roy or Le Baoli. Visit a coastal casino and play your odds. Shop for luxury clothing and couture jewelry at the Promenade in Cannes. Swing a round of gold at the Le Prince de Provence.

Whatever you do, enjoy these incredible sites by saving big on air travel. Our last minute first class flights and last minute discounted first class seats will leave you with enough in your budget to explore all of the excitement and beauty that the French Riviera has to offer.

Discount First Class to Frankfurt


Frankfurt, Germany is an international destination that positively oozes new-world-meets-old-world charm. While the city is impressively lavished with major banking and economic institutions, the city is also offers its visitors and locals an amazing local art scene, as well as an array of historical and contemporary destinations. This is why, for a city so rich in business, culture, and art, to enjoy it to the fullest you simply must arrive in style.

CheapBIZClass offers first class discounted to Frankfurt, Germany, as well as discounted business class tickets to Frankfurt. The ability to arrive to such a thriving city already relaxed and at ease means you have the energy to explore the city’s many museums, for instance. The Frankfurt History Museum and Museum of Modern Art allows for the full absorption of the Frankfurt’s incredibly rich history and both antique as well as contemporary art scene.

A visit to Old town will send you back to a simpler time while a casual stroll along the Main River allows for quiet contemplation. And no visit to Frankfurt, Germany is complete without a a view of the spectacular glass facades in the Main Tower. So don’t waste your time and money on cheap discounted airlines to Frankfurt. Fly direct, fly cheaply, and fly in the utmost comfort and luxury, with

Cheap Business Class to New Zealand and Australia


New Zealand and Australia are two different countries connected by geography, weather, and tremendous physical beauty. While popular with business travelers, these two countries are also incredibly popular with those traveling for pleasure to various beautiful islands in Polynesia. For the best deals on cheap last minute business class to Australia and New Zealand, we are here to help.

Australia and New Zealand offer countless incredibly beautiful natural adventures, from New Zealand’s Forsyth Island to Australia’s Lizard Island. Both Australia and New Zealand offer unbelievable long days on the extensive coastal beaches, as well as afternoons on yachts and seaplane tours over bay views. Helicopter rides and endless hiking give even the most adventurous travelers a thrilling journey.

CheapBIZClass specializes in discount first class to Auckland, New Zealand. Reduced first class to Australia and New Zealand mean you don’t have to sacrifice the most visually stunning adventures in the Land Down Under for a luxurious and classy flight across the world. Business class seats and first class seats give travelers the most comfortable trip across the ocean for those seeking refuge and relaxation in New Zealand and Australia.