4 Common Myths About Getting The Cheapest Airline Tickets

Have you ever wondered when the best time to book an airline tickets is? Have you heard that waiting until the last minute is the best way to get a cheap ticket? As a business traveler, your schedule may be a little unpredictable. Sometimes, you may have a couple months to prepare for a meeting and an international flight. Other times, you may need to book a last minute flight with little notice. Have you found that last minute deals are cheaper?  That’s what some travel experts say.  Well, in this article, we want to bust some of the most common (and persistent) myths for booking cheap flights:

Wait until the last minute to buy your airline ticket

Airlines want to get rid of those last minute flights and you could practically fly for free, if you just wait until the last minute. Have you ever heard that?  What has been your experience? While it’s true that sometimes you may find a great last minute deal, on other occasions you may find just the opposite.  This last minute deal trick is just a myth. Sorry. In fact, you may miss out on a flight or pay a higher rate if the rates take the high road.  Most of the time you’ll find that booking your flight in advance is the best way to go to get the best rates.  Unfortunately, business travelers don’t always have the luxury of planning ahead, so a last minute flight is the only option. We know.  We just want to make the point that it is not a good idea to wait–on purpose – and delay booking your flight for the hopes of a last minute price drop.

Buy your airline tickets just after midnight on Tuesdays

This is one of our favorite myths. Wait until Tuesday to buy your ticket. More specifically you should wait until just after midnight on Tuesday to book your flight – that’s when the magic happens – and the rates drop.  Yes, you may find a great deal on Tuesday, but you may also find a great deal on Thursday, Friday, Saturday or any other day of the week.  In fact, a recent study by the Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization found that flights booked on the weekend were actually 5% less than those booked during the week day. So you can go to bed early, because staying up late on Tuesday isn’t going to get you any special discounts.

This research also helps to bust our next myth.

Airlines raise prices for weekend departures

Well we’ve already busted this myth with the study done by the Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization. It’s just not true that airlines wait for the weekend to hike up rates. The logic is weekend flight are more desirable, and as a result of the demand, the airlines raise the prices. Not true, what is more factual is prices may change up to three time a day.  As for the myth, Saturday and Sunday aren’t more privy to price fluctuations than any other day of the week.  What is more likely to happen? The seats on flights for the more desirable days are more likely to be purchased and booked earlier.  Another reason to not wait until the last minute, if you don’t have to.

What should you do to get the best deals on business class travel?

We all want the best deals on flights, and as a result we’re a little vulnerable for the secrets. Unfortunately, most of the things you’ve read or heard about getting cheap air travel are just urban legends.  Most of the time, your best bet will be to book your flight 4 to 6 weeks before your departure.  Of course, you’ll be able to find deals before and after that, but there isn’t a golden time to get rock-bottom prices. We know planning ahead is not always an option (especially for our business travelers,) but if it is, book your flight. Don’t wait for the magic price drop. .

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What Do Airline Passengers Really Want – Besides Discounted Airfare?

For some, flying is a fun and exciting experience, but for others it’s a necessary evil. The airlines know airline passengers like you want cheap flights. Who doesn’t? The real issues they need to address go far beyond the initial price of a ticket. Airline reputations have been damaged in recent years, but there are some things they can do to gain back our future business and fill their flights.

The Great Non-Stop Flight

If your plans require a short stay or are simply focused on one destination, you don’t want to have to worry about layovers. No one wants to carry the stress of missing their connecting flight and plotting the quickest route out of the plane and through the terminal. Increasing availability of non-stop flights to popular, and even some second-rate, locations, are what airline passengers really want.

Luggage Charges

Nickel and diming is becoming common practice. It’s also something that is killing the airline industry. You want to fly with airlines that understand that you’re going to need clothes when you get to your destination. Sitting on a carry-on to squeeze that last shirt in is not a way to say, “We appreciate your business.” Passengers want an airline that can respect them enough to let them have one piece of checked luggage, free of charge.

Frequent Flier Benefits

When you travel on a regular basis, you want to know that your airline loyalty is appreciated and rewarded appropriately. By offering passengers a consistent frequent flier package that includes benefits such as bonus miles and discounts for hotels, car rentals, and events, airlines can keep us coming back for more.


Not all of us live by major airline hubs. By offering connecting service at these locations, passengers can be assured the opportunity to get to their destination. When non-stop flights aren’t an option, it helps to offer service to major hubs.

Business Class Availability

Nothing kills a flight more than having limited legroom or the inability to do work in comfort. By making sure business class seating is available and serves the needs of the business traveler by offering several amenities, it can help capture future business. Providing free WiFi, ample room to maneuver, entertainment, and other perks like upgraded food would go a long way to satisfying passengers.

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TSA Pre✓™ (Pre Check) Program

Good news for travelers! If you are a frequent flyer on any of the following nine airlines, you may be eligible for the TSA Pre Check Program, which allows you a much faster security screening and a lot less hassle:

  • Alaska Airlines
  • American Airlines
  • Delta
  • Hawaiian Airlines
  • JetBlue
  • Southwest
  • United
  • US Airways
  • Virgin America

To start taking advantage of this unique program, you must submit an application along with a non-refundable $85.00 fee and certain documents confirming your identity. To be eligible, you must be a U.S. Citizen or lawful permanent U.S. resident who has not been convicted of any of the crimes specified on the eligibility requirements. If approved, you will receive a Known Traveler Number, or KTN, which you can then use whenever you book a flight reservation. If you belong to a frequent flyer program for any of the participating airlines, you may enter the KTN into the designated field so it can be saved there for future use. The KTN is valid for five years.

Your boarding pass will indicate that you are a Pre Check qualified traveler and you may go directly to the Pre Check line. Some airports, however, do not yet have such a line, in which case you would proceed through normal security. Currently, over one hundred airports are participating in the Pre Check program.

The perks of this program is that it allows you to bypass some of the lengthy screening procedures. For example, you will not have to take off your shoes, belt, jewelry, sweatshirt or light jacket. You will also be allowed to keep your laptop and liquids in your bag while other travelers have to spend valuable extra minutes extracting those items from their bags and then putting them all back in.

Business travelers are ideal candidates for the TSA Pre Check Program because they tend to take more frequent trips. Participating in the Pre Check Program allows them to be more confident that they will make their flight on time. It also allows them to more efficiently use the time they would otherwise be spending on taking off and then putting back on various items of clothing and accessories. Over time, businessmen and women who travel often for work can end up saving hours of screening time with the Pre Check Program. It will make for a much more pleasant travel experience.

Keep in mind, however, that Pre Check availability and hours of operation may vary based on flight schedules or other factors affecting airline procedures. Always check ahead of time so that you know what to expect and can plan accordingly.

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Factors that Affect the Price of Air Tickets

Sometimes it’s hard for travelers to find the best airfare, even after hours of shopping around. The truth is that airline prices vary based on a wide variety of factors that are tough to pin down, and this makes it hard to find the best deals. Here are some of the most common factors affecting airline prices.

Price of Oil

The price of oil has a major effect on airline ticket prices. Since long haul flights can consume tons of oil, even a small rise in the price of fuel can cause airline tickets to skyrocket.

Flight Distance

The flight distance does play a role in the price of the flight. Longer flights consume more resources, and they require airlines to give flight attendants and pilots a bigger compensation package. However, flight distance may not be as important as you think. Airline prices are often more affected by another factor: the popularity of airport routes.

Route Choice

The route has a large effect on price. Sometimes, it can be more expensive to fly a shorter distance. Other times, it could be better to take a detour to a second holiday destination rather than book a through flight to your final destination. When flights are more popular, the pricing goes down because it’s likely that the airplane will be full.


To some extent, airlines must price their flights based on what other airlines are doing. With many types of software online designed to compare prices across all airlines, companies need to price low to remain competitive.

Purchase Timing

It’s said that the best time to book a ticket is 7 weeks before departure. At this time, airlines haven’t begun to raise fares because the tickets aren’t beginning to sell out yet. In reality, timing is much more complicated and dependent tn the other factors in this article.

Flight Time

Early and late flights often give a big discount. This is because airlines pay less for these takeoff slots because they are less desirable.

Airport fees & taxes

Each country and each airport has its own taxes and fees. Depending on the place that you’re flying to, you may have to add on a lot of money simply for the mandatory fees.

In short, there are plenty of factors that can affect airline prices. Finding a good airfare can be made easier with a great travel company. Buying your ticket from CheapBIZClass, you won’t have to worry about shopping around for the best airfare; you’ll get a great deal every time.