Maximize The Value Of Your Frequent Flyer Miles

Redeem Your Miles Now to Book A Business Class Flight To Your Next Travel Destination

Do you have unused frequent flyer miles? Here’s some great news you can use:

CheapBIZClass can help you use those frequent flyer miles to book your business class flight, whether for leisure or business. And we can help you purchase additional miles if you are short of the points you need to book a flight.The double benefit to you is that since we are a low-price luxury air travel agency, our deeply discounted prices will deliver more value for the points you do redeem. Using your miles with CheapBIZClass is a great way to save big and still experience the luxury of business class.

We Help You Navigate Around Points-Travel Restrictions

If you’ve ever tried to redeem your frequent flyer miles, you already know how difficult it can be to secure a reasonable flight. If you don’t book your flight 6 to 8 months ahead, you may never get a decent time, route or flight. In fact, many people find they need to plan a year ahead to get some action on those miles, but how many times have you planned an entire year ahead for a flight?

Most airlines have so many restrictions and blackout dates, it’s possible to accumulate miles and never get to use them at all. And in most cases, there’s not much you can do about it.

Our Travel Experts Will Put ALL Your Miles To Your Good Use

Let our travel experts find the best business class flights and book them for you.

Don’t worry about airline restrictions, blackout dates or sitting on the phone for hours with an airline agent, trying to find a flight that’s not 12 months in the distance. Don’t worry about dealing with the airlines at all, at least not until you’re leaning back in your cozy business class seat.

Our travel experts will handle the entire process for you. Just let us know where and when you want to go and we’ll find the best and most affordable flight available. It really is that easy, here’s exactly how it works:

1. Call and speak to a Travel Insider, who has the experience and industry relationships to get results.
2. Tell us your desired flight details and we’ll get to work finding the best deal possible for you.
3. Upon your approval we’ll book the best low-cost flight using your frequent flyer miles.

Whoops…Don’t Have Enough Miles?

If you are short of the miles you need for your planned travel, CheapBIZClass can purchase just the points you need.And unlike regular flyers, we have no limit or restriction on the number of miles we can purchase on your behalf. Simple and easy; we can then move on to booking you the best, low-cost flight, while allowing you to focus on your travel plans.

Call CheapBIZClass And Save Big On Business Class Flights

We pride ourselves in squeezing the most value out of every dollar you spend and every mile you redeem. Our greatest satisfaction is when you say, “Bon Voyage!”

Give us a call at 1-888-496-0747 and speak with one of our travel specialists about redeeming your miles for a business class seat. Let our years of travel industry experience and insider relationships go to work for you.