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Living It Up in Tokyo, Japan

Whether you’re planning a last minute business class getaway to Tokyo or you’re planning a later first class vacation, there is certainly no shortage of outstanding hotels to stay in and party at. Tokyo is known for its modern, international cosmopolitan offerings, and you’ll find this doubly the case at...Read More »

Get Away On First Class to The Republic of Georgia

Whether you’re a vintner yourself or just a lover of fine wine and luxury living, the Republic of Georgia should be on your list for exotic and rich getaways in 2016. With a wide array of cultures and historical destinations, the Republic of Georgia is an intoxicating getaway just waiting...Read More »

Last Minute New Year's Eve Getaways

Those looking to celebrate their New Year’s Eve in an exciting new destination need look no further than CheapBIZClass for incredible last minute discount business class tickets and first class seats. With specials to some of the most exciting city-wide New Year’s Eve parties across the world, you can be...Read More »

Exploring Borneo in Business Class

Borneo is an island of unparalleled beauty and natural wilderness. Those seeking the wild expanses of nature will find many incredible areas to become inspired. And no destination in Borneo is more breathtaking and wild than the Malaysian state of Sabah.

Teeming with pygmy elephants, clouded leopards, orangutans, rhinos, and...Read More »

The New Wild West: First Class and Ranch Luxury

Dreaming of ranch life may bring to mind the wild expanses of Montana and Wyoming, but there are so many more international locations where you can indulge in for wild country living, horseback riding, and luxury log cabin living. For those seeking out a getaway where days include adventurous conquering...Read More »

Explore Central Asia In First Class

2016 is set to be a banner year across Central Asia for those who are looking to explore the rich cultural heritage of the area while also enjoying the finer things in life. The past few years has seen a significant boost in UNESCO funding and efforts to turn countless...Read More »

Why All First Classes Aren't The Same

Airbus Business Class

First class has long been seen as the ultimate luxury in air travel, where customers will be lavished with free champagne, ergonomic seats, and the best in-flight entertainment options. Thankfully, this is largely true. However, for some fliers aboard certain airlines, first class may end up looking drastically different than...Read More »

Tour The Highlights of Kyushu, Japan

The metropolises of Japan have long been top destinations for those seeking out the modern, chic, and exotic. Cities like Tokyo hold all manners of cutting-edge technology and cosmopolitan delights. However, more naturally beautiful and simplistically elegant areas of Japan still offer modern comforts in a historical setting. Kyushu, Japan...Read More »

Outstanding First Class Holidays In India

This January 2016, travelling the lands of India will be endlessly luxurious with the launching of the new all-suite cruise ship by Uniworld. The Ganges Voyager II is set to allow travelers the opportunity to see some of India’s most exotic and beautiful destinations without sacrificing their first class expectations...Read More »

Oman Air's Business Class Lounge

Oman Air’s Business Class lounge at Muscat International Airport has once again garnered a lofty international award. First opening in January of 2011, the lounge has received numerous accolades for its elegant design and luxurious amenities. Paul Gregorowitsch, CEO of Oman Air, said, “[To] be listed as the best airport...Read More »

First Class Living in Adelaide, Australia

Adelaide is a cultural mecca in Australia. The city provides endless recreation, cultural locations, and festivals for those looking for a fun and enriching outing. For those looking to get away to the cosmopolitan, yet relatively quiet, city, Adelaide is a beautiful destination reachable by CheapBIZClass’s discounted business class flights...Read More »

Children in First Class: Creating a Family Zone

One of the most common complaints filed with airlines and flight attendants is related to children and families in first and business class. When customers are spending thousands of dollars for a luxurious long-haul flight, the last thing that they want to hear is a screaming child seated nearby. Airlines...Read More »

First Class Christmas Getaways in Europe

With the holidays upon us, it’s time to start thinking about where to spend them. Thankfully, whether you prefer flying cheap business class or discounted first class, you can enjoy a luxury flight to Europe for the holidays for next to nothing. And in Strasbourg, France, a little place called...Read More »

Malaysia Airlines Rolls Out New Business Class

Malaysia Airlines is set to release its new business class cabins aboard the airline’s A330-300 aircrafts. The new line will fly from Australia to Malaysia, providing plenty of competition to other top business cabins such as Emirates, Singapore Airlines, Cathay Pacific, and Qantas.

Unveiled in London this week at the...Read More »

Your Guide to First Class Golfing Getaways

The international golfing circuit covers nearly every continent and country imaginable. Thankfully, there are a number of ways to reach these incredible destinations with countless business class deals and first class steals. From far-off China to Europe and the comparatively-close Canada, we at CheapBIZClass have chosen just a few of...Read More »

Flying International First Class

With so many improvements and upgrades being made to the already over-the-top high-end first class, it can be hard to decide which airline to take. Lucky for you, we at are well-versed in the finer things in life, and are happy to help you get acquainted with all of...Read More »

Living First Class in Auckland, New Zealand

New Zealand has long been considered one of the friendliest and most strikingly beautiful countries in the world. For those looking for natural adventures, both the North and South Islands of New Zealand offer amazing rafting, cave exploration, helicopter rides, hiking, and horseback riding. However, New Zealand isn’t all rugged...Read More »

Luxury First Class Airlines

At, we obviously like to highlight the finer things in life. This includes shining a spotlight on some of the best first-class cabins at top international airlines from across the world. With first class seats being bumped into more and more chic territory, some of the top first class...Read More »

Three of the Best First Class Cabins


Are you planning a trip soon? Are you excited for the destination, or the flight? If you said you’re excited for the flight, and you’re flying domestic or international first class, don’t worry – we’re excited for you, too. Splurging on a first-class cabin for your upcoming 20-hour fight isn’t...Read More »

Last Minute Business Class to Fiji

With the cold winter months quickly approaching, it’s time to start thinking about your last minute business class summer getaway to Fiji or Vanuatu. The warm, fluffy beaches, tropical gardens, and first class resorts will ensure you forget all about the dreary, cold weather back home. Thankfully, getting there will...Read More »

First Class Fixings in the LAX Star Alliance Lounge

Those who travel in business or first class frequently, whether for business or pleasure, know the benefits of the Star Alliance network. Chiefly, the Star Alliance airport lounges across the world are known for their comfort, quietude, and luxury services. Los Angeles’s new LAX Star Alliance first class lounge is...Read More »

Special Business Class to Brisbane


With the upcoming colder months quickly approaching, Brisbane, Queensland is a perfect destination for the warm getaway that everyone needs. With a burgeoning business district and a population of 2 million people, it is by no means a small town. With a strong public transit system, it is also an...Read More »

United Airlines' New Domestic First Class

Despite turbulence over a lack of leadership following the resignation of former CEO Jeff Smisek, United Airlines is unveiling a sharp new first class cabin for its domestic narrow-body set of aircraft. The designs were created with the British design firm, PriestmanGoode, which is also working with United on a...Read More »

Sailing and Flying the High Life in First Class

Find yourself aboard a superyacht out on the open sea and truly embrace the life of the rich and famous. The elite of the world don’t settle for mediocre lodging and entertainment when they know they can feel the ocean breeze in their hair and the sun on their cheeks...Read More »

Etihad Airways Unveils A380 First Class Cabins

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to meet the newest feat of luxury from the Emirates. Etihad Airways has unveiled its new Residence and First Apartment cabins on their new Airbus A380 airplane. Working with Chapman Freeborn, a specialist in global aircraft-charters, the new First Apartment and Residence are unquestionably the...Read More »

Discount First Class to Abu Dhabi

Find yourself in the ultimate lap of luxury at some if the world’s most impressive five-star destinations. Abu Dhabi is a powerhouse of rich and influential people, besides being a star-class cosmopolitan getaway. To begin your trip to this incredible desert paradise, you simply must start out with a luxury,...Read More »

Qantas' New Lounge Another Reason To Fly Business Class

Qantas Airlines Limited has opened its newest swanky airport lounge in Perth Domestic Airport, Australia. The lounge is already being called the new benchmark for all airport lunges in Australia. Boasting specific zones dedicated to dining, rest, and work, the lounge is capable of hosting 350 business class travelers.

The pizza...Read More »

Lufthansa Adopts Last-Minute Business Upgrades

Utilizing both their Miles & More program as well as cash upgrade options, Lufthansa is joining the likes of Air France and British Airways with their new option to upgrade to business and first class for cheap. For last-minute business class flights to Germany or other European destinations, you’ll be...Read More »

Cheap First Class Deals to Luxury Beaches


Autumn is upon us, and that means the cold frost of winter is not far behind. There’s no reason, however, to give in to the dry skin and chill of winter just yet. With our incredible deals on discount first class tickets to some of the finest beaches in the...Read More »

It's Time to Fly Smart - Here's How


Safe travel tips are always important when you’re travelling internationally. Any time you leave your local neighborhood, whether flying business class or first class, you can always run into a situation that you just weren’t prepared for. That’s why you have CheapBIZClass – your one-stop-shop for unbelievable deals on first...Read More »

Discount First Class to Seoul

Seoul, South Korea is an unquestionable beautiful city. With a perfect mix of modern urbanity and classic history, there truly is something for everyone in this international first class city. Whether traveling for business or pleasure, Seoul is certain to become one of your favorite cities in the world.

With discount...Read More »

Savvy International Travel


International travel is a luxury few can afford unless they know what they’re looking for and how to get it. For this reason, so many travelers are overwhelmed by planning a trip and find themselves stressed out by the process. For those in the know, however, international travel can be...Read More »

Enjoy Your Flight With 3 Easy Tricks


Flying internationally, whether first class or business class, can be an incredible experience with the right airline and perks. However, even when flying an incredible airline in a top business class or first class seat, overall restrictions and rules for flying can still be a frustration for many travelers. Here...Read More »

Flying Business Class to Singapore

Singapore: a world-class city-state with a plethora of unbelievable resorts and hotels. Of course it has incredible hotels, art, and culture; it has an estimated 157,000 millionaires and 22 billionaires that require only the finest in upscale experiences. When you save on business class tickets to Singapore, you can afford...Read More »

British Airways Overhauls Business Class Loyalty Program


The flagship carrier out of the United Kingdom, British Airways, is completely overhauling its business class loyalty program, called On Business. The loyalty program is a popular one with businesses of all sizes and offers a tiered ranking system to increase the reward earning potential of their customers.

While most business...Read More »

Cheap Business Class to Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a city of vast curiosities and cultures. Here, tourists from all corners of the globe come to see a rich history mingle with famously liberal politics and a heady art scene. As a traveler, you haven’t seen Europe until wandered the cobble-stone streets and bicycled past the canals...Read More »

British Airways' New Dreamliner First Class

The end of September will be bringing a load of luxury to those flying first class on British Airways. The new ultra-elegant, super exclusive seating will be featured on the airline’s new Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners. With flights starting to Delhi, Abu Dhabi, and Muscat, there’s plenty of opportunities to experience...Read More »

Booking Cheap Business and First Class Fares

Airbus Business Class

Any veteran of the skies knows that there are tricks for getting those discount first class seats and cheap business class tickets. But to get the really good first class deals and cheap business class tickets, every local news agency has been reporting that you have to buy 54 days...Read More »

Business Class to La Tres Chic French Riviera

CheapBIZClass wants to send you on a truly decadent journey to the French Riviera for a late summer retreat. Our last minute business deals will get you out of your world for a few days and into the South of France where you can play in the Côte d’Azur before...Read More »

Korean Air, Asiana Differ In First Class Approach

South Korea’s two largest international airlines are both making changes to their first class cabins, and it’s anyone’s guess which will have more success for the companies in the long run. While so many airlines across the globe are pushing for an increasingly luxurious and sleek experience for their passengers,...Read More »

Discount First Class to Frankfurt


Frankfurt, Germany is an international destination that positively oozes new-world-meets-old-world charm. While the city is impressively lavished with major banking and economic institutions, the city is also offers its visitors and locals an amazing local art scene, as well as an array of historical and contemporary destinations. This is why,...Read More »

4 Tricks for a Smoother Flight


Flying business class or first class comes with its own array of superb perks and amenities. But few people feel that they have much control over their travel experience off the plane, or that airlines even have much interaction with their customers. Thankfully, this isn’t true. There are a lot...Read More »

Cheap Business Class


Travelling should always be an adventure. A chance to get away from your desk, get out of the office, and out into the wide open world is something most people spend months waiting to do. However, regardless of what class cabin you decide to fly in, the very process of...Read More »

The Elusive Swiss Business Class "Throne"

Swiss International Air Lines AG has a very special and highly sought-after seat found in the business class of the airline’s Airbus A330 and A340 jets and is set to be found on the new Boeing 777-300ER aircraft as well. These business class cabins feature a highly unique seating arrangement,...Read More »

Saving on Last Minute First Class


Business class and first class air travel is a perfect way to relax before jumping head-first into a new lifestyle or culture. Top international destinations like Abu Dhabi, Sri Lanka, Seoul, Tokyo, London, and New Delhi offer travelers a unparalleled glimpse into another world while also offering enough cosmopolitan comforts...Read More »

Two of the Best Business and First Class Cabins


Flying the friendly skies is getting a whole lot friendlier these days. With international and domestic first class and business class flights at nearly record highs, it’s no wonder that some of the top international airlines are investing millions into complete renovations of their business class and first class cabins....Read More »

Cheap Business Class to New Zealand and Australia

New Zealand and Australia are two different countries connected by geography, weather, and tremendous physical beauty. While popular with business travelers, these two countries are also incredibly popular with those traveling for pleasure to various beautiful islands in Polynesia. For the best deals on cheap last minute business class to...Read More »

Leading Business and First Class


International business class and first class flights are up in every major poll conducted over the past few years. The uptick is not simply due to an overall increase in air traffic; leading international airlines are upping the ante on what’s expected in the first class and business class flight...Read More »

Discount First Class to London


As one of the leading cities for international business class and international first class travel, there are countless airlines and flights to be found to this incredible locale. Considered one of the top capital cities of the Western world, London is a city of astonishing history and culture. Topping international...Read More »

Sneak Peak at Virgin Australia's New Business Class

Virgin Australia has unveiled its new business class cabin on Monday, which boasts a modern luxurious design and the most generous business class seat on the market. Virgin Australia’s chief executive John Borghetti said the new business class “sets a new standard in domestic business class around the world,” and...Read More »

Discount One Way First Class


There’s no shortage of testimonials, both personal and professional, about the excellent service and experiences that can be found via flying first class and flying business class. Many people don’t even look into first class tickets out of fear that they will have to pay an arm and a leg...Read More »

Top First and Business Class Airline Seats


First and business class seats are being renovated left and right to look and feel more like miniature hotel suites. has scoured top international airlines for the most luxurious and classy business and first class offerings on the market today. Listed below are just a few of our best...Read More »

The New British Airways Club World Business Class?

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has just published a new patent from British Airways for airplane seat designs. The new seats would be arranged in a three-across or four-across layout and allow for individual passenger access to the aisle. The trademark paperwork cites that the design is to be...Read More »

Best Fare Business Class Flights


There are a lot of companies out there that portend to offer the best fare business class tickets to travelers, but very few have the consistency, customer service, and level of savings offered by CheapBIZClass. Finding discount business class flights can get even more difficult for complex itineraries such as...Read More »

Ethiopian Airlines' New B777 Business Class

Ethiopian Airlines, a Pan-African international carrier with over 200 daily departures, has recently completely renovated its Boeing 777-200 & -300 planes. The greatest improvement on the fleet? A newly-redesigned business class with increased service, technology, and elegant seating. CEO Ato Tewolde Gebremariam said “We are very pleased to provide our...Read More »

Flying Business Class to Seoul

Save on business class flights to Seoul, Korea, with CheapBIZClass’s deals via all major airlines. South Korea is a world-class country, filled with incredible cultural opportunities. Further, Seoul is one of the top financial epicenters in East Asia, sporting headquarters for numerous internationally-renowned financial and manufacturing corporations such as Samsung,...Read More »

American Airlines Introduces First Class for Pets

First class isn’t just for humans anymore. Many who travel in luxury also have furry friends that they are forced to leave behind due to a lack of resources on the part of the airlines. For them, traveling first class on American Airlines may be just the ticket. The airline...Read More »

One Way Business Cheap Flights


The internet has a plethora of choices when it comes to companies that claim to offer discount business class tickets for flights. For a few reputable companies, such as CheapBIZClass, these cheap tickets are the priority of the company, as well as providing excellent customer service and information regarding the...Read More »

Delta Air Lines Leads in Airline Efficiency

There are a number of metrics to consider when trying to determine the most efficient airline, but the most important metric used by airline industry experts is that of the revenue per available seat mile (RASM). The RASM shows investors how much raw revenue the airline makes for every seat...Read More »

Cheap Business Class Flights


Business class flights are priced to be kept exclusive. Many people spend hundreds of dollars to fly in business class. Whether flying domestic business class or international business class, specializes in finding business class discounts for all our clientele.

Besides our specialization in getting discount business class tickets, we...Read More »

Etihad's New Residence Fare Turns Heads

Etihad Airways’ new Residence class is redefining luxury flying, and its putting pressure to up the ante in other airlines’ first and business class. The Residence will be available for New York-Abu Dhabi flights beginning in December of this year on the company’s new Airbus A380 superjumbo plane, set to...Read More »

Last Minute Business Class Flights to Emirates


Emirates Airline is unparalleled in its effort to turn flying into an act of luxury and sophistication. With expanded nonstop flights to U.S. locations such as Chicago’s O-Hare International Airport, the reality of flying business class or first class on this elegant airline is becoming more possible.

With, you...Read More »

Top Delta SkyMiles Customers To See Private Jets

Flying top class on Delta Airlines is about to get a lot more luxurious. As numerous large airlines are in the process of upgrading out-dated business class and first class seats, Delta Airlines is set to begin offering its top travelers the red-carpet experience with private jet flights. Included...Read More »

Finding Yourself in First Class


There was once a time when flying first class could happen on a whim. A newly-married couple could get upgraded for their honeymoon by a soft-hearted flight attendant. However, it takes a lot more cunning and the knowledge of specific tips and tricks to get to enjoy a flight in...Read More »

KLM to Unveil New 787-9 Business Class

Another world class airline is adding swanky business class seating on their new Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners. Beginning in October, 2015, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines will begin flying one of their 10 new Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners for international business class travel.

The business class section is arranged in a 1-2-1 seating...Read More »

Upgrading to First Class


There is one universal truth of flying the friendly skies: everyone wants to fly one class nicer. Those who fly coach dream of business class tickets, and even those in the luxury of business class find themselves eyeing the extra amenities and space of first class seats. For those already...Read More »

Swiss International Airlines's Sleek First Class

Swiss International Airlines’s new Boeing 777-300ER fleet is something to behold. Designed by Priestmangoode, a brand consultancy and design firm out of Britain, the business class seats and first class cabins are designed in a sleek, cool, elegant style. Rich asphalt grey interiors are accented by brushed steel and light...Read More »

What The Experts Say About Cheap Business Class Fares


There are a number of tips and tricks that can be used to find the cheapest possible business class tickets and discount first class airfare. Booking flights on specific days of the week can have a huge impact on how much you pay. Similarly, picking a more rural airport or...Read More »

Air France's New Business Class Turns Heads

Flying business class can be a truly luxury experience depending on the airline, and Air France is stepping up the game. With a fully re-designed business class area for their Boeing 777s, not only are the seats being redesigned from a cramped 2-3-2 seat layout to a spacious 1-2-1 layout,...Read More »

Using Points to Fly Business Class


One of the few excellent ways to ensure cheap business class tickets is to buy your tickets through airline clubs and frequent flier programs on credit cards. Similarly, this can be a good way to get upgraded to discount business class or even discount first class airfare. These programs are...Read More »

Experience British Airways' New First Class Suites

The upcoming British Airways’ First Class suites are being revealed on their new Boeing 787-9s, and they’re set to take the first class travel industry by storm. The design steers away from more classic and traditional designs, ala Emirates Airlines, and instead focuses on a much more high-tech and futuristic...Read More »

Getting Cheap Business Class Flights


Getting good deals on business class seats is very doable when you’re willing to be flexible on a few aspects of your flight. For discount business class fares and international first class tickets, even the most seemingly expensive ticket can come out significantly cheaper when you book with a first...Read More »

Timing Your Business Class Cheap One Way Flight


The trick to finding business class cheap one way fares is actually getting easier by the day! With international business class travel and first class airfare demand at an all-time high, there’s no reason to pay full price for your business and first class travel. With a few quick and...Read More »

The World's Top Luxury Getaways

BA Business Class

While there are many travelers for whom money is not an object, there are still a great many who must seek out cheap business class tickets and discount first class airfare for their travels. Even the most luxurious destinations can be visited with discounted business class flights and cheap first...Read More »

One Way Business Class to Europe

seine secrets

The ability to explore new cities and even new countries during ones free time is a great pleasure in life. Even those who find that they have more exposure to the wonders of the world through their jobs can even enjoy the different areas and cultures of the world. One...Read More »

Top Ten International Airlinesof 2015


For the savvy traveler, international business class and international first class flights are a common occurrence. For the truly in-the-know business class or first class traveler, their constant trips in the friendly skies can get a whole lot friendlier when one seeks out their cheap business class tickets or discount...Read More »

Discount Business Class and First Class to China


China is a place of incredible history, culture, art, and spiritual heritage. Containing the second largest economy in the world, millions of people travel to China for not just pleasure but also business. Experienced travelers understand that the flight is long and should be spent in comfort to avoid arriving...Read More »

Breathe Easy in Lufthansa's First Class


As first class airfare becomes more competitive and gains in popularity and demand, airlines are willing to try just about anything to set themselves apart from competitors. The German airline Lufthansa just stepped up the game with newly-installed humidifiers on the airline’s Airbus A-380’s. With higher quality air comes a...Read More »

Best Business Class Deals

Airbus Business Class

Today’s best business class offerings rival the experiences of first class fares and even first class cabins. When searching for the best business class seats on the market, remember that many airlines are offer plush seating with wide shoulder room, recline and massage options, and even the opportunity to reserve...Read More »

World's Best Airports of 2015


While it is highly unusual for business class or first class travelers to purchase their tickets based on quality of airport, when selecting your business class tickets for quality of experience, there is no doubt that the airport itself can have a great effect on how enjoyable your journey...Read More »

The Best One Way Business Fares


Business class tickets come with a host of luxurious amenities and pampering services that set the experience far apart from coach class. First class flights similarly come with the chic elegance and relaxation that those of higher echelons have come to expect.’s premium travel services can help you get...Read More »

Lufthansa Unveils "Business Class Signature Service"

Beginning September 1st, Lufthansa’s long-distance international flights are going to become a lot more luxurious. The new business class service is set to create a more individual and comfortable experience for business class travelers. Lufthansa’s Chairperson and CEO Carston Spohr described the service as a “restaurant-style services where flight...Read More »

Online Last Minute Business Class Tickets


Even the most well-planned executive understands that occasional last minute business class trips are necessary to meet with important clients. Buying business class tickets are also common with those who travel for pleasure and want to be sure they have a truly decadent journey. For those in need of a...Read More »

Get in First Class Without Paying Top Dollar

International first class airfare is a luxury that is highly coveted among those with high class standards. Similarly, the crowded, loud experience of flying coach can drive even the most budget-conscious traveler to seeking the greener pastures of domestic first class tickets. The good news for these travelers, of course,...Read More »

Discounted Business Class Flights to Asia


Asia, as a concept, is too various and expansive to contain merely one destination for business class flights to Asia. Truly, the continent is so massive that it contains within its borders a vast array of cultures, cities, and top international business class destinations. Further, the continent of Asia contains...Read More »

United Airlines to Exit New York's JFK

Beginning in October 25, 2015, United Airlines will no longer be operating domestic flights or international flights out of New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport. This surprising news was announced just this week by the airline, amidst other news releases regarding changes to the airline’s flights between San Francisco,...Read More »

Cheap Business Class to Europe


The jet-setting executive is bound to make a number of stops in Europe throughout their career. Similarly, leisure travel to Europe is an excellent choice to experience all of the unique cultures and historical locations that are sprinkled across the continent. For those who wish to travel for pleasure or...Read More »

'Breakout' Business Class for the Boeing 777

Next year’s Boeing 777 fleet is going to come with the most luxurious business class to date. Being hailed as an “office suite in the sky” by the design company, B/E Aerospace, the new business class offers its travelers their own suite, complete with a corner desk, chair, fully-flat bed,...Read More »

Getting The Best Business Class Fare


When most travel agents cater to families on tight budgets, looking for the cheapest possible economy class tickets, where can executives, business professionals, and even just those seeking the finer aspects of travel turn to for a the cheapest business class tickets and discount first class airfare? Thankfully, there are...Read More »

5 Breathtaking International Airline Lounges

There are so many amenities and luxuries that you’ll just never get in coach, and access to world-class airport lounges is absolutely one of them. Those in the know understand that t’s not just the flight itself that matters for your experience – they want a full-trip experience. These lounges...Read More »

Is Business Class Getting Cheaper?

There’s a new business class in town, and it’s being headed by the new Malaysia Airlines CEO, Christoph Mueller. In an effort to boost the failing airline, Mueller is creating a booking system that specifies flexibility, and it may take the air industry by storm.

The new business class will...Read More »

Last Minute Business Class Tickets

As working professionals always on the go, most traveling executives need flexibility in their airfare without having to sacrifice on price or luxury. Unfortunately, when it comes to booking last minute business class tickets, many travel agents have an agenda they want to push, and may try to convince their...Read More »

5 Incredible Business Classes For International Travel

It is well establishes that first class airfare is often best, when an airline (or individual flight) offers a three-class seating arrangement. However, for many long-haul, international trips, there are only two classes, business and economy. And over the past few years, international airlines have made sure that for two-class...Read More »

Tips for Flying First Class For Cheap


Given that the average price difference on domestic first class tickets is approximately $600 more than dreaded coach, the allure of finding domestic or international first class airfare for less than the sticker price is strong. Whether you’re looking to fly domestic business class or international first class, there are...Read More »

Top 3 Luxury First Class Experiences

Business class cabins may be gaining ground in many spheres, but in terms of outstanding luxury and increasingly elegant amenities, there’s no replacing first class airfare. Thankfully with the increasing availability of cheap first class tickets through companies like CheapBIZClass, the sky’s the limit. For the truly chic international first...Read More »

First, Business Class Travel Up in Middle East


Sales for premium, first or business class international air travel have stayed steady since August of 2014. However, airlines in the Middle East have seen continual growth during this time period. According to the International Air Travel Association (IATA), routes between Europe and the Middle East grew 7.5 percent, followed...Read More »

Get Cheap Last Minute First Class Fares

first class

Finding travelers the best deal on last minute first class tickets is what CheapBIZClass specializes in and is dedicated to. In order for our customers to be able to enjoy the luxury travel of first class, we would like to extend some of the tips to help travelers access the...Read More »

The New, Affordable First Class

Good news for frequent travelers out there: discount first class fares are upon us. A recent study by the Airlines Reporting Corporation shows that first class airfare is going down in price. The airline analysis company concluded that over 200 million tickets sold between April of this year and the...Read More »

Business Class Flights to São Paulo

Not just a destination for business, São Paulo, Brazil is a beautiful city full of culture and a perfect mix of tradition and modernity. Enjoy your flight with’s business class flight specials to São Paulo, Brazil. Enjoy the city’s cosmopolitan art world and traditional cuisines as you explore the...Read More »

Using Professional Services to Book Flights

For the executive on the go, finding the best fare business class tickets for both domestic and international flights can be a daunting challenge. Being able to enjoy the amenities and luxury of low-cost first class airfare is rarely easy to do. Many travelers turn to specific airlines and pricey...Read More »

Qatar Airways May Be Extending To Pittsburgh International Airport

While still in the very early, preliminary stages, talks have begun between Pittsburgh International Airport and luxury Persian airline, Qatar Airways to start offering nonstop flights to Qatar’s capital city, Doha. Qatar Air announced new flights in Atlanta, Boston, and Los Angeles just last week and has been expanding its...Read More »

Business Class Seating Variations

With growing interest in business class tickets comes greater variability of seating design for both domestic business class as well as international business class. For cheap international business class airfare, it’s good to know what your options are in terms of experience.

Eurobusiness and Recliners

While the amenities offered by the airline...Read More »

Boosts to Business Class and First Class Flights

business naps

With more and more airlines investing billions of dollars into retrofitting and upgrading their airplanes to better accommodate business class and first class, the experiences of flying first class and business class keep getting better. Both international business class seats and domestic first class tickets are improving at a remarkable...Read More »

SkyTeam, Delta Cede Slots At JFK


Following a probe by the European Union into alleged antitrust concerns, SkyTeam’s Air France-KLM Group, Alitalia SpA, and Delta Air Lines Inc. have chosen to give up valuable arrival and departure spots at New York’s JFK Airport. The opened spaces will apply to Rome-New York and Amsterdam-NewYork routes, according to...Read More »

The Ins and Outs of One-Way Airfare


Whether flying business class or first class, frequent flyers the world over have considered the possibility of flying one-way to their destination. Depending on the chosen destination, the outcome no doubt varied wildly. It doesn’t matter whether you’re flying domestic business class or international first class air travel, the results...Read More »

4 Tips Gauranteed to Save Time in Airport Lines

Save Time At The Airport

Even the finest first class tickets involve waiting in lengthy, frustrating bag check, security, and checking-in lines. For busy business class travelers, these extra hours can add up in terms of stress and anxiety that even the luxuries of business and first class air travel can’t fully alleviate. The good...Read More »

Saving on First Class Tickets Through Last Minute Deals

While numerous studies show that booking last minute on your own tends to end up with higher cost airfare, there are nevertheless many ways to find discount first class tickets should you need to catch a last-minute business conference or even just want to get out of town for the...Read More »

5 Best First Class Experiences

Many a hectic executive has found comfort and peace of mind in first class. While business class offers many of the amenities and much of the space seen in first class, a true first class experience is one of unequaled luxury and decadence. Airlines across the world are stepping up...Read More »

Get Cheap Business Class Fares to Europe

Frequent flyers the world around know that if you are looking for cheap first class or cheap business class airfare, timing is crucial. Knowing the secrets of when to book your tickets is as important as who you buy your airfare from. While most generalized reports say that the cheapest...Read More »

Summer Airfare Rates Down

A recent study done by a research group called A.R.C. reveals that airfare this summer is shoring up to be much less expensive than last summer. The difference is especially prominent for most international, United States-to-Europe fares. While certain locations, such as London, Paris, Frankfurt, and Amsterdam are still going...Read More »

5 Must-See Destinations in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is so much more than an international business destination, former British colony, and modern city of over 7 million citizens. Hong Kong is a major hub of culture and activities. No matter the time of day (or night), Hong Kong has something for everyone. Next time you find...Read More »

International Flights Cancelled Amidst Chile's Calbuco Volcanic Eruption

International flights out of and into South America have been seeing delays and cancellations the past few hours as the Calbuco volcano in Chile spews ash into the atmosphere. Some flights have even been forced to turn back around mid-flight as air travel to the area was deemed too unsafe....Read More »

DoveTail Business Class Seating: Optimized Space, Luxurious Amenities

A partnership between London’s JPA Design and Japan’s Jamco (an interior components manufacturer) has led to a new breakthrough in design for business class seating. After three years of intensive design and testing, the DoveTail Business class seats have been revealed, and they may be the ticket to...Read More »

Domestic Air Travel Not Deterred By Highest Fares in 20 Years

The U.S. Bureau of Transportation Services released data today shows strong numbers for the nation’s airline industry. Following years of low or negative profits, the airline industry is finally beginning to show some strength. Tuesday’s data shows that the average domestic airfare for 2014 was $391. This is the highest...Read More »

FAA Gives Blessing To American Airlines-US Airways Merger

Beginning this fall, American Airlines Group Inc. is set to begin combining the reservation systems, websites, and work forces of American Airlines and newly-merged US Airways. The past year has been a whirlwind for the companies as they attempted to merge into what will become the largest airline in...Read More »

Fewer International Flights for Delta Customers

Delta Airlines, the third-largest United States airline company is set to implement major cutbacks on international flights starting this year. The company cites low fuel prices and the strong dollar for the upcoming changes. The U.S. dollar just recently hit its strongest level in 12 years against the euro, and...Read More »

America's Favorite Budget Airline and Frequent Flyer Program


Savvy travelers everywhere already know that being a member of a frequent flyer loyalty program is the best way to afford and even upgrade your trips each year. While there are many frequent flyer programs out there to choose from, a recent poll conducted by Airfarewatchdog shows that frequent flyers...Read More »

Top 5 Things To Do in Toronto

Toronto is more than just a major hub for international business. It’s one of the largest cities in Canada and home to incredible dance clubs, theatre, and excellent eateries. If you find yourself away on business in Toronto, make time to see some of the sights and take in some...Read More »

Packing Passengers May Create Problems

The airline industry is finally profitable again after years of filing for bankruptcy and struggling to stay afloat. However, part of this newfound profitability has been through the increase of available seats for sale on flights. This increase in seats, while having a large, positive economic impact for airlines, has...Read More »

The Top 5 Most Common Airfare Booking Mistakes


When it comes to booking tickets on a flight, price is always a factor. Airfare costs fluctuate drastically based on many factors, and nearly everyone is looking for the best possible deal without completely sacrificing their experience. While we at know that we offer the best prices in the...Read More »

Following FAA Concern, United Implements Changes


The United Stated Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) sent word to United Airlines on February 6th that the administration was concerned regarding safety issues and United’s “repeated violations of mandatory pilot qualifications and scheduling requirements.” While the letter provided no details as to the violations, it did cite 12 violations...Read More »

Frontier Airlines Tops FAA Complaint List


Frontier Airlines is under heat after the most recent release of U.S. Federal Aviation Administration data which shows the airline leading in customer complaints in February. Complaints against the airline rose 311 percent to 14.38 complaints per 100,000 passengers. Frontier also reached second in delayed flights in February. Customer...Read More »

5 Airline Tricks To Boost Revenue At Your Expense


Airlines provide a valuable service to people the world over. There is no question that without the ability to fly, our global economy would be a fraction of what it is today. That said, airlines are a for-profit industry in the U.S., and are thus incentivized to increase profit margins...Read More »

SriLankan Airlines Accused of Corruption

SriLankan Airlines, the government-run airline out of Sri Lanka, is currently being investigated pending charges of corruption “running into billions of dollars,” according to the Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe. Further alleged is an additional $2.3 billion of “irregularities” in regards to a 2013 deal with Airbus to purchase 10...Read More »

Top 5 Non-Touristy London Destinations

As the number one city in the world for international business travelers, London has no limits to the things you can do before or after your meetings. While it’s easy to find a plethora of online lists filled with some of the more touristy things to do in London (Buckingham...Read More »

Touchscreen Windows Patented by Airbus

On March 19th, the French airline Airbus filed a patent for an interative, “smart” airplane window. Still many years from becoming a reality, the windows would feature touch-screen compatability, allowing for passengers to touch the windows for access to more geographic information for what lies beyond the window.

The patent...Read More »

FAA Delivers Hefty Fines to Southwest

Following two instances in 2013, the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is fining Southwest Airlines a combined $328,550 for allegedly violating federal aviation regulations.

The first instance centered around the loss of cabin pressure on a plane in flight. While the pilots deployed air bags and scheduled an emergency landing...Read More »

New AAdvantage Means More Competition

The implementation of former-US Airways loyalty members into American Airlines’s AAdvantage program is scheduled to be completed next month. This is also the timeline for completing the full, overall merger of the two companies following American Airline’s buyout of US Airways in 2013. However, with the integration of US Airways...Read More »

No Relief in Sight for Sky-High Airline Fees

In just the form of extra charges and fees, airlines in the United States have added billions of dollars of revenue to their pockets over the past few years. The practice of adding surcharges and fees to every non-essential aspect of air travel has become a major aspect of the...Read More »

Are Budget Airlines Less Safe Than Regular Airlines?

Early Tuesday, The New York Times reported that a Germanwings flight crashed in the French Alps, with all customers feared to be dead. With recent news of plane crashes flooding the news as of late, some are beginning to worry whether low-cost airlines are as safe as regular-cost...Read More »

What Airlines Rank Highest (And Lowest) In Customer Satisfaction?

The release of the 2015 Temkin Experience Ratings, a study of over 10,000 United States respondents on 293 different consumer brands, offers the ratings of 10 different popular airlines in the U.S. The poll, which considers an 80 percent or higher to be “excellent” and a score of 70 to...Read More »

Top 5 Things to do in Shanghai

Shanghai is so much more than an international business destination. Boasting breathtaking modern architecture and some of the best traditional cuisine around, Shanghai manages to combine the perfect blend of old-world authenticity and flashy contemporary style. If you are lucky enough to find yourself in Shanghai on business, find time...Read More »

Which Airlines Offer Credits For Price Drops?

Many stores around the country offer their customers refunds or credits after purchasing commodities that later drop in price. It is a fairly common way to show appreciation to those who patronize one’s business and ensure that they are likely to become repeat customers. However, this policy is rarely honored...Read More »

How American Airlines Rose From Bankruptcy to S&P 500

2011 was a difficult year for American Airlines. After taking a substantial hit in the recent Great Recession, the airline filed for bankruptcy in 2011, seeing no way to overcome the financial pit that it found itself in. Here in March of 2015, it is hard to believe that...Read More »

Following Merger, US Airways Frequent-Flier Discontinued

US Airways‘ frequent-flier program is set to become a casualty of the 2013 merger between US Airways and American Airlines. US Airways’ Dividend Miles program, the airline’s popular frequent-flier program, is set to be absorbed into American Airlines‘ AAdvantage program within the next 30 days.

Notifying its customer...Read More »

US Air Travel On The Rebound

United States air travel took a significant hit during the Great Recession in 2008, but recent data indicates that the dampened air economy is making a big comeback. According to federal statistics released Thursday, the rebound is largely due to record-high international travel and seat-fill percentage for 2014.

Domestically, 662...Read More »

Is Coach Getting More Chic?

While comfort and amenities on economy seating are at an all time low, some airlines are making attempts to provide small comforts to their coach passengers. Largely offered to travelers on international flights, amenity kits and individual television screens are being implemented in some airlines to offer their economy passengers...Read More »

Why Airfare Isn’t Reflecting Low Gas Prices

The past few months have seen a significant decrease in the prices of crude oil on the market. While commuters across the United States have seen these low prices reflected in the cost of gasoline – saving upwards of $1 to $2 per gallon of gas – these low prices...Read More »

Frequent Flyer Miles Extended to Bitcoin Enthusiasts

Bitcoin – the peer-to-peer digital currency that emphasizes economic transactions outside of centralized banking institutions – has been gaining headway in niche markets for the past few years. However, the markets that currently accept bitcoins are relatively few and far between at the moment. But this is rapidly changing, as...Read More »

Top 5 Destinations in Singapore

Whether in the city for a whirlwind, 24-hour business trip or whether you have a bit more time to explore the city, Singapore has it all. Boasting a number of destinations perfect for the jet-lagged executive, finding some entertainment between meetings is a breeze. While one could find any number...Read More »

More Choices for Delta Passengers

Delta Airlines is debuting a new fare product and pricing scheme that stands to offer a much greater array of choices for all travelers. The new fare scheme will offer a variety of choices, from bare-bones economy choices to the more lavish “Delta Comfort” and “Delta One” which may...Read More »

Changing Frequent Flyer Programs Means Big Rewards For Business Class

A new report by consulting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) was released Tuesday, outlining the best and worst frequent flyer programs currently available on the market. As more airlines switch their frequent flyer models from those based on simple mile-racking to ones which benefit travelers who spend more on their tickets, the...Read More »

Top 5 Global Airlines for On-Time Flights

Many travelers, both business and pleasure, find themselves on the waiting end of another delayed or cancelled flight on a yearly, or even monthly, basis. Yet, out of all of the airlines that one can fly, there are a number which rate top in on-time airlines on a global basis....Read More »

Donate Excess Airline Miles to Help Make-A-Wish Children

Make-A-Wish, the organization that works to make the dreams of children with life-threatening medical conditions come true, is looking to frequent flyers to help make a difference in a child’s life.

Having partnerships with Delta Airlines, United Airlines, and US Airways, Make-A-Wish hopes enough travelers with extra miles will donate in...Read More »

Southwest Airlines Misses Inspections on 128 Planes


Southwest Airlines found themselves in a bit of heat with the Federal Aviation Administration today after the airline failed to complete required inspections on 128 of its Boeing 737 planes. The inspections were required to check the functioning capabilities of standby hydraulic systems on the planes.

Upon becoming aware of...Read More »

Top 5 Things to Do in Beijing

A top destination for many business travelers, Beijing doesn’t just house multiple international businesses and their many visitors from around the globe. One can’t make the trip to Beijing for business and fail to make time for a few of the city’s incredible historic and ultra-modern destinations.

A few top things...Read More »

Big 3 US Airlines Fighting Open Skies

Three of the United States’ largest airlines – American, United, and Delta – have begun petitioning the current administration to limit current open skies agreements with both Qatar and the United Arab Emirates. The airlines argue that the state-owned airlines of these countries have been so heavily subsidized by their...Read More »

US DoT to Investigate United Airlines’ Airfare Error

When travelers seeking low-priced airfare found the deal of a lifetime on United Airlines last week, they swooped up as many tickets as they could. With airfare being sold at such incredibly low prices as $51 for transatlantic flights, it’s easy to see why.

However, when United Airlines discovered that they...Read More »

50,000 Miles and Earn Back More

Citi/AAdvantage Platinum Select MasterCard is offering a sweet card.

Many of the advantages are fairly common, but there a few very nice additions. The card offers 50,000 bonus miles after spending $3,000 in first three months, but they’re also offering the opportunity to earn back 10% of your redeemed...Read More »

Take Advantage of American Airlines AAnytime Travel

American Airlines and US Airways prepare to merge their AAdvantage and Dividend Miles programs in the second quarter, however, until then you have another option. It’s possible to book the American AAnytime awards which are actually a better return.

If you have a bunch of miles and you want the freedom...Read More »

New Opportunities to Earn Miles with Korean Air

American Airlines and Korean Air have made a sharing agreement for flights from Dallas/Fort Worth International and Incheon International Airport in Seoul, South Korea. Code-sharing simply means that an airline will advertise its service and rates, but the flight is actually operated by a different airlines.

According to American Airlines’...Read More »

United Plans Major Job Cuts Across US

United Airlines recently announced that they plan to eliminate up to 2,000 jobs around the US.

The jobs include baggage handlers and customer-service agents in 28 small cities across the United States. They plan to hire contractors to replace the fired employees. Last year, United outsourced more than six-hundred jobs...Read More »

New All-Business-Class Run From London to New York

French airline La Compagnie recently launched a new service—business-class only flights from London to New York.

The direct flights commence at the end of April, and to kick off the new campaign, la Compagnie is offering a limited number of fares at rates that will shock.

Leaving from London...Read More »

The Sweet Scent of Customer Enhancement

Scents have long been used to lure, conceal and entice, now even the airlines are getting in on the action.

Our sense of smell is one of the most powerful; it can conjure a long lost memory, make us hungry or even relax us.

Last spring, Spain’s Iberia airlines created...Read More »

Virgin Airlines Ends 25 Year Route

While several airlines are adding new flight destinations, and alternative services, others are synching their belts.

Sunday will be the farewell flight by British airline Virgin Atlantic Airways from Narita to London.

The Narita-London route has been a staple of Virgin AA since May 1989.

Virgin is recreating worldwide routes, and...Read More »

How To Get Top Secret Air Fare

We talk a lot about earning miles, and collecting miles quickly, which means we bring you the big credit card deals where you’re able to earn forty to fifty-thousand miles in the blink of an eye. Or three months.

Of course, earning miles is a long-term plan, but often,...Read More »

Get Great Deals on Last Minute Travel

Many  bargain hunters think buying last minute tickets is a great way to secure a deal, when, in fact, it’s generally harder to get good deals at the last minute.

Airlines know that last minute trips are inevitable, and they take advantage of that fact. Often, waiting until the last minute,...Read More »

Etihad and Orbitz Causing Complaints with Customers

Back in December, international airline Etihad offered some very inviting fares that got some great attention. For instance, one customer was able to get a roundtrip from LAX to EVN (Yerevan, Armenia) in May for $200.

The fares and flights were offered and booked through Orbitz, and it seems that...Read More »

Can Your Social Media Status Get You Hotel Discounts

How can social media help you get cheaper hotels while traveling?

A hotelie, like a foodie, is someone with hotel smarts.

“A Hotelie,” explains Zeev Sharon, CEO and Founder, “is someone who’s in the know, gets access to discounts and rates that no one else knows, so, ‘you’ve been hotelied’...Read More »

American ReVamps Mag and Adds New 787

As airlines report projected earnings that exceed expectations, because of lower oil costs, there are a few updates to report.

The Dreamliner

American Airlines is adding a Boeing 787 Dreamliner to their arsenal and is expected to begin using the plan this spring. The Dreamliner is fuel efficient and offers many...Read More »

3 Reasons to Leave First Class for Business

Is First Class Giving Way to Business Class?

At one point in time, first class air travel was the epitome of status, but no longer. Business class has become the new first class.

1. Great Service/Amenities
2. Better Cost Ratio
3. High Miles

Air New Zealand, Delta and Air Canada no longer...Read More »

Get 50,000 Points In 3 Months

Chase Ink Plus Business Card—a gigantic 50,000 bonus points after spending $5,000 in the first 3. This comes out to about $600 worth of flying credit.

And with 5x the points for each dollar spent at office supply stores, and telecommunication services, imagine the extra points you can rack...Read More »

Is Business Class Really Worth It

Air travel is a darn good deal, but the question is whether business class is worth the cost? Ten years ago, about 10% of your airline fee went toward fuel, today, it’s more like 35%. Dropping oil prices will likely not affect ticket prices either.

The cost of air travel...Read More »

Why The AMX Card Kicks Point Butt

The Platinum Card from American Express is a powerful card for point collectors and it means business.
Current Bonus: 40,000 points when you spend $3,000 in the first 3 months. Because it comes with a variety of great benefits, it’s one of the most valuable cards you have....Read More »

Our Second Choice Card for Major Points

Our place choice for Top Travel Card goes to…

Barclaycard Arrival Plus

Current Bonus: 40,000 miles when you spend $3,000 in the first three months. You’ll receive 2 miles for each dollar spent on ALL purchases. They also include a complimentary membership in TripIt Pro. There are no foreign transaction...Read More »

Top 5 Cards for Points Go To...

This is not a comprehensive list of credit cards on the market, but it is a top list of current cards you should consider if you’re ready to act now. Offers are constantly changing, which is why it’s important to be flexible and in control of your finances.

Our number...Read More »

The Number #1 Strategy for Cheap Business Travel

The Perfect Time To Plan

The new year is a perfect time to reassess your strategy for collecting points for your cheap business travel, and for creating new plans to attain your cheap, or free, travel goals.

As you know, credit cards are the primary source for collecting big points, fast. Leveraging...Read More »

Why Pre-Planning is THE KEY to Successful Travel

Whether for business or pleasure, pre-planning your trip is the key to a successful experience. Like the old adage, “Being early is being on time,” pre-planning is successful planning.
What’s the difference between pre and planning? A very fine, but distinct, line.
Pre-planning is to plan with specific...Read More »

Discover It Card Offers 5X Deals To Support Travelers

When traveling, regardless of where, credit cards are our best friend. When our cards can do double-duty, it’s a winning situation. Building points for cheap business travel, or money back, works to our advantage.

We recently discussed the Chase Freedom card 5X points award, and we want to get...Read More »

5X The Points with Chase Freedom

We want to tell you about the Chase Freedom card that offers 5x points or 5% cash back on each dollar spent, up to $1,500 at specific merchants. Here’s the caveat; you have to use the card at specific services and only during specific quarters of the year.

Yes, it...Read More »

The Five Most Celebrated Birthdays & Only One Requires Reservations

ON any given day in America, about 750,000 people will be celebrating a birthday. However there are a few days in which nearly the whole nation celebrates.

January 8 Elvis Presley
February 12 President Abraham Lincoln
February 22 President George Washington...Read More »

Most Memorable Firework Displays

From San Francisco to Sydney, the firework choices are something to behold.

While each city has something uniquely special to offer, some cities are naturally create an experience not available anywhere else.

For instance, the bridge that connects Vancouver, Washington to Portland, Oregon is a prime location for viewing...Read More »

Most Amazing Fire Works in the World

New Year’s Eve is an event so anticipated that literally millions of people participate in some way. In New York and Berlin, a million people tune in, or turn out, to welcome in the new year. And hundreds of thousands do the same in Paris, London, New Orleans, Rio, and...Read More »

Boarding Pass Perks You've Been Missing

In the age of digital, it may surprise you to know that the old fashioned boarding pass may offer hidden perks.

While travelers have watched pillows, blankets, movies and meals disappear, they may find some special incentives hidden within their boarding passes.

For instance, Virgin America boarding passes allow passengers a...Read More »

The Most Romantic Heart in The World

The Seine is the heart of Paris, and has been witness to love found, love lost and all that comes between.

The river once created separation between the bohemians and the aristocrats, but like the ephemeral allure of a passionate tryst, those lines have become part of the Seine itself....Read More »

The History of Christmas Tree Lights

Since electricity became mainstream in the 1930s for the common American, we have figured out creative ways to use it.

But it’s the Christmas holidays that have really benefited from the wonder of electricity. At one time in history, candles were used to light Christmas trees, but in 1882, a friend...Read More »

The Most Amazing Christkindlmarkts in The World Still Thrive

The holiday season has always been a magical time of year around the world for many cultures.

One special tradition dates back to the late Middle Ages. In many European countries of German descent, artists would create handcrafted ornaments and sell them in Chriskindlmarkts.

The name varies from city to...Read More »

Most Inspiring Christmas Town in America

bedford falls bridge

The American town that feels most like Christmas may surprise you. To walk the streets of this charming town one feels like they’ve stepped right smack dab into Bedford Falls from It’s A Wonderful Life. 

In fact, this little town looks so much like the real Bedford Falls, New York,...Read More »

Best Stocking Stuffer EVER

It’s A Game Changer

World travelers, selfie-addicts and storytellers will worship the ground you walk on for this simple, yet perfect, stocking stuffer. No joke.

Once upon a time we lugged large camera bags full of equipment around the globe. But with phones capable of taking images that rival thousand-dollar cameras, it’s...Read More »

The Most Unique Gift You Can Give This Year

HINT:It’s Not A Macaroni Necklace

It’s called Meshu, and it’s the most unique gift world travelers and explorers should have. Journeys are as individual as the people who create them, and this absolutely creative tool allows you to draw a geometric shape that can be turned into wearable art.

Draw...Read More »

The Most Romantic Ski Destination In Europe

Hidden Valley, Cortina, Italy

Winter vacation is for lovers, or at least romantics. Everyone has a sweet ski-time romance to remind them of the love of snow and the love of love, but in Cortina, Italy, the sport of lovers takes our breath away.

Hidden Valley, a truly special ski resort...Read More »

American's New Cheap Business Class Promotion for 2015

Airlines continue to find ways to stay competitive, while making it possible to keep the goal of cheap business class within your sight.

While United and Delta Airlines cut back on mileage earnings, American Airlines is upping the ante.

American said today that their current promotion, beginning January first, will give AAdvantage...Read More »

Cheap Business Class in 2015

As 2014 winds down, and we reflect on this year’s greatest changes, we can say with certainty that we’ve witnessed a shift in business class with nearly any airline hoping to stay in business.

Airlines have had a hugely profitable year, and some of those profits have been reinvested in the...Read More »

Singapore Acts Honorably in Light of Cheap Business Class Fiasco


This whole Singapore Airline ticket fiasco has raised quote a raucous abroad. Clearly, there was a huge outcry from the passengers who bought the tickets, and the airline agents who sold the tickets, when SIA announced that either agents or passengers would have to pay the difference, about $2,200...Read More »

Last Minute Gift in Cheap Business Class

If you’re wondering what to get the person who has everything, consider Delta Air Line miles.

The airline recently announced that they will be selling Medallion Qualifying Miles (MQMs). This is a repeat of last year’s offerings, and it may be worth looking into only if you need the...Read More »

Upgrades to Business Class Near Perfection

Business class on United Arab Emirates’ ultra-long haul flights is getting an addition.

A new turndown service that includes a plush comforter and full size pillow for your mattress, and slippers and cotton sleepwear to top off an exception experience. The pillow has been redesigned to convert from a regular...Read More »

Singapore Airlines to Honor Cheap Business Class

There are going to be about 900 very happy customers traveling in very cheap business class.

Singapore Airlines said they will honor the 900 tickets sold recently. A computer glitch caused the airline’s business class fares to be sold at economy prices.

The tickets were sold over a...Read More »

Tops in Business Class Travel

Earning your way into cheap business class could allow you to experience luxurious air travel. has announced their top pick for Best in Business Class for 2015. Cathay Pacific Airways takes the prize, for a number of reasons.

In addition to the lovely business class lounges Cathay offers around...Read More »

Luxury Makeovers in Cheap Business Class Seats

The airlines have their finger on the economic pulse, and it’s pretty clear that things are looking up economically.

According to air travel blogger Brett Snyder, “Extravagance is becoming a way of life for the premium cabins.”

Just look at what’s been happening in business class for the long-haul carriers—makeovers,...Read More »

Singapore Airlines Gives New Meaning to Cheap Business Class

A Singapore Airlines computer error has given new meaning to cheap business class seats. This past weekend, about 900 business class seats were sold at economy class prices.

Once the error was discovered on Monday, Singapore Airlines was quick to ask travel agents to inform clients of the problem...Read More »

Kitty Goes For a Flight in Cheap Business Class

Hello Kitty has made a very big splash in passenger airline travel. The first themed long-range flight left Taoyuan International for Charles de Gaulle in Paris last week as part of Hello Kitty’s 40th birthday celebration.

Taiwanese Airline has brought a bigger than life Hello Kitty image to the skies....Read More »

Future of Aviation in Cheap Business Class

There is discussion within the aerospace industry about creating passenger planes without windows. Instead, the walls of the plane would become OLED screens that could display images, or video, of anything.

Removing windows would actually lighten the aircraft, and according to industry professionals, weight is becoming an issue. Without windows,...Read More »

Several Ways to Get Free Business Class Seats

When all else fails, ask. It may not work very often, but in a survey of 1,000 airline employees, seventy-eight percent of them are likely, even willing, to give a free upgrade to business class for free.

The survey did show that nearly three-quarters of the airline...Read More »

4 Tips For Earning Cheap Business Class Seats

Flying cheap business class is gratifying in so many ways. Not the least of which is feeling like you’re super smart. Many of us search the internet for deals, but there are some that you won’t find online. They’re called Ups–Y-ups, K-Ups, and Q-Ups. Accessing these deals...Read More »

Chase Ups Spending Limit for Cheap Business Class

There are many ways of collecting points for your cheap business class seat. And as most of you are aware, credit cards are the fastest and most direct route to point accumulation.

We’ve discussed many cards on this site, including the Chase Sapphire Preferred card. This card offers a...Read More »

New Airline is Cheap Business Class Only

While flying luxury is wonderful, the cost can be exorbitant, which is why building miles for cheap business class is so popular.

However, if you’re not an avid collector of points, but still want to fly cheap business class, La Compagnie recently launched an all-business class service. With limited...Read More »

4 Tips for Collecting Points for Cheap Business Class Seats

Cheap business class seats can seem like a steal, particularly when you’ve paid pennies on the dollar for your points.

As airlines tighten their flyer programs, point collectors must become even more savvy and aware in order to earn free points. Here are four little-known avenues that can add...Read More »

Business Class Holiday Specials

Business travel tends to slow down just before and after the holiday season, and international airlines are offering some fairly attractive incentives to business class travelers.

Qatar Airways has a sweet two-for-one ticket deal for customers in India. When a customer books one business class ticket, the customer receive a...Read More »

Compensation Regulations for Cheap Business Class & Others


When traveling cheap business class, or any other, certain regulations may be available to you.

Yesterday we discussed passenger rights, and we saved a very important one for today.

The European Union (EU) Passenger Rights Compensation has created a great incentive for airlines to arrive on-time, or at...Read More »

Airline Passenger's Rights Well Worth Knowing in Any Class

When flying cheap business class or any other, you’ll have more power when you know the legalities airlines are required to adhere to when it comes to passenger’s rights. If you’re not familiar, these rules are well worth knowing.

If you’ve ever worried about booking a flight because you...Read More »

Elite Status without the Price Tag in Cheap Business Class


Earning points is clearly a necessary goal to flying cheap business class, but what about the other perks that elite members enjoy? Elite does sound nice, but why waste money on a perk that may already come with one of your co-branded airline credit cards.

Among the many reasons people...Read More »

International Star Alliance and United Share Points

Star Alliance and United Airlines work together in a miles program. This means that any points you accrue from either airline can work together for your cheap business class point collection

As the year winds down, something you might want to look into are United cards. If you were approved...Read More »

Marriott Gives 50,000 points to Cheap Business Class

We discuss great offers fairly often, and the Marriott Rewards Premier credit card is a hot offer. Not many cards give 50,000 bonus points after spending a mere $1,000 within your first three months.

But that’s not all. They also have several other top features that beat a lot...Read More »

Compound Aviation for Cheap Business Class Travel

Advances in technology are exponential. Changes are like compound interest—the smarter the technology is the smarter the technology becomes. Thus, it was just a matter of time before Siri became a pilot.

Well, not exactly Siri. Siri’s mother. New technology communicates with pilots verbally, and once approved, Siri’s mom performs...Read More »

Top 3 Cheap Business Class Airlines That Aren’t so Cheap


The battle for airline customer loyalty, and dollars, continues. In addition to point programs, international airlines are finding ways to up the ante, and profits, by catering to the business class client. One on-line magazine, Skift, reviewed the business class of international airlines, and their top three may...Read More »

Cheap Business Class Seats Are Not Created Equal

There are many reasons frequent flyer programs are immensely popular. Between flying for free, or less, to traveling in comfort for less, the airlines have us hooked. They know that cheap business class seats are desirable, and absolutely possible.

But did you know that all seats are not created...Read More »

Checkpoint Friendly Bags

Starting your cheap business class trip in a long screening line can not only be irritation, but it can cause you to miss your flight.

The Transportation Security Administration is trying to do something about it. They have worked with luggage manufacturers to produce electronic carry-on bags that...Read More »

Medical Advice for Travelers

International travel is full of surprises, and sometimes we need to find medical help. For US citizens and nationals, you’ll want to make sure you have the number for the nearest United States embassy handy.

The embassy is very helpful in locating appropriate medical services, contacting friends...Read More »

Smart Travelers use STEP

When traveling internationally, whether for business or pleasure, it is vitally important to stay current on international affairs. The last thing you want or need is a natural disaster ruining your business meetings.

Most countries offer some kind of news alert available by text or email.

The United States...Read More »

40,000 Points Toward Business Class Seats

As the American Airlines and US Airways merger get closer, the frequent flyer program is under scrutiny. The exact design is unknown yet, but we do know that Citi will be the exclusive card issuer once things are in place.

So, for a short time still, there are opportunities...Read More »

New App Brings Cheap Business Class Closer

As most cheap business class point collectors know, credit cards are the fastest way to earn your business class seat. Now, there’s an app that makes it even easier.

Imagine an app that can practically read your mind. TPG Maximizer can actually do better than mind reading, it can...Read More »

Big Tip for Business Travelers

There are apps for just about anything, and many of them don’t hold up. But for international business travelers, this particular app could save the day.

It’s difficult enough at home to figure out a tip and split the bill, but imagine you’re in Japan or Saudi Arabia. Being...Read More »

5 TOP Cheap Business Class Travel Tips

International business travel requires a certain amount of patience and knowledge if you want a stress-free experience. Rather than trial and error, we think the smart business traveler prepares by consulting with the professionals who have been there and done that.

Our top 5 tips for international business travelers...Read More »

Cheap Business Class Travelers on Time

Busy business travelers keep strict timetables, and knowing what’s happening in real-time can save a lot of hassle. FlightTrack Pro is an award winning app, and at $9.99, it’s well worth the price.

The app integrates with TripIt, syncing your flight information and your itinerary and presenting you with...Read More »

American's Business Class Seats

The American Airlines Flagship for business class seating is something to be excited about. These lie-flat, state-of-art business seats are based on extensive ergonomic studies and offer the highest level of comfort.

These business class seats offer lumbar support, extra leg room, the ability to move the seat back...Read More »

Best day to purchase airline tickets? It's not what you think.


Recent wisdom and analysis reveals that the previously held theory about the best day to purchase airline tickets is incorrect. For many years, we’ve been told that Tuesday is the best day to buy air travel tickets — but new research reveals that Sunday is actually the day to...Read More »

Reports show that ebola fear mongering will not put a damper on air travel.

Despite the ebola scare that has ransacked the media in recent weeks, industry watchers do not predict it will affect air travel over the coming months. Although a nurse with ebola recently flew on a Frontier airlines flight from Cleveland to Dallas, scaring many into believing ebola was coming...Read More »

Quantas' new business class seats RECLINE!

Hello, cheap biz class lovers! We have some exciting news brought to you by our friends at Quantas. Quantas, which flies domestically and internationally, will upgrade business class seatings to business class suites.

These suites will feature seats that let passengers recline fully to be able to sleep during...Read More »

Find Everything With Gate Guru

A new app makes airport navigation easier with a push of a button from your Cheap Business Class seat.

New airports, new gates and new locations can keep a business traveler wondering how to grab a bite as they rush to their meeting. Most airlines use the same gates,...Read More »

Quick Miles for Star Alliance

Airlines partner around the world, working together to great networks of opportunity for passengers. Star Alliance, available internationally, works with United Airlines making United miles available on Star Alliance for international business travel and adding to your collection for cheap business class seats.

When flying domestically, United offers advantages...Read More »

Research Pays Off for Business Travel

International business travel can be extremely rewarding. Aside from finding great deals on cheap business class seats, meeting new people and experiencing a new culture can have a profound effect on your life.

But before venturing off, whether for business or pleasure, you need to do your homework. This is...Read More »

Great App for Business Class Travelers

When traveling on business and preparing for meetings with people you’ve never met, the new app named REFRESH can help you quickly look like a person who has done their homework.

Refresh collects data from the internet and creates a composite of information on an individual. That information may...Read More »

Packing Pro the Cheap Business Class Way

After many business trips, packing becomes somewhat easier, however, for those who still dislike packing, this new app is certain to help.

Packing Pro eliminates the need for guessing. You can make the list, and forget it, and there’s never any need to rewrite it. With the ability to...Read More »

Cheap Business Accommodations

International business travelers know the unique problem of locating new places to stay while away from home. If your prefer cheap business seats, you probably prefer saving money on hotels too.

Fortunately, there are a bunch of new apps that help business class clients find great accommodation deals. More »

Business App by TravelNerd

You’re enjoying the last few minutes of your cheap business class seat, while the plane taxis to the gate. You pull out your phone and find a map of the terminal, locate the restroom, where to grab that cup of coffee and locate the nearest taxi.

When business travel has...Read More »

8 Holiday Travel Tips

Even traveling cheap business class during the holidays can be one of the most stressful holiday events you actually pay for. But there are ways, other than medicating, to avoid the stress and arrive at your destination feeling calm and relaxed.

First choice is to always fly nonstop. Each additional...Read More »

Thanksgiving in Cheap Business Class

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about your travel plans. Airlines report, and most of us can confirm, that Thanksgiving is the busiest time of year to travel. According to Kayak, fares leaped up in late November of last year. With that in mind,...Read More »

AMX Making Changes for Cheap Business Class Seats

The American Express Card is making changes to their Membership Rewards program.

Starting in 2015, you will no longer receive 15,000 bonus points when you spend $30,000 with the Premier Rewards Gold card.

The card charges $175 annual fee, but if you’re not getting points, using the card...Read More »

Cheap Business Class Seating is One Card Closer

Barclays Premier Miles & More has joined the race to get more clients by offering a very sweet 50,000 mile bonus when you spend $5,000 in 90 days.

These points are a great way to get you into business class seats with a minor investment.

The Barclays Lufthansa card...Read More »

Business Class Platinum with Qantas

When you’re working toward cheap business class seats, it’s important to look for the big bonus deals, but once you found the big deals, it’s time to start examining the less frequently looked at perks that come with certain memberships.

Platinum status on Qantas allows international business class travelers a nice...Read More »

Business Class Gold with Qantas

When the goal is procuring cheap business class seats, it’s important to look for the big bonus deals, but once you’ve scored the best bonus deals, you may want to take a look at the perks that come with certain memberships.

Gold status on Qantas allows international business class travelers...Read More »

Cheap Business Class Perks with Qantas

Flying international business class entitles travelers to many sweet perks not available on other classes.

Each airline offers their own unique privileges, and although many over lap, they are not all equal. Today’s article takes a look at Qantas silver Benefits, and in the days ahead, we’ll examine their Gold,...Read More »

Earn 70,000 for Cheap Business Class

Chase has a great collecting opportunity. For a short time, you can earn 70,000 bonus points with the Ink Plus card.

When collecting points for cheap business class seats, 70,000 is a big haul and can go far toward those cheap business class seats.

This is forty-percent higher...Read More »

Competition for International Business Class

The competition between Virgin and Qantas Airlines is very good for international business class travelers.

Both airlines are upping the ante by improving service or accommodations, or both. According to reports, many international companies are clamping down on business-related travel, but it appears to be impacting economy more than...Read More »

International Business Class Benefits

For international business class travelers, Qantas certainly has it’s perks. Whether you’re flying to Sydney or Melbourne, the business accommodations are very nice.

As an international business class traveler on Qantas, you’re able to check in online up to 24 hours prior to boarding, and choose your own seat....Read More »

Lost & Found Gets A Makeover

If you’re flying KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, you now have a buddy watching out for you.

In a very clever move, the airline hired an adorable four-legged sniffer named Sherlock. When Cheap Business Class Aficionados, and other passengers, accidentally leave something on board, Sherlock is called in to track the...Read More »

Top 6 Cards for Travel Abroad

International travel in cheap business class seats is worth the effort it takes to collect those points, however, when the time finally comes to get in those cheap business class seats, having the right credit card for your trip can make traveling much more convenient.

Many cards charge transaction fees...Read More »

Check The Fine Print

One of the first lessons Cheap Business Class Aficionados learn is to check out the fine print.

Recently, an Cheap Business Class Aficionado was about to book a trip on a large international airline for a somewhat lesser fare than advertised, but then she took a look at the small...Read More »

Score Big Points with iPhone 6

Some of our Cheap Business Class Aficionados may be considering buying the new iPhone 6. But before you rush off to buy, consider how you can earn points when you buy it.

Points will depend on where you shop, and how you pay.
The biggest bang we’ve found is buying at...Read More »

Smart Travel for Cheap Business Class

Airlines must be listening to Cheap Business Class Aficionados because IT spending is on the increase. Airlines claim that the number one reason to invest in IT is for customer satisfaction.

Airports and airlines predict that with the prevalent use of smartphones, IT will save Cheap Business Class customers time...Read More »

Cheap Business Class Partnership

The Australian airline Qantas has created a codeshare partnership with SriLanken Airlines starting next month.

As Oneworld’s most recent addition, SriLankan Airlines will codeshare on flights from Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane to Singapore.

Business class flyers can pick up Qantas rates for points and credits when traveling on...Read More »

Tweets Rank Airlines

Cheap Business Class Aficionados tweet and FB about almost everything, including the airlines they travel with.

So a small tech company has created a way to analyze specific words within tweets and posts. For instance, the program looks for names of airline companies and words like ‘love’ or ‘hate’,...Read More »

Feds Investigate Loyalty Programs

Never fear Cheap Business Class Aficionados, the Feds won’t harm the loyalty programs, but at the request a Representative from Florida, they are auditing flyer programs to determine if the “lack of transparency” is within DOT guidelines.

The Department of Transportation does not regulate the flyer programs,...Read More »

Quick Elite Status Sweet for Cheap Business Class

There is a shortcut to getting priority boarding and check-in, free bag checks and legroom. It’s called a Challenge, and it’s a shortcut to American Airlines Gold or Platinum elite status.

In order to earn your Gold elite status on AA, you must fly 25,000 miles, thirty segments, or...Read More »

Act Fast Cheap Business Class Aficionados!

Amazon Payments has been a convenient, fee-free way to use your credit card to send $1,000 a month to another Amazon account holder, however, October 12, 2014, is the end of the road for the fee-free service.

This little Cheap Business Class secret technique was a very helpful way...Read More »

Bonus Points for Cheap Business Class Seats

Fall is a great time to keep your eyes open for Cheap Business Class point specials. Starwood members can count on some kind of fall program, and if you register by October 31, 2014, you’ll be able to join the other members who earn double or triple Starpoints for...Read More »

Hello Cheap Business Class Seats

United Airlines is considering eliminating first class in favor of more business class and economy seats.

This is potentially good news for Cheap Business Class Aficionados. More seating could mean cheaper business class seats, translating into potentially fewer points to make the purchase.

United is considering the change because they...Read More »

Start with a Single Step

To fly coach or business class, that is the question. Whether ’tis wiser to collect points for cheap business class seats, than to pay the fortune of discomfort, that is the question.

For those who would bear the sleepless cost, we say go forth, but for those who will save and...Read More »

Flying High in Cheap Business Class Seats

Cheap Business Class Aficionados have learned to enjoy the finer things in air flight, but what about enjoying the airports?

With so many airports around the globe, it’s no wonder that many airports have increased the ante by designing facilities where guests can enjoy their layovers.

For instance, Changi International...Read More »

Greetings for Cheap Business Class Aficionados

Countries have their own unique traditions and customs, and knowing what to expect when traveling makes Cheap Business Class Aficionados look even smarter.

For instance, in America, we shake hands when we meet someone, but in Ukraine a typical greeting is three cheek kisses starting on the left and ending on...Read More »


Whether for you, or someone you know who travels, these three gift ideas, under $10, will be greatly appreciated by Cheap Business Class Aficionados.

Number 1 on our list is the PicTranslator for the iPhone. At a meager $1.99, this handy app makes understanding foreign signs a snap. Literally. Take...Read More »

Best Credit Card Bonuses for Cheap Business Seats

As the economy improves, credit card companies are vying for big spenders by offering bigger and better sign-up bonuses.

These bonuses can make the upgrade to cheap business class seats happen quickly.

We’re comparing three cards—Visa Black, American Express Platinum, and Citi Prestige—to determine who has the best sign-up bonuses going...Read More »

High Earners for Cheap Business Class Seats

When it comes to finding the best card for your cheap business seat goals, it’s important to take multiple factors into consideration.

Lets look at three specifics that top the chart when it comes to earning your flyer points for cheap business seats. We’ll compare three big cards for their power...Read More »

Chase Bonus Disappearing

Come December 2015, Chase Checking Customers won’t be earning 10% annual bonus on new purchases. The final bonus will come in early 2016. Very disappointing for Cheap Business Class Aficionados who max out the $6000 annual 5x categories. Those 30,000 reward points are easy points.

Chase claims they may offer...Read More »

That Won't Fly In Business Class

A recent incident on United Airlines has created a stir. Lets preface this by saying that this type of thing doesn’t happen to Cheap Business Class Aficionados who routinely travel business class seats.

You may remember the times in coach when the seat in front of you gently reclined toward you,...Read More »

New Business Class Seat Design

Cheap Business Class seats are already coveted for their comfort, but British Airways appears to making some changes. The airline has filed a design patent for new business and first class seats.

The middle seats would resemble a love seat, with a privacy screen. Additionally, a sliding ottoman would covert...Read More »

90,000 AAdvantage Miles vs. $9000 on Cheap Business Class

The luxury of business class is sometimes misunderstood. Traveling VIP compared to coach is like comparing night to day; there is no comparison.

Eager Cheap Business Class Aficionados may dream of the day their points buy them luxury, but for many who are not yet in the mix, here are...Read More »

Losing Points in Cheap Business Class

Lets say you’ve been collecting points on multiple Chase cards and you’ve decided you want to close one or more of your accounts. What happens to your points?

If you consider yourself a Cheap Business Class Aficionado, you know what happens—you lose the points.

Please, do not let that...Read More »

Cheap Business Class in Virgin?

Move over American Express, Virgin Atlantic MasterCard has a kick-booty deal that will make cheap business class dreams a near reality. Usually a 20,000 mile sign-up bonus, for a very limited time you can earn 75,000 miles!

Yes, you read that correctly. There are number of steps to get the 75K,...Read More »

Worst Cheap Business Class Kits

Yesterday we discussed the top of the line business and first class travel kits, but we didn’t give you the skinny on the kits that received the poorest reviews.

With three out of six stars, Air Canada is among three airlines that received low rankings for their vanity kits. With...Read More »

Luxury Kits for Cheap Business Class Seats

Flying business class is like entering a five-star hotel for the first time. Flying cheap business class is even better. And depending on who you fly, you may enjoy an upper-crust kit with luxurious brand name goodies.

Exactly forty-eight kits, from economy, business and first class were tested and judged....Read More »

2 Multi-Functional Embarrassing Comfort Tips

Cheap Business Class Aficionados are clever. They want comfort, without the big price tag. Besides the big, relaxing seats in business class, we have two additional comfort tips we guarantee will challenge you’re ego, but worth it.

Lets start with the least obvious. A little thing called Dress Pant Sweatpants. These...Read More »

What Are Miles Worth

Cheap Business Class Aficionados know that frequent flyer miles are priceless. How can you put a price on comfort?

But when looking at flyer miles without emotional attachment, it’s clear that some miles in some of the programs are more valuable. If our Cheap Business Class Aficionados had to buy...Read More »

New Digs on Horizon for Cheap Business Class Seats

If you’re planning on traveling internationally, you might want to make sure you line up points for a cheap business class seat on some of the new Cathay Pacific airplanes.

Cathay Pacific has $27 billion burning a hole in their pockets, so they’ve decided to spend it on 90 planes. Based...Read More »

Duo Outsmarts Baggage Fees with Comic Effect

The lengths to which some folks will go to avoid fees is sometimes delightful for the rest of us. Rarely do we get a good laugh during check-in, but this duo from San Francisco happily gave travelers on an economy airline in Singapore an entertaining eyeful.

The two men were told...Read More »

Great Frequent Flyer Program for Cheap Business Class Seats

The airlines are certainly vying for your business. Here’s another very nice card offer from American Express for Delta Sky-Miles.

It’s the Gold Delta SkyMiles credit card, and all you Cheap Business Class Aficionados will want to check it out.

Big Flyer Miles—50,000 to be exact once you spend $1,000 greenbacks...Read More »

5 Super Sneaky Ways to Earn FF Miles

If you’re having a hard time trying to figure out how to spend the minimum on your credit card in order to earn those very important points, here are 5 Super Sneaky ideas you may not have considered yet.

All is fair in love, war, and earning your very own...Read More »

Sweet Cheap Business Class Bonus

We have good news, Cheap Business Class Aficionados, so pay attention because you’ll want to act.

The Chase United Explorer card has increased their sign-up bonus to 50,000 points! You’ll have to spend $2,000 within the first 3 months, but that’s a synch. Normally 30,000, the extra 20,000 will come in...Read More »

The Airline’s Biggest Secret's

Delta airlines makes bank. Their reported second-quarter profit for 2014 was a record-breaking $801 million, up almost 20% from the previous year. Delta measures the highest of financial performance among American airlines, and they are fined the highest as well. Between 2010 and 2013, Delta was fined $2.9 million for...Read More »

Membership for Cheap Business Class Seats

If you’re a frequent international traveler and don’t yet belong to Star Alliance, it’s time to get with it.

Star Alliance has a relationship with 27 airlines, allowing our Cheap Business Class Aficionados the ability to fly just about anywhere in the world using one simple rewards card.

Earning your...Read More »

3 Tips To Keep Your Points Relevant

Don’t Waste, Make Haste for Your Cheap Business Class Seat.

According to, at least twenty percent of all frequent-flier miles go to waste. This is serious, folks. When a point is worth about a penny, you’re tossing good money away.
Here are three tips for making the most of...Read More »

An Easy 3,000 Toward Cheap Business Class Seats

We’re always on the look-out for special deals and ways to earn more frequent flyer points. There’s no greater feeling than flying cheap business class seats for free.

Here’s a great little opportunity to earn 3,000 miles with Alaska Airlines.

Now before you explain that you’re not an Alaska Airlines member,...Read More »

3 Cheap Business Class Safety Tips

Traveling abroad is always such an adventure—seeing new lands, tasting new foods, and meeting new people.

Unfortunately, sometimes the new people we meet are more interested in our wallets than our names. We have a few tips that will make your travels safer.

First, get a decoy credit card....Read More »

Hot Deal for Cheap Business Class Aficionados!

American Airlines makes Cheap Business Class travel easier than some other airlines, and right now you can earn a whopping 50,000 frequent flyer points with their Citi American Airlines Business AAdvantage card.

You know the drill — spend $3,000 in the first 3 months to get those points. The...Read More »

Cheap Business Class Seats on Air India

Air India is now part of Star Alliance. This is great news for Cheap Business Class travelers with destinations in India because your Star Alliance miles can now go toward flights to/from or within India.

Star Alliance airlines include many air lines—United, Air Canada and Avianca, to name a...Read More »

American & US Airways Combine Flier Programs in 2015

Earning flyer miles toward our cheap business class tickets is about to get a little more confusing.

The president of American’s AAdvantage program has reassured frequent flyers of American and US Airways that their miles will be safeguarded as the mileage balances of both airlines are combined in 2015.

There is no...Read More »

Cheap Business Class Tickets Getting Harder to Earn

Earning your cheap business class tickets is getting more challenging.

Last year, United and Delta both changed the way their frequent flyer mile programs work. Instead of basing awards on miles traveled, they added a minimum annual spending level. Fliers must now spend at least $2,500 on tickets in...Read More »

Favorite Flyer Miles Programs for Cheap Business Class Seats

With so many ways to earn flyer miles, the question on our lips is; who is the best?

Earning miles for cheap business class tickets is no secret, and it’s not difficult. Nearly every where you turn, some credit card or store is offering flyer mile incentives to use...Read More »

How To Redeem Your Miles For Maximum Value

You’ve been saving your flyer miles and you’re ready to make plans. There are a few things you need to know.

Most airlines charge a fee to use the call center, so it’s to your advantage to redeem your flyer miles via the airline’s website.

However, if your flight requires some...Read More »

How To Save Your Cheap Business Class Flyer Miles

After everything you did to earn your flyer miles, don’t lose your cheap business class seats from neglect. Be aware of when your miles expire, and implement your plan of attack.

Many cards and airlines require ‘activity’ to keep your miles valid, but activity doesn’t necessarily mean you have to...Read More »

5 Tips to Get Cheap Business Class Seats Fast

There are so many ways to get those wonderful, heavenly business class seats for next to nothing. Seriously, if you have a few minutes, we’ll fill you in.

1. Apply for the branded Citi Platinum Select/American Airlines World Mastercard and be treated like royalty. American Airlines is giving 50,000 bonus miles...Read More »

Travel Smart: Smart Cards!

Even if you are traveling on a budget and are diligent about getting the best deals on hotels and flights, you can be throwing money away by having the wrong credit card. Almost 90% of credit cards charge a 3% foreign transaction fee. 3% may not seem like a lot,...Read More »

6 Cheap Travel Destinations

Now that you’re busy finding your cheap business class tickets, it’s time to plan your adventures.
According to the budget travel guides, the top 6 destinations for cheap travel are also beautiful and worth the visit.
To be considered a cheap travel destination, the location had to offer inexpensive food,...Read More »

In Flight Funnies.

Whether you’re flying first class, business class, or coach, having a competent and attentive flight attendant can make or break your airline experience. When you are a mile high, you want to feel like everything is under control and that you are in good hands.

In addition to a great...Read More »

Cheap Vacations on The GO

For those who refuse to stay in one place, here are a few tricks to help you vacation on the go.

Work on a Cruise Ship: Get a job aboard a cruise ship. Not only do you get paid to see the world, you basically live your vacation....Read More »

TOP TEN: Travel Tips & Tricks

If you’re a seasoned traveler, you could probably write this blog yourself. But most travel wisdom, unfortunately, is learned by trial and error. So, if you’re going to be traveling this summer, take a few tips from us and you’ll probably be glad you did.

1. Bring a collapsable water...Read More »

TBT -- Air Travel Way Back When

Many of you won’t remember the days that airline travel was associated with glamour and opulence. Unless, of course, you have the pleasure of flying in business class on the regular.

We stumbled upon these ads in an article put together by Reminisce Magazine and thought it would be fun to...Read More »

How to Get Cheap First Class Tickets

Everyone in the travel industry or frequent flyer has their own tricks of the trade for getting cheap first class tickets. Well, we asked around and found some of the key tips to getting cheap first class airfare throughout the country. Here are our key findings:

Buy a Y-Up Fare

A Y-Up...Read More »

First Class vs Business Class

Other than charting a private jet, First Class and Business Class flights are considered the most comfortable, efficient, and luxurious way to travel for business people, and others who prefer and can afford the comforts of premium travel. As of late, it seems the business class market for airlines has...Read More »

Secrets of Cheap Business Class Tickets

Almost anything is possible, even getting cheap business class tickets.

There is no magic bullet to getting cheap business class tickets; it takes time, persistence, and it may even require making phone calls. Are you willing to go to the extremes for comfort?

The truth is, flying business class can...Read More »

How to Get the Best Last Minute Deals on Business Class Tickets

Buying last-minute tickets are not the best way to get deals on business class flights. Unfortunately, emergency meetings and personal situations make buying last-minute deals a reality and a necessity. The good news is there are ways to keep the cost down and avoid the premium prices airlines charge for...Read More »

2014 Savings Guide on Business Travel Flights

Corporate travel is one way businesses look to cut expenses. Cutting cost and focusing resources is essential for growth and profit maximization. The problem is everything related to travel has increased over the years, the price of international and domestic flights, hotel rates, rental car prices...Read More »

4 Common Myths About Getting The Cheapest Airline Tickets

Have you ever wondered when the best time to book an airline tickets is? Have you heard that waiting until the last minute is the best way to get a cheap ticket? As a business traveler, your schedule may be a little unpredictable. Sometimes, you may have a couple months...Read More »

What Do Airline Passengers Really Want - Besides Discounted Airfare?

For some, flying is a fun and exciting experience, but for others it’s a necessary evil. The airlines know airline passengers like you want cheap flights. Who doesn’t? The real issues they need to address go far beyond the initial price of a ticket. Airline reputations have been damaged in...Read More »

TSA Pre✓™ (Pre Check) Program

Good news for travelers! If you are a frequent flyer on any of the following nine airlines, you may be eligible for the TSA Pre Check Program, which allows you a much faster security screening and a lot less hassle:

  • Alaska Airlines
  • American Airlines
  • Delta
  • Hawaiian Airlines
  • JetBlue
  • Southwest
  • United
  • US Airways
  • Virgin America

To start taking advantage...Read More »

Factors that Affect the Price of Air Tickets

Sometimes it’s hard for travelers to find the best airfare, even after hours of shopping around. The truth is that airline prices vary based on a wide variety of factors that are tough to pin down, and this makes it hard to find the best deals. Here are some of...Read More »

3 of the World’s Best Airports for Business Travelers

Every year SKYTRAX evaluates the world’s best airports with their proprietary, in-depth 5 star rating system. SKYTRAX and their team of professional auditors set out to find world-class airports, but are these airports top notch for international business travelers or just general travelers? Business travelers have special needs (or at...Read More »

Top 5 Airplane Meals

For those of you who travel often, airline food can be an experience all in its own right. Whether the experience is positive or negative depends on the class you’re flying in and the airlines you choose. And it goes without saying, business class or first class seats always get...Read More »

Best Business Class Seats from Australia to the US

Do you travel from Australia to the US often? Do you conduct business or attend important meetings in the US? If so, CheapBIZClass has compiled a list of some of the best business class seats from the land down under to the US. We all know ...Read More »

Chicago to Seoul Direct Flight Offered by Asiana Airlines

Do you travel for business to Asia? Are you located in the East Coast of the US? Are you tired of taking multiple connecting flights to reach your final destination in Asia? Worry no more. Asiana now offers a new First Class direct flight from Chicago to Seoul. Say goodbye...Read More »

Non-Stop Flight from L.A. to London by Virgin Atlantic

Have you ever travelled for business from California to Europe? Then you know how long (and tedious) a transatlantic flight can be. Not only do you have to cross the entire continental USA, but you also have to cross the Atlantic Ocean to get to Europe. If you you’re travelling...Read More »

First Class Cabins Come Equipped With A Seat and Flat Bed Combo

When traveling First Class, one has become accustomed to seats that recline all the way back into a flat bed. This is a standard practice in most First Class and Business seats on all the major airlines. Recently, our Travel Insiders came across (and fortunately experienced) First Class cabins that...Read More »

7 Free Ways to Accumulate Airline Miles

Let’s face it. Flying can be expensive. This is especially true if you travel outside the continental US on a very short notice. For example, an economy class trip to the UK can cost anywhere from $800 to $1500 roundtrip depending on the season and how close you are to...Read More »

Top 5 Tips on Avoiding Jet Lag

Jet lag (medically known as desynchronosis) is probably the greatest hurdle for an international business traveler. Jet lag is a sudden change in a person’s sleep schedule due to the time difference between cities or countries. Studies have shown that it takes approximately 1 day to fully recover when a...Read More »

Some of The Best Airports in The World

If you happen to travel a lot due to work, below are some the most well-known airports in the world. This is based on a number of factors, but mainly due to the services and amenities offered and the ease as at which travelers can connect to other flights.
Read More »

Singapore Airlines – One of World’s Best Business Class Travel Seats

Singapore Airlines is considered one of the best when it comes to business class travel. Known for having the most spacious cabin in business class, the service and menu is also raved about on travel and customer review websites. Singapore Airline gets it, and because they do, you’ll...Read More »

3 of The World’s Best Business Class Experiences

Business class travelers are looking for convenience, comfort and luxury, but what airlines really have world class service? Who’s the best? Well, we set out to answer that question and have researched some of the top business class seats in the world. There are a few business class...Read More »

Why You Should Fly Business Class

Few travelers realize that flying business class is a completely different experience than flying economy. When you fly business class, you are able to fly with much more comfortable seats and spacious leg room. And this is just the beginning. Below is a quick overview of some of the...Read More »

The Ugly Truth About Airline Miles : How to Use Them

You’ve signed up for a frequent flyer program and you’ve been using your credit card accumulating miles. You’re thinking of catching a flight out of the country so you call up the airline – only to be told that you are unable to redeem your miles. Sound familiar? If...Read More »

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