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It Is A Dream

CheapBIZClass.com started in 2009 as a dream. It is a dream of providing Business Class travelers with better service, cheaper tickets, and more value than any other discount Business Class company on the Internet.

CheapBIZClass.com was one of the first companies to cater to Business Class flights. As such, we have more experience, and more trust with our clients, than some of the other newer providers on the market.

Why Do We Love Business Class Travelers?

We started off working in the travel industry, working with traditional travel agencies, who mainly catered to economy travelers. As such, we found a lack of focus on people traveling for business and their unique needs compared with leisure travelers. With the experience in the travel industry, knowing every route and every seat, we knew we could help business travelers find the flights they need to be even more successful during their business trips.

Now we at CheapBIZClass.com have proven our ability to bring the best value and service to our customers. We do this through a deep knowledge of the closely help secrets of the airline industry, secrets that only the most savvy of travelers and agents are privy to. This ensures we know about unpublished fares, special promotions, and free upgrades that other providers dream to know about.

Why Will You Love CheapBIZClass.com?

We are focused on making your trip as smooth as possible. As such, once you experience how easy it is to work with CheapBIZClass.com, you’ll never spend hours looking for a deal again. Rather, you’ll think of us as the travel extension of your office, and know just who to call whenever you need to travel Business Class.

Call us now at 888-496-0747 to book your flight, or do a quick search with the form on the right to see just how much you can save.

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UK Toll Free: +44 808 1890 142

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