Business Class Flights to São Paulo


Not just a destination for business, São Paulo, Brazil is a beautiful city full of culture and a perfect mix of tradition and modernity. Enjoy your flight with’s business class flight specials to São Paulo, Brazil. Enjoy the city’s cosmopolitan art world and traditional cuisines as you explore the 588 square miles of South America’s largest metropolis.

For the most enjoyable experience, offers discount business class tickets to São Paulo. São Paulo’s immense diversity is reflected in its immigrant festivals that occur across the city, celebrating over different countries and their respective food, music, languages, and cultures. Fly business class to São Paulo for cheap and enjoy not only the luxury and amenities of business class airfare, but the thrills and wonders of São Paulo, Brazil.

Ethiopian Airlines’ New B777 Business Class

ethiopian airlines 777 business class

Ethiopian Airlines, a Pan-African international carrier with over 200 daily departures, has recently completely renovated its Boeing 777-200 & -300 planes. The greatest improvement on the fleet? A newly-redesigned business class seats with increased service, technology, and elegant seating. CEO Ato Tewolde Gebremariam said, “We are very pleased to provide our passengers with the best onboard experience especially on our long-haul routes.”

The new business class was made under a huge investment and renovation strategy by the airline and includes a total reworking of the IFE and software, as well as a complete restructuring of passenger service on-flight. As for the business class itself, the stylish and colorful new business class seating also boasts the new business-class standard: fully-flat seats for the most comfortable and restful flight on long-haul business flights.

The Elusive Swiss Business Class “Throne”


Swiss International Air Lines AG has a very special and highly sought-after seat found in the business class of the airline’s Airbus A330 and A340 jets and is set to be found on the new Boeing 777-300ER aircraft as well. These affordable business class flights feature a highly unique seating arrangement, which alternates down the left side in either pairs or singles, on the right side are arranged solely as singles, and middle seats set in off-set pairings.

However, its the single seats on the left side of the business class that has caused such a stir for customers. These seats come equipped with two consoles and two tables a seat and allow those who are lucky enough to snag one of the few double-console single seats to spread their belongings out and multi-task. On the Swiss A330 and A340, the seats at 4A and 6A are especially coveted by those in the know, as they come with an extended footwell for the bed to spread out into.

In the new Boeing 777-300ER business class, the Swiss “thrones” have somehow gotten even better. With the new wider body of the 777-300ERs, Swiss International Air Lines AG has been able to boost the number of “thrones” in business class to 12, with the prized seats located on both the left and right sides of business class. Add to that a doubling in available storage to the window-side console and you have even more places to keep your goods in flight.

Lufthansa Adopts Last-Minute Business Upgrades

lufthansa last minute upgrade on business class

Utilizing both their Miles & More program as well as cash upgrade options, Lufthansa is joining the likes of Air France and British Airways with their new option to upgrade to business and first class for cheap. For last-minute business class flights to Germany or other European destinations, you’ll be amazed by the deals we can offer.

For those looking to get business class airfare at economy pricing, seeking out a cheaper upgrade on Lufthansa airlines may be an option. The ability to upgrade to last-minute business class fares on British Airways and Air France has been around a number of years with savvy travelers. These great last-minute business class deals come with other perks, too.

Our last-minute upgrades to business class to Europe come with all of the basic airport perks, such as access to airport lounges, priority security lines, priority booking, and better seats. However, they come at a fraction of the regular cost for the business class tickets in Europe, these deals can’t be beaten.

Definitive Guide to Business Travel: How to Travel More Efficiently?

cheap Business class

Are you a frequent business traveler? Me too.

For the past 10 years, I have done more­­ than 40 business trips to Europe. The list also includes 7 missed flights and over two weeks layover at international airports.

Over the years, I have learned to arrive on time, to escape the crowds and cherish the local culture while traveling. All these have contributed to my personality and success and have enhanced my passion for traveling even more.

bargain business class flights

I have done many mistakes including booking wrong flights or far-away hotels, I lost my luggage over 10 times and had to negotiate with people who could not speak a single word in English. However, after I have gone through all of the aforementioned, I have learned that the perfect business trip is possible. All you need is a good plan and a travel insider by your side to give you all of the useful business travel hacks.


We all know that business trips are one of the crucial factors for the development of each company. Only for the past year, there were 1.11 trillion U.S. dollars spent on business travel worldwide.

By sharing my experience, I would like to help all of you who are just opening the door of the global corporate world.

Not to mention that I can also save you 30% of your expenses.

After reading this article, you will know how to:

  • Reduce your expenses when traveling for overseas ventures by using discount business class airfares?
  • Eliminate the stress of missing out on important details regarding your trip and enjoy your journey because happiness leads to success?
  • Have a successful meeting with a corporate client?
  • What to pack?
  • Record your travel details and itinerary in accordance with organizational requirements?
  • Use the newest apps for business trips to make your life better?

No matter if you are taking Domestic or an International flight, the first thing you need is a…


business class travel deals

We all know that “A good plan today is better than a perfect plan tomorrow” so organize your business journey in advance to ensure success.

There are my 8 extremely important steps for planning a business trip which will reduce the stress before each journey and will save you precious time. In order to make your life easier I am giving you the Ultimate CheapBizClass template to help you.


You can download it here: Ultimate CheapBizClass template


1. Booking

Start with booking your round-trip flight and only then book the hotel.

I always advise my colleagues to fly Business class instead of Economy or Premium economy because the fatigue after 10 hours in the sky, as well as the time difference in Europe, can turn your next day or two into a washout. Instead, try to find a cheap international business class flight to arrive at your meetings fresh and productive.

2. Rent

When renting a car outside the US avoid automatic transmission and Sunday rentals. The vast majority of off-airport rental car locations in Europe are closed on Sundays. Also, it is better to request a diesel. The fuel is cheaper than gas in Europe and available at every service station.

3. Baggage

You are allowed to have a check-in and carry-on baggage. Over time I have developed a better sense for the things I need for my business trips and learned to pack all I need into my check-in. In this way, I prevent the risk of my luggage being lost and save myself the waiting of the unloading.

You can read more of my packing tips for business travel down below.

4. Visa

It’s important to check and see if your destination will require you to have a visa. You can check online for the visa requirements here.

5. Currency

Always take a reasonable amount of the local currency. No matter how confident you are in your credit card cash will guarantee you peace and freedom when you are abroad.

6. Vaccination

Vaccines protect travelers from serious diseases. Depending on where you travel, you may come into contact with diseases that are rare in the United States, like yellow fever. Some vaccines may also be required for you to travel to certain places. This is certainly one of the top business travel tips since there is nothing more important than our well-being. Find out more here.

7. Itinerary

The more details you have added to your list, the less you will have to think about it. That is why you better use a travel itinerary template to make sure you are not missing out on something important.


You can download our exclusive one here:

Cheapbizclass Business travel itinerary template


Tip: Prepare daily itineraries with appointments, arrival and departure times, accommodation and other itinerary details by travel purpose.

8. Boarding

Always bring your printed boarding pass where you can check your boarding time and gate.


cheap business class flights to london

The key to packing effectively for a business trip is getting everything you are going to need into a rollaboard bag. Use packing modules to keep things organized and unwrinkled and load your suitcase in a way that maximizes space.

 One of the most useful items to consider when planning a trip overseas is a dedicated suitcase for business trips that you can carry on the plane, even if you will use it occasionally. Owning a suitcase that always needs to be checked will hamper your corporate travel significantly.

So buy a “rollaboard” suitcase, the popular suitcases with four wheels on the bottom with a retractable handle that is small enough to fit in an overhead bin. This will definitely make your packing for international business travel much easier and pleasing experience.

BUSINESS TRIP packing list for MEN

cheapest way to fly business class

What to Wear on Plane

  • Jeans or Dockers
  • Casual/athletic or dress shoes
  • Belt to match shoes
  • Casual shirt with a collar (golf shirt?)
  • Suit jacket (or pack it)
  • Overcoat (if needed at destination)
  • Smartphone and wallet (in your pockets)

Men’s Suitcase Packing List

  • Shoes
  • Belt—same color as shoes
  • Socks
  • Underwear
  • Undershirts
  • Dress shirts
  • Ties
  • Suit/dress pants
  • Suit jacket (if not wearing on the plane)
  • Toiletry kit/vitamins/prescriptions
  • Workout clothes (shorts/shirt/swim trunks)
  • Casual shirt
  • Extension cord (if needed)

Briefcase Packing List

  • Gadget bag (more on this later)
  • Laptop
  • Laptop accessories, including power adapter, travel mouse, ethernet cables, etc.
  • Tickets/itinerary (printed)
  • Business cards
  • Passport (if needed)
  • Notebook, pens, mints, etc.
  • Wireless presenter remote (for a PowerPoint presentation)
  • International power adapters (if needed)
  • Bluetooth headset

Gadget-Bag Packing List

  • Tablet (fully charged and loaded with movies)
  • Noise-canceling headphones or earbuds
  • Spare batteries for noise-canceling headphones
  • Backup headphones
  • Charger cables for smartphone, tablet, and headphones
  • Reading glasses/contact lens case
  • Book or magazine
  • A pen (for filling out immigration forms)
  • One of your business cards, ideally somewhere easily accessible, in case you forget the bag somewhere and someone wants to figure out how to return it to you.

Always make sure that you have all of the mens business travel essentials above since you never know when they can get handy and you certainly don’t want to end up in a nasty situation, right.


Get the complete male business trip packing checklist here.



business class Suitcase Packing List for Women

What to Wear on Plane

  • Casual slacks or jeans
  • Shoes
  • Belt to match shoes
  • Casual shirt with collar
  • Jacket (or pack it)
  • Overcoat (if needed at destination)
  • Smartphone and handbag (carry)

Suitcase Packing List for Women

  • Shoes — heels, flats, and athletic
  • Belt—same color as shoes
  • Hose (one universal color, if possible)
  • Socks
  • Underwear
  • Blouse
  • Suit/dress pants/dress
  • Suit jacket (if not wearing on the plane)
  • Toiletries/makeup/vitamins/prescriptions
  • Jewelry
  • Workout clothes
  • Casual blouse/shirt
  • Extension cord (if needed)
  • Curling iron/straightener

Briefcase Packing List for Women

  • Gadget bag (more on this later)
  • Laptop
  • Laptop accessories, including power adapter, travel mouse, ethernet cables, etc.
  • Tickets/itinerary (printed)
  • Business cards
  • Passport (if needed)
  • Notebook, pens, mints, etc.
  • Wireless presenter remote (for a PowerPoint presentation)
  • International power adapters (if needed)
  • Bluetooth headset

Gadget-Bag Packing List for Women

  • Tablet (fully charged and loaded with movies)
  • Noise-canceling headphones or earbuds
  • Spare batteries for noise-canceling headphones
  • Backup headphones
  • Charger cables for smartphone, tablet, and headphones
  • Reading glasses/contact lens case
  • Book or magazine
  • A pen (for filling out immigration forms)
  • One of your business cards, ideally somewhere easily accessible, in case you forget the bag somewhere and someone wants to figure out how to return it to you

These ar the essential parts of a women’s business travel wardrobe if you want to be ready for the variety of situations that can, and will most likely, occur during your trip.


Download the full women business trip packing checklist here.




Credit cards

 Always make sure that you have a corporate credit card with you. Most companies issue a corporate American Express or a corporate Visa. Regardless of which card your company issues, I find it is best to travel with both an American Express and a Visa or a MasterCard. My corporate card is an American Express and I always take a personal Visa just in case my American Express isn’t accepted. In the US, it’s rare that American Express isn’t accepted, but it happens. Internationally, American Express is accepted in almost every hotel and with every airline, but again your experience will vary greatly for restaurants, metros, taxis, and ATMs.

Cheap Business Class flights

One of my favorite tips for managing business travel expenses is when you are booking an international business flight from the US, always check if you can get discounted Business class tickets. With a company like CheapBizClass, you can get up to 70% discount from the price of your Business class flight and fly overseas in comfort.

The company offers various Business class deals and often you can fly in Business class on the same price as Premium economy. For around $3000 you can benefit from all the services that your carrier can offer.

Want more on the topic of “cheap business class?” Read on to know how to find cheap business class flights on Getting Cheap Business Class Tickets – Ultimate Guide.

To fly business class cheap just you can call our Travel Insiders and get up to 50% off on all business and first-class tickets guaranteed now 1-888-302-0053, UK Toll-Free: +44 808 1890 142, Australia Toll-Free: +61 1300 345 371

Business Travel Hack: Choosing the economy class flight or the cheapest hotel room may not be the lowest cost when you look at the big picture.

Business Travel Policies


Let’s proceed further and discuss what are the main needs and requirements of a business traveler!

If you work for a Global company, then expect a small book detailing travel rules. Read the manual, and then read it again because violating these rules is the easiest way to get fired.

Large companies have control departments and corporate auditors who spend their entire working day looking for travel violations. It’s easy for them to find red flags because the rules are both robust and complicated; therefore, it’s easy for employees to make mistakes.  These are some of the corporate travel policy best practices so make sure to remember them.

Tip: Always record travel details and itinerary in accordance with organizational requirements.

round the world business class airfares

It won’t take you more than 60 minutes to make travel and accommodation arrangements if you know what you are searching for. That is why it is important to know how to book hotels for business trips because your accommodation can have a huge impact on your stay.

  1. Choose a hotel that reflects your needs. If you are working out on a daily basis or follow a vegetarian diet, for instance, make sure that your needs will be satisfied.
  2. When you are picking the hotel, consider the transport options nearby, instead of its proximity to your clients.
  3. Book your hotel as early as you can. Do not wait until the last moment because as with the business class flight deals the early bird catches the worm.
  4. Always take into consideration your company’s Business Travel Policies. Often, companies have arrangements with international hotel chains to get discounts so have a chat with your colleagues and exchange some experience before you book.
  5. Regardless of whomever you book through, be sure to follow up after your reservation, to have your company name included in all documentation and invoicing. This will help for tax purposes, as well as establishing your company name profile in the hotel computer systems.

Hotel hack: While at the front desk, grab a hotel business card to stow in your wallet so you always have the hotel’s address and phone number while out and about.


discount business class airfares

The purpose of your business trip is to make a good impression, earn trust and create new business contacts, right?

That is why it is good to know more about the place to which you are going.

Get acquainted with the local language and learn how to say “Hello” and “Thank you”. You will be surprised how many people are going to like you just because you have greeted them in their language.

Take time and read at least one good article about the country. In order to get to know the way, your partners are working it is important to get some insights into their culture.

In Europe, for example, I have realized that it is extremely important to have not only business-related conversations with my partners. They were extremely happy when I was asking about their family or hobbies.

cheap business class flights to europe

Last but not least, check the level of crime and is there a record of any thievery. Also, make sure you know which phone number to call in such a case.

In Europe, for instance, you need to call 112, instead of 911 as in the US.


It took me quite long until I realized the importance of spending one hour in the week before my flight to fill my detailed itinerary template carefully.

However, after a while, I have noticed that the more efforts I have put into creating an exact plan, organized by days and hours, the less stressed I was feeling before and during my trip. It is such a relief to know that no matter what I need I will find it in my detailed itinerary or my gadget bag.

You can download my Business travel template hereBusiness travel itinerary template

I also have a copy of the file on my smartphone so I can always have an easy access to my appointments

Business itinerary tip: Always identify points of contact and names of contact persons, and make and confirm arrangements for meetings in accordance with the planned itinerary. On the day before your meeting always send a “Looking forward to meeting you” email in order to remind for your meeting.


cheapest way to fly business class



1. Relaxing on the Plane

Keeping yourself awake on a long flight (if you need to do that to avoid the jet lag) can be tough, so making sure that you have enough things to keep you busy during a long flight is important.

Very often I use the time to read an interesting novel or to listen to relaxing music. I am trying to avoid the movies because my eyes get tired. My goal is to get as much rest on the flight, and that is why I never work on the plane. This helps me stay healthy while flying and be more energized and productive on the following day.

Useful business travel health tip: If you wear contact lenses, consider packing a spare pair of glasses and an extra set of contact lenses. The glasses are great to wear on the plane (especially if you will be sleeping), and you can tuck spare contact lenses into your toiletry kit. Pack your glasses in a hard case if you have one, to protect them from damage in your briefcase.

2. Healthy Travel Food Ideas

cheap Business class

“How to eat healthy while traveling for business” is one of the main questions people ask me. Business class flights are not only known for the good night sleep that you can get but with its good food as well. Take advantage of the available local fruits and vegetables, which you will be offered on board. Eat something light and don’t mix too many flavors. Be gentle to your body because the flight and probably the time difference is already causing it enough stress.

Here is a list of the best business class foods for long flights that I like most:

  1. Granola or Energy Bars
  2. Fresh Fruits
  3. Homemade Salads
  4. Sandwiches or Wraps
  5. Hummus
  6. Quinoa Salad
  7. Dried Fruits
  8. Peanut Butter and Almond Butter
  9. Instant Oatmeal Bowls
  10. Seeds – sunflower, pumpkin, etc.

With time I have realized that the less I eat during my flight, the easier it is to adapt to my working schedule the next day.

Also, I am recommending you to avoid eating at night and also strongly suggest you exclude stinky foods(like seafood and cheese), nuts(some people on the board can be allergic to them) and onion and garlic.

 If you want to know more about what to eat on a long flight and after it, feel free to check this amazing resource

3. Drinking

Avoid drinking alcohol or caffeine when you are flying too. Using alcohol to get yourself to sleep may work for some people, but the quality of sleep won’t be as good, and you may end up with a solid case of jet lag and dehydration. Caffeine can help wake you up, but if you consume it at the wrong time of the day (for your arrival time zone), it can keep your body from adjusting to the new time zone. Sugary sodas and caffeine can dry you out, something you don’t need while sitting in an airplane cabin with very dry air.

When I’m flying for business, the only thing I drink is water (and lots of it!).

My recommendation is to buy a big bottle of water at the airport (after security!) and drink that because it’s unlikely you are going to be served enough water by the flight attendants to get you through any but the shortest of flights. Having your water bottle also means that you don’t have to wait for the flight attendants to bring you water, and you don’t have an open-topped water glass that could spill on your electronics during any turbulence. Water is, by all means, the best thing to drink on a plane and will surely help you stay healthy on long-haul flights.

For more VIP perks when flying read here –  Cheap First Class Flights

4. Noise-Canceling Headphones

business class flight tickets


About five years ago, I finally broke down and purchased some good-quality, over-the-ear noise-canceling headphones. They changed my life. It is hard to describe just how much better I feel when I get off a long flight after wearing the headphones. I didn’t realize just how much the constant droning of the engines and general overall noise level in the aircraft affected me and how much it disrupted my wellness while traveling.

Seriously, buy yourself a good set of noise-canceling headphones or earbuds!


bargain business class flights

The most common things that you will encounter, while traveling, are the stress, lack of sleep, unhealthy food and drinks as well as the lack of sport. All of those above, decrease the level of happiness and that is why it is important to take care of yourself first. Make sure that you are experiencing healthy business travel and only then think for the success of your business plans.

In the plane

One of the worst parts of air travel is the cramped seats, which can often lead to sore legs and swollen feet. If you don’t want to pay the flight upgrade costs to get more room, slip on a pair of compression socks before takeoff to avoid varicose veins and prevent dangerous blood clots.

Make sure that everything that you do on the plane brings you peace, harmony, and positive emotions. Listen to an audiobook or visualize the achievement of your dreams. Relaxation is crucial so try to ensure yourself some comfort.

business class fares to europe

When I was flying Business class for the first time, I have realized the huge difference in the level of comfort. I was able to sleep – something that I have never done on a plane before. And then, somewhere in the sky above London, I made a promise to myself to never fly Economy again, regardless of what it may cost me.

Later on, I found websites for discounted business class flights, and I honestly recommend them to everyone. The comfort that these flights are offering is extremely important and makes more sense.

In the hotel

In order to overcome the time difference, I follow a well-known rule – “act as a local” which simply means going to bed and waking up in the hours, typical for the particular place. This is the best solution that I have found to fight the jet lag.

I always go for a small walk after checking in the hotel, if the place and the weather conditions allow it of course. Getting to know the surroundings in combination with the fresh air makes me feel better.

If it is possible, I try to book an hour for swimming in the local sports club before I go to my meeting. I try to stick to my routines, even though I am 5 thousand miles from home.


cheap business class flights to europe

To reduce stress while traveling for business, think about hiring a car with a chauffeur, who will escort you during your stay. The pressure from the unknown routes may be too much for you, so this opportunity is worth considering. You will save some time and worries so it will undoubtedly pay off well. At the moment you might not fully realize just how bad is business travel for your health if you do not take the necessary steps to minimalize the tension but trust me. It can have devasting effects on your energy and overall performance on the upcoming business deals.

cheap Business class

No matter which one of Europe’s business capitals you are visiting, you can search for its hidden gems. My personal favorite is London because of its convenient places for business meetings, the excellent Wi-Fi and the immaculate healthy foodHere you can find some good options. My personal favorite is PURE because they deliver their delicious food to every point in London. I have even made orders from my home in the US and received the food 24 hours later in my hotel room in London. In this way, I save time, which I can use to have a nap or shower before my next meeting.


Best tip ever: Spare at least three hours to go to the souvenir shop or a place for handmade chocolate. My experience has thought me that the presents I bring and the attention I pay to my family makes me a happier person and father.

business class flight deals


Business apps have changed our perception about the way we do business nowadays. That is why you need to use them and benefit from the value they add. Otherwise, you are still living in the past.

For me, there are three apps, that I couldn’t do without while traveling.

App in the Airfree

App in the Air is a blessing for those who live out of a suitcase. It keeps track of your itineraries, boarding passes, and frequent-flier programs. Plug in any number of flights, and you can track boarding and landing times, along with current waits for check-in, security & customs. Search tips from other travelers for which airport coffee shop is open at 5 am and little-known places to charge your phone.

DocuSign paid $480 annually

With DocuSign, employees can securely send, sign and manage nearly every agreement from almost anywhere in the world. Your customers can quickly and easily complete transactions from their smartphone or tablet. DocuSign offers online signature apps native to every major mobile platform.

Business in a boxpaid $340 annually

Business in a box contains various templates and tools to manage all of your business. Everything you can think of is made into templates, which you can use at any time. I often use even their email templates when I am late for a meeting or I am offering a product to a new market. They are genius!

If you require anything else, here is a list of everything you may need.


cheap Business class


Business class seats are found mostly on international routes and planes that are configured for long-haul travel. This class of service offers significantly more comfort and amenities than standard Economy, Premium Economy, and Domestic First Class, which usually include double the seat pitch (legroom) compared to Economy and 2-3 extra inches of seat width.

If you still haven’t found an affordable business class flight to Europe and are traveling Economy, you should look for better seats 24 hours before departure. That’s when the check-in for your flight begins. At that time, go to your trip and start checking to see if better seats have been freed up. If you don’t see your ideal seat right away, change your seat to the best available one.

Regardless of your seat number, you can pay to have access to an airline lounge. Being able to eat, drink, and shower ahead of your flight or during a layover takes things to a new level. Look at apps such as Priority Pass or Lounge Buddy for discounted prices.



best business class flight deals

When I started traveling for business, I was required to send a report for the trip before I get back home. This was making things more complicated since I couldn’t always find time to sit on my computer while traveling.

That’s why I started adopting the best practices of people who are often working outside of their office, and I will share them with you here.

  1. Make sure you get access to Wi-Fi
business class deals

Most definitely the first thing you need is the internet. We live in an era in which it is hard to do business without a laptop and internet connection. That is why I use my hotspot, to make sure I always stay connected.

  1. Work on a desk
business class flights to europe

I never work at the hotel lobby or the swimming pool, no matter how good the Wi-Fi is. Dedicate two hours for organizing and completing your tasks and enjoy the rest of your stay without having to think about emails.

  1. Use Google Sheets apps

It is important for me to get access to information at any time and that is why I ask my assistant to upload all my files to Google Docs and Google Sheets. It is very convenient.

  1. Be online between certain hours each day
cheap business class airfares

Before I leave, I generate an automatic response email to all my clients, informing them that I am away from the office, mentioning the time period and the hours in which they can contact me. This ensures that no one is expecting me to respond immediately and my clients can plan their time properly predicting my actions.

For the past five years, I’ve thought my colleagues to do the same.

  1. Order your priorities

I never do things that can be postponed, no matter how much my colleagues are insisting. For me, it is important to ensure enough time for traveling, preparation for business meetings and a short break afterward. I try not to think about the things that I have to organize after I return to the US.

  1. Work early in the morning instead of late at night

I can complete much more tasks early in the morning, in comparison to late at night. I prefer to drink my coffee, then do my work and not have to think about it the whole day.

  1. Treat yourself

I’ve always liked the idea of William Gadea – Founder/Creative Director of IdeaRocket 

business class flight deals


“Treat yourself like you are a lab animal! You can get yourself to do anything if you promise a sweet reward once the job is done. If you get this work done, then you are entitled to… a steak dinner? A swim in the lake? A professional massage? The choice is yours. Sounds silly, but it does work.”


In conclusion, I will remind you my top three tips for business travel.

  1. I never work on the plane or in the hotel room – this is my time for rest and daydreaming.
  2. I always fly Business class – I find cheap tickets for Business class and save some money at the expense of the airlines and not my comfort.
  3. I always make time for buying presents for my beloved once. A box of homemade Swiss chocolate or a 3D puzzle of London Eye can do wonders to the kids at home.

Finally, if you have planned your trip well, you will be traveling through airports and hotels at a comfortable pace, with time to look around and see what’s happening around you. If you get the chance, take a moment to hold the door for someone, step out of the way of a hurried passenger, or help someone struggling with too many bags. Travel can be tough on people, particularly those who are not as experienced as you. Paying a touch of kindness forward can be a great addition to your personal brand, and connect you to the world and people around you.

business class flight tickets

See you at the airport!

What is the difference between business and first class?

cheap first class


2018 is undoubtedly a year in which we can fly from A to B with a price range of $3,99 to $25000.

But is it all about the money?

Get to know the features, characteristics, experiences, and prices of each cabin class.

Please include attribution to with this graphic.

business vs first class

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Economy Class

cheap business class


Economy Class flights are suitable for all people who want to save a significant amount of money on their travels at ticket prices up to $1,100 and can not afford to pay even for cheap Business Class flights.

seat in a planelegroom varying from 28” to 34”, and 17” – 33” wide, foods and drinks, a TV screen and a toilet – this is the Economic Class in a nutshell.

Whether it is about expensive first class flights to Dubai or cheap business class seats, long-haul flying is extremely exhausting. But fortunately, there is much you can do to make your flying experience more cosy, pleasant and worthwhile.

For instance, book your flight at the right time. Also, make sure you choose the best flight search engine with a rock-bottom fare.

It is a good idea to invest in noise cancelling headphones, ask for an exit row seat and buy BYO airline food, which is much more qualitative and healthy.

Premium Economy Class

Cheap business class


In its essence, Premium Economy Class is a flying experience that bridge the gap between the standard Economy Class and Business Class cabins.

However, Premium Economy Class tickets, which are up to $2,500 cost much less than cheap Business Class tickets.

In comparison with a seat in Economy, you get a wider seat with a greater pitch, a larger TV screen, a choice of better meal and drinks, a greater baggage allowance and priority boarding.

An essential detail is the fact that you will not be allowed in the Business Class lounge, a lie-flat seat, a separate toilet or the attentive service in Business.

Nevertheless, in the opinion of the most business travellers, they can work successfully in Premium Economy, which is nearly impossible in Economy.

Business Class

Cheap business class


They say that flying Business Class is just a step away from the exceptionally luxurious experience called First Class. But unfortunately, one can easily find low-priced business class flights to Hawaii, which is absolutely impossible when it comes to First Class flights to Hawaii.

Yet, one gets a perfectly different class where everything is much better. You can get discounted business class tickets at prices starting from $2,500.

In return, travellers enjoy pre-flight drinks, excellent meals served with proper knives and forks, a full flat-bed seat with a width going as wide as 34” and pitch all the way to 87, a dedicated lounge in the airport, priority boarding, a video system for entertaining and chauffeured pick-up and drop-off service.

In fact, Business Class is becoming so good, that a multitude of airlines has already abandoned their First Class seats.

First Class

Cheap business class


With its ticket prices starting from $3,500, flying First Class is not only worth every penny but could also be called ,,The Grandeur of air travel’’.

The fundamental difference between cheap first class flights to Dubai and cheap Business Class flights to Dubai, for example, is the price at which seats in First class cost to five times as much as Business Class seats.

Reserved mainly for popular personalities and millionaires, admirers of First Class flights to Hawaii, First Class travel spoils its passengers with a luxury roomy seat up to 32” wide and max pitch of 92’’, a dedicated lounge in the airport, privacy, pre-flight drinks, menus and dishes created by Michelin starred chefs, priority boarding, a video system for entertaining, chauffeured pick-up and drop-off service, and, last but not the least, celebrities or super-rich passengers next to you.

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The Best Business Class Seats of 2020 – 12 Business Flight Airlines that Will Leave You Breathless

If the quality of service and in-flight amenities are important to you, premium air travel is well worth the investment. Thus booking the best business class seats is esteemed because it saves you the time and inconveniences that usually come with air travel while enabling you to maintain what can be a demanding personal schedule.

For many professionals and families, luxury travel is not about the opulence but rather the ability to retain optimum conditions for work, rest and productivity while on the move both domestically and across international borders. Superior and select forms of air travel typically come in two well-known packages, first-class, and business class. Here, we explore all you need to know about the best business class flights of 2020, key considerations you should be aware of, and how to get all of them at discounted prices.

Key Considerations for Business Class Travel

The experienced business class traveler will tell you that not all business class flights or airline packages are the same. The differences in convenience, quality, pricing, and loyalty benefits offered vary widely. Look for the following when selecting from the best business class flights:

  1. 1. Best business class airlines always prioritize your ability to get proper rest in flight.
  2. 2. The provision of more room, less seating density, and greater aisle access make business class an altogether more peaceful experience.
  3. 3. Customers of all kinds will appreciate outstanding customer service, delicious food, great entertainment, and a well equipped in-flight kit. A good airline will know that!
  4. 4. A sedate alternative to the manic departure lounge. Airport business lounge typically comes with dedicated check-in, priority boarding, and a more generous baggage allowance.

The Very Best Business Class Seats are Well Worth the Expense

Seating and comfort is often a priority if you are purchasing business class airline tickets. This is especially true if you are undertaking a transcontinental or long-haul international flight where you will be seated for a prolonged time. Sitting in awkward and cramped seating is not only uncomfortable, making it difficult to rest, but also runs the risk of health problems such as deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism. Comfortable seating that provides the opportunity to mobilize readily is essential.

Where space is at a premium pay for business class carriers, which offer the amplest seating arrangements. There are a variety of seating arrangements which include:

  • Extra legroom
  • Cradle seating
  • Fully flatbeds

Knowing the type of seating to expect will help you plan your journey better or select an airline that offers the most comfortable experience, especially on major long-haul routes.

Which Airline has the Best Business Class Flight?

Though still distinct from first class, the best airlines for business class offer near unrivaled levels of luxury and comfort. Benefits and packages do vary between airlines, so it is well worth knowing which airlines have the most benefits. SKYTRAX World Airline Awards reviewed the best airlines for business class in 2019. Awards are given on the basis of one of the world’s most extensive surveys with over 21 million respondents. Here are our top picks based on customer service, benefits, and overall experience.

Qatar Airways’ Q-Suites

Qatar Airways continues to set new standards in business class luxury with the world’s first retractable double beds, which they are retrofitting on select Boeing 777s. These business class suites serve up the height of opulence with The 4-way mid-aisle seating forming a dynamic, live, work, or sleep space depending on your needs. Privacy screens can be raised or dropped at the touch of a button, and the generous displays and networking can be connected to your laptop or phone for an in-flight business presentation for your traveling companions. Entertainment and connectivity are easy with on-board WiFi and cellular connectivity. Alongside this innovative cabin, Qatar Airways also fine cuisine, amenity kits, and their signature outstanding service. It is no surprise that year on year, they are winning awards for the best business class seats.

Key points

  • an excellent choice for group travel
  • spacious cabins
  • tech-ready with great WiFi and screen connectivity

Singapore Airlines’ A380 Business class

Singapore Airlinesis highly rated globally as having some of the best business class seats on intercontinental flights. The new A380 business class by Singapore airlines has the entire industry buzzing and has landed them top ratings, and awards. Being located in the Far East and known for its long-haul itineraries, this airline has focused on providing everything its clientele need for high-quality sleep. No expense had been spared in creating sumptuous Poltrona Frau leather-upholstered seating that folds into a comfortable bed. At 6 foot 6 inches in length fully extended, this is one of the largest seats available. The finish in their business class is exceptional with the cushioned headboard and fine linens fit for a refreshing sleep. Center seating can also create a comfortable double bed that is great for lounging or settling children. Besides, you will enjoy generous stowage, fine toiletries from Penhaligons and a personalizable, pre-booked menu with outstanding beverages.

Key points

  • large seating
  • sumptuous upholstery
  • luxury amenity kit

Japan Airlines Apex Suite

Japan Airlines 2-2-2 configuration for business class seating is smart and popular with their frequent flyers. This bento box style arrangement produces well-contained, individual cabins with lots of space and privacy. The seating folds down for sleeping with mattress pads provided for added comfort. Alongside their ample amenities kit, Japan Airlines also supplies a cardigan for additional warmth. Sumptuous in-flight menus showcase the very best of Japanese cuisine, which is loved the world over and the elegant amenity kit boasts a sharp contemporary design. Business Class affords access to some of the world’s best airport lounges with their showering facilities provided for full refreshment.

Key points

  • considered seating configuration
  • complementary cardigan
  • delicious Japanese menu

In addition here are some examples of business class seats and provision on some of the world’s leading airlines:

Etihad Airways

In keeping with the penchant of the Gulf nations for no expense spared aesthetics and service, Etihad Airways has established a sound reputation for business class travel that feels like First. Their Dreamliner Business Studio cabin is fully equipped for the authentic business class traveler with purposed amenities, storage, and a generous fold-flat bed. Seating has an innovative dovetail arrangement to ensure that you are comfortably seated and have maximum access to the aisle. Sumptuously upholstered leather seating affords either ample legroom or a flat, well-furnished bed.

If staying put is not for you, Etihad Airways have produced a signature lounge, reminiscent of a boutique hotel or private members club.

Also, business class passengers can avail themselves of fine cuisine on demand, executive transfers in the UAE and dedicated boarding with an outstanding home lounge equipped with food showers and WiFi.

Key points

  • luxury inclusive transfers in the UAE
  • breakout in-flight lounge
  • great aisle access

American Airlines

Booking a seat with American Airlines is an opportunity to enjoy signature business class hospitality. The package offers priority service benefits, with business class passengers being first to be served for check-in, security and retrieval of luggage at their destination. American Airlines also offers a Flagship Lounge with excellent food and beverages, comfortable seating and showers all delivered by attentive and personable staff. On-board, stay connected on select flights with inclusive WiFI, 1-2-1 reverse herringbone seating arrangement, and executive chef menu that can be pre-ordered. Space is ample for personal stowage, legroom, and getting sleep with the fold-down seating and beddings supplied. The toiletry bags are rather basic, but AA makes up for this with a complimentary supply of noise-canceling headphones.

Key points

  • signature lounges with priority check-in and security
  • in-flight WiFi inclusive
  • pre-ordered chef’s menu

Virgin Atlantic

The Virgin brand has always been a trailblazer and its business class offering on Virgin Atlantic flights is no different. This airline works hard to excel in service and its Upper Class (an amalgamation of Business and first class) is fully equipped with every comfort for traveling in style. Virgin provides a signature experience with dedicated transfers, opulent lounges and clubhouses and a swift transfer to your flight. On-board the comfortable seating provides generous legroom as well as one of the longest fold flatbeds in the industry. Sleep should be no problem with a complementary sleepsuit and premium toiletry kit supplied.

Key points

  • signature pajamas
  • generous legroom
  • great lounge and transfers

United Airlines Polaris

United Airlines excels in a classic corporate-chic business class provision. While not having the opulence of other world-renowned business class services, the Polaris package is discrete, considered and of high quality throughout. Their focus on quality and service is reflected in the small details like the Saks Fifth Avenue designed beddings and amenities which include pajamas, and luxe toiletries from Sunday Riley. Add to that a menu of fresh seasonal world cuisine and it is clear that this is a determined effort to provide service with distinction. In revamping their business class, United Airlines has focused on its passengers getting great sleep on international flights. From blue mood lighting to a privacy divider that can section off your seat at a push of a button. Seats feature a 1-2-1 configuration with decent legroom and fold flat for sleeping though storage is limited. You can also get a mattress topper on request for added comfort.

Key points

  • mood lighting to aid sleep
  • custom-designed amenities and beddings
  • privacy screening

Virgin Australia

Business Class or ‘The Business’ as it is nicknamed is executed with flair. The Virgin Australia Reverse herringbone seat is a ‘cocoon’ or pod-like suite which is stylish and well-equipped with an over 6ft fold-flat bed. Pillows, blankets, and signature pajamas are thrown in to ensure that any sleep is quality sleep! A versatile seating area means that your time can be productive with desk space and storage, or entertaining, with high-quality screens and the latest film and music to enjoy. On-demand, breakfast and express dining are available, meaning you never need to get hungry. An upper deck bar area is also available as a great breakout space, serving a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

Key points

  • great atmosphere
  • on-demand dining
  • glamourous fittings


Lufthansa leaves the way with outstanding European service and class. Their efficient package includes seating that folds flat with comfortable beddings, delicious food and drink, and on-board duty-free sales.

Key points

  • popular in-air duty-free shopping
  • light, spacious atmosphere
  • signature customer service

Delta One Suite

Delta’s business class offering, Delta One, is competitive with the first class cabins of some of its competitors. It offers exceptional comfort and privacy with screening that completely separates you from the aisle. The seating flattens out into a comfortable bed with generous beddings supplied. Besides, passengers can refresh themselves with a well-stocked amenities bag featuring exclusive products, including eye masks, socks lotions, and lip balm. The cuisine is fresh, seasonal and taken from a menu designed by leading chefs.

Key points

  • considered menu
  • good privacy screening
  • comfortable bed

ANA Business Class

International business class from ANA boasts wide seats with aisle access which folds down for a great flight’s sleep. A staggered seating arrangement affords privacy and the ability to work or sleep in peace. The ultra-wide sofa seating folds down into a generous bed with functional screening which almost feels room like.

Key points

  • looks like First
  • wide sofa seating
  • outstanding tech integration

Eva Air Business Class

Eva Air’s award-winning business class boasts all the luxuries you would expect including fine wines and cuisine, Salvatore Ferragamo amenities and Jason Wu pajamas. This sets the standard for their Royal Laurel Class in-flight experience. For Eva Air, sleep is expertise and the company invested in a sleek and stylish cabin with privacy screens and fold-down beds.

Key points

  • designer amenities
  • attention to privacy
  • award-winning wines

If you need assistance in securing the best business class flights Cheap Biz Class is on hand to help.

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Rounding up

There has never been a better time to appreciate and enjoy the benefits of the aviation industry’s business class seats and with evermore competitive pricing and discounted business class travel available from a variety of carriers, and it is well worth doing your research to land an outstanding deal. It is clear from the varied offerings that are available that business class is not a uniform level of service, but where you gain on time-saving, comfort and a great experience, business class flights are well worth the cost. Use business-class for work or family travel or for added luxury on that once in a lifetime trip. The improvements in pricing and benefits are making it a better value than ever!Booking your business class flights with our helpful team means that we will ensure that you get the very best package, inclusive of transfers and other benefits where available. Contact our knowledgable and experienced travel insiders who are available to help online or by phone. With us, you always get the most affordable offer.

The Best Business Carry-On Luggage – Learn Which Are The 9 Favorite Travel Bags of Frequent Business Travelers

When you’re traveling regularly for business, it’s not only essential to be well-prepared for a conference or meeting with a client, but also that you get there on time. A missed flight costs you and your client valuable time and can compound stress.

One thing you can control is choosing the best business carry-on luggage that safely stores your business essentials, allows you to cross airports easily, and has you looking smart and professional doing it. 

Don’t waste your time paying for baggage fees and waiting around at the baggage claim with your fingers crossed. Finding the best carry-on suitcase for business travel will help take any unnecessary hassle out of your journey. 

So how do you choose a carry-on bag that meets your needs? Here are our tips on how to choose the best carry-on luggage for business travel in 2020.

What are the Most Common Types of Carry-On Bags for Business Travelers?

Two main types of carry-on bags exist for today’s savvy business traveler. Depending on your style and needs, the smart choice is either a backpack or a rolling suitcase.

What is the best carry-on luggage for business travelers? This comes down to personal choice because not all carry-on luggage is created equal. 

Let’s look at the different types of bags to determine what will work best for you.


Source: Unsplash

Backpacks are no longer just for school kids or college students. These versatile and stylish carry-alls offer many hidden compartments and pockets which are perfect for storing the travel accessories of business travelers. Backpacks are flexible enough to fit into the overhead compartment or under the seat in front. However, they can become heavy and cumbersome as you need to carry them at all times.

Rolling Suitcases

Source: Unsplash

Frequent flyers owe a debt of gratitude to whoever revolutionized travel by adding wheels to the traditional suitcase. Business luggage is now easier than ever to transport and comes in two styles: hard side and soft side. This carry-on luggage is perfect for travelers who regularly fly on business and first-class flights. 

Hard side suitcases are crafted from durable materials like polypropylene and polycarbonate. Soft-sided suitcases can be made out of fabrics like leather, PVC, nylon, or polyester. They are usually expandable, adding an extra 25% room for bulky accessories or last-minute additions.

Choose from 2-wheel or 4-wheel carry-on business luggage, with or without built-in smart technology.

Rolling Suitcases


  • More resistant to wear and tear
  • Provide more give in the fabric if you need to squeeze that little bit extra in
  • Expandable
  • Extra external pockets
  • 2 or 4 wheels


  • Can absorb water making them susceptible to stains and smells

Hard Side Luggage


  • More protective of what’s inside 
  • Most hardshell luggage has 4 wheels for added maneuverability


  • The firm edges can make it a little challenging to fit into the overhead compartment
  • No external pockets mean it’s not as easy as the soft side bags to access your items
  • Prone to damage by rough handling


If you’re taking a laptop with you, ensure it’s well protected when you travel. Your carry on bag should allow for easy access to your laptop for airport security checks. Taking an extra laptop bag may be possible., but you’ll need to cjeck with the airline’s restrictions on the number of carry-on items allowed. 

2 Wheels or 4 Wheels?

2 Wheels (Rollaboards)


  • Practical and affordable. Pull it behind you, or push it in front of you 
  • Slightly shorter than the 4-wheeled bags making them a little easier to fit into the overhead compartment
  • Nylon carry-on bags can weigh less than 5 pounds and tend to have more built-in pockets 


  • You can trip up fellow travelers who are walking behind you
  • Pulling a bag behind you puts a little more stress on your joints


Make sure your check the retractable handles. From pushing, pullung and carrying luggage, they can take quite a beating. You want to make sure they are tough enough to wishstand the journey and that it retracts easily in order to stow in the overhead bin.

Smart Luggage

Thanks to the latest in technological advances, smart luggage is a game-changer when it comes to business travel. No more searching for USB charging stations in the departure lounge, these suitcases help you stay connected on your business trips.


  • Includes power banks to charge your devices
  • TSA-approved locks to keep your belongings safe from theft
  • GPS tracking and electronic baggage tags allow you to locate lost luggage


  • The lithium-ion batteries included in these cases are not allowed in the cargo hold. You can only take bags with uninstalled batteries on board.

What is the Best carry-on Luggage For Business Travelers?

We’ve taken the recommendations of frequent business travelers just like you, and also our traveling experience, to put down a list of the best business carry-on luggage. There are carry-on luggages for all budgets and of all sizes.

Swiss Gear Laptop Backpack

Swissgear has pulled out all the stops in this extra-roomy, full-featured laptop bag with breathable Airflow ventilation technology. This backpack easily falls into the best carry-on suitcase for business travelers who love backpacks but don’t want to spend a lot of money.

The padded contour shaped mesh shoulder straps have built-in suspension to reduce strain on your back and shoulders. The ScanSmart lay-flat technology allows you to breeze through airport security checks. At the same time, the heavy-duty molded top handles provide on-the-go comfort.


  • Weight – 3.3 lbs
  • Volume – 31 liters
  • A dedicated pocket for your laptop
  • An organizer compartment
  • Various sized internal and external accessory pockets
  • An accordion file holder
  • Water bottle pockets
  • A media pocket, including and a headphone cord port

Standard’s Carry-on Backpack

Standard’s top-of-the-line 45L backpack wins as the best luggage for business travel in the backpack arena. 

No more waiting at the baggage claim for an oversized bag. The cabin approved 3-in-1 backpack also conveniently converts into a suitcase or shoulder bag. Its ergonomic design contains padded back ventilation for a cooler carry. The hideaway straps, roll-aboard strap, and detachable hip-belt provide different options for you to transport your bag. 

Standard’s carry-on-sized travel backpack has a dedicated laptop sleeve and pockets for accessories. It also includes lockable zips, a safety whistle, a rain cover, and a water bottle pocket. What more could you ask for in a carry on luggage for your next business trip?


  • Weight – 3.7 lbs
  • Expandable capacity – 35 – 45 liters
  • A 3-in-1 backpack that also converts into a suitcase, backpack or shoulder bag
  • Ergonomic design with 6-points of adjustability
  • Durable and water-resistant
  • Practically designed pockets to keep all your stuff organized
  • Full perimeter zip and compression straps

Dakine Carry-On Roller Bag

If you’re after a basic but functional rollaboard that looks professional without the high price tag, Dakine’s carry-on 2-wheel roller is for you. Best suited for domestic travel, the durable polyester material is reinforced with hard plastic guidelines to keep your belongings protected. 

Twin 3-inch urethane wheels allow you to navigate many types of terrain. Store easily in the overhead compartment while keeping your mobile office within reach thanks to the dedicated and easily-accessible laptop compartment.


  • Weight – 6.5 lbs (2.9kg)
  • 42 liters of space
  • Durable polyester material reinforced with hard plastic guidelines
  • Twin 3-inch urethane wheels to withstand many types of terrain
  • Internal compression straps
  • Dedicated laptop pocket

Dakine Carry-On Roller Bag

Timbuk2’s rollaboard finds itself as the best business carry-on luggage on two wheels, making it a popular choice for globetrotters all around the world. This expandable carry-on with easy-to-access compartments will amaze you how much can fit in this ultra-lightweight bag while still meeting the onboard carry-on requirements. 

The clamshell design allows for easy packing and repacking. The expandable top compartments enable you to quarantine things (such as shoes or laundry) as needed. Two internal zippered compartments mean your belongings stay where they’re meant to. 

The bike inspired handle, and removable skateboard style wheels ensure a smooth glide over almost any terrain. The grab straps are reinforced to withstand heavy-handed treatment, and unlike many suitcases on the market – it comes with a lifetime warranty.


  • Ultra-lightweight – 7.6 lb (3.4kg)
  • Volume – 42.00 liters
  • Very practical internal organization
  • Removeable skateboard wheels
  • Reinforced grab straps
  • Internal mesh divider
  • Lifetime warranty

Dakine Carry-On Roller Bag

Travel like professional flight crew with Travelpro’s expandable 4-wheel spinner carry-on. The best suitcase for business travelers in the soft side spinner category, this versatile carry-on is equipped with a garment bag and pockets for all your essentials. It also contains a power bank pocket with an external USB port to provide a dedicated holder for your charger, so your phone or tablet remains charged. 

The internal Deluxe Suiter keeps your clothes organized and wrinkle-free during travel.

The patented PrecisionGlide™ System combines 3 features for personalized comfort, control, and effortless roll. The heavy-duty, scratch, water and stain-resistant material mean your carry-on suitcase can handle everything you throw at it.


  • Weight – 7.2 lbs
  • Volume – 46 liters
  • Equipped with a garment bag and pockets for essentials
  • 360° dual spinner wheels
  • Power bank pocket with an external USB port
  • Scratch, water and stain-resistant
  • Top and side carry handles

NINETYGO Lightweight TSA Compliant carry-on Suitcase

Ninetygo’s spinner carry-on suitcase is built for durability and style on a budget. Its ultra-rigid protective shell is scratch-resistant thanks to the honeycomb grid outer layer. The triple-layered 100% Makrolon Polycarbonate design protects your valuable items from any rough handling. 

The zippered compartments and pockets provide a comfortable and efficient organization of your clothes and accessories.

Enjoy a smooth glide with the whisper-quiet, 360° spinner wheels, and an adjustable 4-level push handle to raise or lower to a height that’s comfortable for you. 


  • Weight – 9.75 lbs
  • Volume – 33 liters
  • Sturdy and scratch-resistant
  • 4-wheel spinner wheels with 360° rotation
  • 100% Makrolon polycarbonate
  • 4-level telescoping push-button handle

Chester Minima Carry-On Luggage

Simple. Stylish. Functional. Chester’s carry-on is the best luggage for business travel if you’re looking for a hard side spinner. Crafted from 100% polycarbonate, making it impact-resistant to withstand rough handling and lightweight so you can pack more in. Inside are 2 zippered compartments, 3 interior organizers, and a removable laundry bag.

The 360° spinner wheels and 100% aluminum telescoping ergonomic handle provide a smooth and effortless stroll over almost any surface. This spinner carry-on will have you traversing airports and planes quickly and in style.


  • Weight – 7.0 lbs
  • Volume – 38 liters
  • Impact-resistant and lightweight
  • 100% polycarbonate
  • 2 compartments, 3 interior organizers, and removable laundry bag.
  • 360° spinner wheels and ergonomic handle

GoPenguin carry-on Smart Luggage

When you’re looking for a smart suitcase on a budget, GoPenguin has the best luggage for business travel. The unbreakable, lightweight polycarbonate hard shell is supported by 4 premium 360° resilient and silent spinner wheels.

You are no more opening your suitcase to have your belongings spill out due to unsupportive and flimsy straps. The zippered, mess-free compartments allow you to organize your items and have them stay put easily.

The ergonomically designed, aviation-grade telescope handle is sturdy enough to withstand pulling, pushing, and dragging. It can also be adjusted to suit your height. 


  • Weight – 6.3 lbs
  • Volume – 39.8 liters
  • Unbreakable lightweight polycarbonate hard shell
  • 4 premium 360° durable and resilient spinner wheels
  • Ergonomically designed handle

Horizn Studios M5 Cabin Luggage

So what is the best carry-on luggage for business travelers? Horizn Studios brings us the best suitcase for your business trips, hands down. The premium aerospace-grade polycarbonate hardshell is water-resistant and contains an easily accessible compartment for your laptop and travel essentials. An internal compression pad keeps your belongings in place, and your business attire wrinkle-free.

Horizn’s carry-on with high-quality 360° spinner wheels also contains an international flight compliant removable 10,000 mAh smart charger with a lightning USB cable to keep your devices charged at all times.  


  • Weight – 7.9 lbs
  • Volume – 33 liters
  • Premium aerospace-grade polycarbonate hardshell
  • The best carry on luggage with a laptop compartment that is easily accessible and water-resistant
  • High-quality 360° spinner wheels
  • One year access to your own personal travel agent
  • International flight compliant removable smart charger

Take Your New Carry-On For a Test Drive

Are you confident you can pack your suitcase to accommodate your clothing, accessories and gadgets? Check out these tips for how to pack like a pro:

Now what? Once you’ve decided on the best carry-on suitcase for business travel that suits your needs and style, it’s essential to evaluate your carry-on before your next trip. You want to eliminate any potential issues that may arise while you’re in transit before you leave home.

  • Fill your new carry-on to the brim and wheel it around on different surfaces to get a feel for how it handles.
  • Raise it above your head to test how easy it would be to lift into the overhead compartment.
  • Check out the pockets and test any special features to make sure they work and accommodate your accessories.


Traveling for business can be a stress-filled occasion. From long check-in and security lines to delayed flights, it can be an event you may not look forward to. When your mind is occupied with work, the last thing you want to worry about is your carry-on luggage.

Luckily, that is something you have control over. By purchasing the best business carry-on luggage that suits your needs, you’ll have a reliable travel companion for years to come.

Imagine cruising through the airport from a seamless check-in process right through to arriving hassle-free at your destination. You’ll wonder why it took you so long to begin your search for the best carry-on suitcase for business travel.

Test out your new carry-on suitcase after you book your discounted business-class and first-class tickets at

Our tips on how to choose the best carry-on luggage for business travel in 2020 will help you take the stress out of each trip so you can get on with the job at hand.

Business vs. Personal Credit Card – 9 Main Differences to Help you Choose the Right One For Your Business Adventuress

Whether you’re running a small start-up with just a couple of employees or a larger business with several branches, it’s vital to understand the importance of business finance. From paying suppliers and employees to covering daily running costs, paying for corporate trips and more, your financial obligations need to be managed with care and consideration to avoid any confusion. As some might note, the fast pace of the “corporate rat race” is one of the reasons why business vs personal credit card topic is more relevant than ever.

And as your business grows, you’ll only have more people to pay and supplies to order, so the significance of this issue will only get bigger and broader over time. That’s why millions of businesses make use of business credit cards, rather than personal credit cards, for their business expenses.

But there are still many people out there unsure whether they should carry on using a personal credit card or make the switch to a business card. This article will take a look at the business vs personal credit card issue; what business credit cards are, how they differ from personal credit cards, and what you might be interested in getting one.

Business Credit Cards: A Definition

business credit card, as the term implies, is a credit card used purely for your business use rather than personal use. These cards are used to cover the costs of your company expenses, paying employee salaries, ordering supplies, etc. They’re available for businesses of all shapes and sizes and offer a lot of useful advantages (more on that later).

How to Use a Business Credit Card

Just like a personal credit card, a business credit card gives the user access to a line of credit with a set limit. They can then use this card to make purchases, withdraw money, pay bills, and more. Just like the personal credit cards used by millions every day, business credit cards also come with interest charges that are applied on unpaid balances at the end of each billing cycle.

You can obtain business credit cards through all major banks. It’s wise to compare the different providers and options as there are a lot of different card types out there. They all have their own terms, conditions, and features, as well as sometimes coming with unique business bonuses and benefits for the user to enjoy.

Business Credit Card vs. Personal Credit Card

When it comes to credit cards for business vs. personal credit cards, there are some essential things to know. From their names, it’s clear to see that a business credit card should be used for business expenses. In contrast, a personal credit card is the kind you carry around each day to pay for things like groceries, bills, and other goods and services for yourself and your family.

Business cards are specifically designed for business use, whereas personal credit cards are made to be used by everyone in day to day life. You can judge this based on the way the cards function, how the application process goes, the kinds of benefits and rewards you get for owning and using the card, and the fees and interest rates too.

One type of card is better suited for business than the other. However, many people still hesitate when it comes to getting a business credit card. They aren’t sure of the exact differences and unique aspects of these cards compared to their personal counterparts. 

Let’s take a look at some of the key differences in terms of business vs personal credit card usage:

  • The Application – Usually, when applying for a business credit card, you’ll need to provide tax details for your business to be approved. Depending on the bank you choose, you might also find that different banks have different rules in place to determine who gets approved and who gets denied. They might ask for more details about your business, for example.  Approval rates are higher for companies with more employees and better turnover. This means that if your business has already established a good foundation, it’ll be easier to get cards.
  • Offers and Bonuses – It’s important to note that business credit cards and personal credit cards are treated as totally separate and unique products. So, let’s say you already have a personal American Express card and enjoyed a welcome bonus when opening your account. If you apply for a business American Express card, you’ll still be eligible for the separate welcome offer, and the bank will treat you like a new customer. This is partly why an increasing number (37%) of millennials and young start-up owners are using business credit cards.
  • Credit – It’s also important to note that when you make an application for a business credit card with a bank, they’ll run a hard check on your credit report. Then, once getting the card, it actually counts as a separate line of credit to your personal card. Your business has its own credit score, which can be built up by using the business card and paying it off regularly. It’s often easier to build up credit for your business. Surveys have even shown that small business owners have higher credit scores compared to consumers (721 vs. 673).
  • Higher Rates and Fees – One of the reasons why many people wonder whether or not they really need a business credit card is to do with fees and rates. Often, business credit cards come with much higher interest rates and fees than personal credit cards. This doesn’t mean you should use a personal credit card for business instead, but it does mean you need to be careful. Banks can change your APR and impose significant penalties without warning, so it’s vital to be aware of the details.
  • Simple Recordkeeping for Businesses – Another unique difference of business credit card compared to personal credit cards is how easy it can be to track transactions and expenses with a business card. They often have online portals or apps that let you keep track of purchases and payments made with the card, giving your accounting team less work to do each month. It’s even possible to set up automatic alerts that will send you a text or email whenever you use the card, providing detailed info on the transaction.
  • Unique Bonuses – Depending on which card you get and which bank you choose, you can also find that business credit cards offer separate and exclusive bonuses that can cater to your business needs. The American Express Business Platinum Card, for example, includes access to airport lounges while traveling and a ‘Concierge’ service for arranging meetings and reserving transportation. These unique bonuses and benefits give you more options for conducting business, meeting clients, and so much more.
  • Protections – When it comes to business credit card vs. personal credit cards, protections can be very different. This means you can’t use a business credit card and expect to have the same coverage through things like the Credit Card Act of 2009. And this is why it’s so important to read the small print. Some trusted banks will offer the same protections to you if you’re running a small business. However, this isn’t always true, so be sure to consult with your bank and find out more before agreeing.
  • Higher Limits – Another major difference to note for anyone asking themselves, “Should I get a business credit card?” comes with credit. Since business credit cards are often used for greater expenses, like paying suppliers and covering operating costs, the limits are usually higher. This means you get access to more credit each month, and it can also help your business’ credit score rise more quickly too. Such a feature can be very beneficial in the future if ever you want to apply for additional cards, loans, or other forms of credit.
  • Payments Can Be Managed Differently – Here’s another key difference to note in the world of business vs. personal credit card transactions. Payments can be applied or managed differently. For example, an issuer might apply your payment to a part of your balance with lower interest. This means that the higher interest part of your debt will continue getting bigger, so it can be crucial to keep track of your business credit card payments, monitoring precisely what you owe and how much interest is building up over time.

Should I Get A Business Credit Card?

Many small business owners and start-ups find themselves asking “Do I need a business credit card?” and the short answer is yes. Trying to use a personal credit card for business orders, purchases, and payments can quickly become overwhelming. The best business cards help to simplify the entire concept of company finances, as well as offering the following significant benefits:

  • Simple Approval – In general, even without a long credit history or high credit score, it’s not too hard to get approved for a business credit card. Even if one bank says no, there’s usually always another bank that will say yes.
  • Useful for Business Expenses – One of the primary advantages of having a business credit card over a personal credit card is being able to use the card to cover typical business expenses. This can include travel to and from destinations with cheap business and first-class flights.
  • Keep Up with Payments – When cash flow is running low due to a slow sales period or some other factor, having a line of credit to fall back on and cover your immediate expenses can be very useful and even help to save a business.
  • Convenient – Personal credit cards are so popular because of their convenience, and the same logic applies to business credit cards too. It’s so easy to simply swipe a card or enter your number online to make a purchase or cash withdrawal, rather than dealing with checks or transfers.
  • Bonuses – As mentioned above, a lot of leading business credit cards also come with a range of useful bonuses, welcome offers, and incentives. These offers can actually help your business, giving you more air miles for cheap luxury corporate travel with CheapBizClass or assistance with arranging meetings and entertaining your clients.
  • Build Up Business Credit – The higher your business credit score, the better your chances will be in the future of being approved for other financial services like loans and equipment finance. A great way to build up business credit, especially for small businesses and start-ups, is to make use of a business credit card.
  • Time-Saving – Having a business credit card can be a significant time-saver for your company. Your accounting team will have far less work to do. Using a card for things like work expenses immediately wipes out the need for something like expenses forms and refunds.

Conclusion: Are Business Credit Cards Worth It?

Business credit cards are not flawless. They have some drawbacks, including the higher than average interest rates and fees when compared to a personal credit card. There’s also the matter of potential security issues that can arise if cards are handed out around employees without proper regulation, along with the fact that if a business owner can’t keep up with the payments, they’re the ones who will have to pay the price in the long term.

However, in spite of these drawbacks, business credit cards are generally regarded as an essential part of running a modern business. They offer a lot of advantages, and it makes far more sense to have a separate line of credit for your business than your personal expenditure. When it comes to business vs. personal credit cards, it’s clear to see that the business cards are the clear winners.

Mixing personal and business expenses can get complicated very quickly. We would recommend obtaining a business credit card if you want to have better control and more organized business finances. Just be sure to compare offers and take precautionary steps to ensure that the card is used correctly.